Generation S – Issue #090 – Down Amongst the Dead(…mines) – Publication 09.06.2016

((Why yes, we ARE still alive and running. 
Life happens sometimes, and between our lives and the extensive complications of a few certain changes made by WordPress that have made editing the logs somewhat distinctly more… ‘fun’… this log (and others) are a more than a year overdue. 
This will hopefully be just the first in a small run of catch-ups– a deliberate stylistic change has meant logs are a little fewer and farther between, as they are meant to embody their titular ‘Issue’ concept and contain a completed, coherent story segment, rather than posting simply what progress had been made week over week.

To those who read, and remain, thank you for your patience, and your patronage. 

Without further ado, We continue our adventures…

 Warmest Regards,
~The Storyteller~   ))

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A Letter




How are you? I pray that this letter finds you well; if not, don’t worry: I’ve a plan to hopefully help you and others with that. And today, I think we might be making some progress.

I guess I’d best start from the beginning on this one. I learned that I had a…”special” parent only after others learned first, and targeted and suborned a friend of mine (with a different parent.) But for a colossal mistake on his part, and my father’s timely intervention, I would’ve met the same fate.I wasn’t safe at home anymore after that, which is just as well as my (“normal”) mother had been turned herself, and all but threw me out when she realized that I wouldn’t be going with the “nice people from the church.” Needless to say, I was pissed, and between that and everything that’s happened since, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t really given her much thought…until now.

I’ve since realized that no matter how betrayed I felt — and still feel, to be honest — my chosen mission being what it is, I cannot leave family behind to be influenced by those responsible without at least trying to free her from it to make her own choice. If it turns out that she made this choice of her own volition, then I will accept it, and her rejection of me, as final. But if she made the choice under duress or brainwashing, I intend to free her — or if necessary, avenge her.

As you might have realized, having worked on the TPB*, I have been working on a more covert scale to subvert the Order for some time, but I’ve always wanted to up the ante, so to speak. I’m aware of the huge risks this’ll involve, and even though I’ve spent years pleading for the opportunity, I’m still surprised that Mamou Renard finally consented (albeit reluctantly), my hands are shaking even as I write this. Hopefully, it’ll be the last place they’d expect me, let alone our entire class, to suddenly appear, and the element of surprise will buy us time.

And with this, as I prepare my kit for one of the days I’ve spent years waiting for, I pray: that my mother will be the first of many to be prised from beneath the Order’s thumb; that we might continue to repay you and your friends of your inadvertent sacrifice; that we may, now and always, do justice to those who have and will fall before this fight is done; and that, when that day comes and passes, that we may all find quiet and comfort, in this World and the next.

Until we meet again,


Anne quietly folds the letter and stuffs it in an envelope, as she crosses the room to her closet. She pushes aside the neatly-hung clothing –,mostly redundant nowadays — to reveal a metal lockbox on a shelf within. She opened the box, adding the envelope to a small but growing stack of similar ones.

And may I, someday, know where to send these tho that they can actually reach you, she thought, as she turned back towards the small pile of gear and Relics on her bed.

Firearms 2.0

If a rule is not explicitly replaced in this document, then it is assumed to remain as-is from the rules of normal Scion. This is playtest material; use at your own risk.


Bullets travel at such high velocities that dodging them is a feat in and of itself. “Dodging bullets” has come into use as something that is nearly impossible. Mundane Dexterity offers no DV benefit against a firearm; calculate a creature’s “firearm DV” as if its Dexterity were 0. Epic Dexterity and DV bonuses from relics, knacks, etc. function normally.

Burst firing makes it more likely that at least one bullet will connect with the target. These modes grant a temporary stunt bonus, +1 for short bursts and +2 for long bursts. These stunt bonuses do not grant Legend points, and still obey the normal cap of +3 for stunts. Firing multiple rounds also grants additional threshold successes: multiply the threshold successes by 1.5 for short bursts and 3 for long bursts.

A bullet carries a great deal of impact force, shearing away normal defenses. Firearms’ Piercing quality also applies to natural soak from Stamina, including Epic Stamina.

Specialty rounds are available for Scions and mortals alike to use:

AP rounds are specially hardened and sturdy to punch through the thickest armor, and they reduce the target’s soak by half, before applying Piercing, while halving their own threshold successes. (In the case of burst-fired AP rounds, apply both calculations before rounding.)

Hollow-point rounds are made to do extra damage to flesh, doubling threshold successes. These rounds tend to flatten out as soon as they hit something hard, making armor extra effective against them. Not only do they not have the Piercing quality, but all soak from armor (NOT Stamina/Epic Stamina) is doubled. (Buckshot rounds for shotguns are considered to be hollow-points. As with AP rounds, apply both hollow-point and burst-fire modifiers before rounding.)

Generation S – Issue #089 – In the Face of Fate – Publication 03.22.16

[18:28] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Keep talking and find out.”
[18:40] <@Shinjiro-kun> Mr. Cross, in case you were unaware, we had our greatest hour of triumph transformed into a shame known across the Worlds. We can smile when the job is done. This? This is simply a step along that path.
[18:41] <@Shinjiro-kun> Taking a gulp of air when one is still rising from the ocean floor is ill-advised.
06[18:43] * @Wraxian turns her head to Shinjiro, listening, head tilted slightly, bird-like.
[18:49] <@Shinjiro-kun> We can savor success when what was set wrong is put to rights again, and not before.
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Generation S – Issue #088 – Flames of Rage, Fires of Life, Sparks of Hope – Publication 01.20.16

01[18:40] <@Storyteller> <Gabriel, finally proudly upright and not being under immediate threat (mostly), takes a deep breath for a moment, primarily to clear his scattered thoughts, and secondarily, to appreciate the still-breathing-ness of it all. He looks around over the motley group, geared and quite ready for war, licking his lips slowly as his studies them (he’s probably parched- he’s not looking at anyone like they might make a nice meal). He glances at the back of the truck as he pauses, making a soft sound before his gaze finally returns to Anne, the querulous but cautious look in his eyes, on top of that thoughtfully inquisitive sound, combining to ask a silent question: ‘Weren’t there more of you, before?’ He wisely does not speak such, perhaps, instead, eventually getting around to answer her question.> “Targets are a trio of mortals- uh, mostly, maybe- in possession of a clutch of Wouive eggs stolen from the perpetrator of the Parisian, uh… Incident. Current location is reported to be a tomb about three klicks north-east of here. Orders are to send them forth to the collective Death Cabal gathered in Paris currently.”
01[18:40] <@Storyteller> <Gabriel> “With an extreme amount of prejudice, I might add.”
[18:41] <@Hector`> So find the egg-nappers, stomp ’em in the nuts, and give them to the Brutesquad. Sounds straightforward.
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Generation S – Issue #087 – The Long-Awaited Moments (Never Turn Out As Expected) – Publication 10.27.15

06[17:41] * @December makes her way through and out of Paris at a very nearly literal break-neck pace. The AWV seems to have a great suspension and some sort of defensive mechanisms that keep them all safely free of both mortal observation and interference. In short work she is racing the sun to the horizon, scanning the road and hills before her through the windscreen for some sign of whom- or what – they are supposed to be meeting.
06[17:45] * @Damion_Cross ‘s even taking a deep breath feels like an effort, given the heavy environment in the passenger bay.
06[17:49] * @Shinjiro-kun just watches Anne, saying nothing.
06[17:49] * @Hector` drums his stone fingers against the dashboard. “We gonna make it?”
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Generation S – Issue #086 – The Wake: Confrontation, Education, Mastication… Abduction – Publication 10.13.15

[17:12] <@Maddy> We don’t seem to have much of a choice.
06[17:13] * @Maddy looks grim, gripping Brynn tightly.
06[17:17] * @Anne_Montelepre scans the area….again.
01[17:17] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ You guys mentioned maybe running through names off camera- just as a reminder as you decide where you want to springboard to, from here. }}•’`
01[17:17] <@Storyteller> <Brynn continues shuddering faintly, his face hidden in Madison’s hair. The overwhelming amount of spirits in the area doesn’t seem to agree much with him.>
[17:18] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Yeah))
06[17:18] * @Hector` watches the bean sidhe with a look of… not quite trepidation, but not comforting, either.
[17:19] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Pretty sure they moved the….the eggs.”
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