Artemis and Hesperos in the Pangaeal Vale

[19:45] <^Apollo> <GM> due to supernal hunter, Hesperos can track her. her trail went down Olympus, the trail seems to go into a large swath of primeval wood,
[19:48] <^Apollo> <GM> unlike what would be normal, she’s left a large swath of track behind her, as if she’s not paying care to cover her tracks, or, indeed, to where she is going.
06[19:52] * Eos`Hes For Hesperos, the pace he takes down the mountain is… causal, slow, and unhurried, though any but Hermes or another of his ilk might be hard-pressed to track him at all. For a moment, he pauses at the edge of the wood, feeling its familiarity, drawing in its scent, remembering being the Hunted rather than the Hunter, his nostrils flaring as he follows the trail within.
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Scion Campaign Log 03.16.11

[15:20] <@Anth_GM> <GM> The night previous, you were all escorted to private guest rooms in Apollo’s Palace, vs. the luxurious group room you were in, inevitably a drowsy sleep came over all of you,   All was not so peaceful in the morning, however, as you are all awoke by the following sound, seeming to come from the very walls
[15:20] <@Anth_GM>
06[15:22] * @Raxhep sits up, blinking away sleep as he fumbles to get dressed, his chainmail sliding over his undershirt before he puts on his suit and Gucci shoes.
[15:23] <Badb_Catha> All right, I’ll feckin’ murder the wiseass who pulled this one.  *puts on nothing but a scowl as she stomps out of her chamber, looking for the source of the noise
06[15:28] * @Raxhep steps out of his chamber after 3 minutes and 22 seconds, fully dressed and prepared, though he feels naked with his GLOCK’s clip still missing. He glances down the hallway, giving Badb Catha a soft nod of acknowledgement.1 “It seems that someone wants us awake.”
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Sanctum Special Rule

Fate is a fickle bitch indeed.   For Classic Scion. all Sanctums of the scion classic Band have Axes Mundi/Passages to each other that cost the expenditure of 1 Legend to use.

However, the passages are lockable on either side.

Furthermore, Gods also have instinctive Awareness of anybody entering their Sanctum that is not them or immediately with them.

The Epicly Epic Campaign Log of Epic Epicry 03.10.11-03.11.11

[16:06] <@anthem> <GM> When we last left the Band, they had taken the advice of the Shinsengumi literally and had gone to hell., now, at the foot of the great mountain in the Atlantean underworld
06[16:07] * @Thomas_Oliver races up the winding mountain path behind Chrysander, Freyr’s sword drawn in his left hand and his M16 in his right.
06[16:09] * @Tamas Chrysander keeps a steady pace along the trail, knowing he could theoretically leave the rest of their shrunken Band in the dust, but maintaining something the two ladies, mystic dog, and the leader guy who makes goo-goo eyes at his sister can maintain with him.
06[16:09] * Morrie clenches her fists, unwilling to be the last one up the mountin
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Scion Campaign Log 03.03.2011

[16:36] <@Anth-GM> <GM> It’s the morning after your stay in the ruined Central Temple,  You find Kuros and Demosia are already awake, Kuros standing at the threshold of the Temple and gasing outside at ruined Atlantis.   Of interest is that Canard is nowhere to be seen.
[16:37] <@Anth-GM> <GM> Morning being relative at the bottom of the Ocean, of course, but watches and the fact that it’s visiually brither would indicate it as such.
[16:37] <@Anth-GM> *brighter
06[16:38] * @Thomas_Oliver blinks awake, glancing around his surroundings, still unused to the weight of the sword on his hip. He sits up, reaching for his glasses and sliding them on before he blinks twice.1 “Lord Kuros? Do you know where Mr. Canard has gone?”
06[16:38] * @Morrie sits up from her spot sleeping on the floor, stretching her arms and yawning loudly.
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Campaign Log for 12/8/2010

The Band arrive at the borders of ruined Atlantis, on the heels of the Shinsengumi, hoping they are not too late to stop Kane from raising Atlantis.
In their explorations, they come across an old Book, an Apocalyptic Log of one of the scions of the fallen Atlantean Pantheon.  After learning some of the story of what happened, they used knowledge from the book to track down Kane Taoka and his band to a sunken ship atop the central tower of Atlantis.

Sneaking past the rest of his band, the group cornered Kane as he was performing the final steps of the ritual, finding him not as defenseless as they had hoped.   The battle was short, but brutal, and culminated in the one surviving Kane double stepping into shadow to escape, his plan failed.


This day, of all that came before, the Scions were sure of one thing.  They had saved the world, and existence as they knew it


Campaign Log for 11/23/2010

The Band breathes a tentative sigh of relief as Scylla seems beaten, only to realize the first explosion was only a prelude.   As the group busies itself caring for the wounded and trying to shore up the ship, the rig explodes, savaging the ship and ending it’s time as anything remotely seaworthy.

The band aid the crew in getting off the ruined ship, and after mourning the ship’s sinking, Captain Nestor bids the Band farewell as the crew makes it’s way to the nearest port aboard the life rafts, at which point the Band is sucked under the waves by the last gasps of the whirlwind they saw previous.

Deposited on what they assumed was the sea floor, they found it to be solid ice, under which they saw a massive sunken underground city, obviously their target, Atlantis.   Melting through the ice, they found themselves on the ocean floor, faced with the prospect of facing their rivals

Will the Scions emerge triumphant?  Will their corpses lie broken and blooded, forgotten in the depths?   Will Mikaboshi’s block on the overworld ever be circumvented?  Only Fate knows for sure.