Happy All Hallow’s / Samhain / Halloween / Hallow’s End / Day of the Dead (etc., etc.)

This was obviously supposed to be up yesterday…. oopsie.

We once more interrupt your regularly scheduled world saving (rumor has it we will be back at it this week) for things that are of absolutely no revelance whatsoever.

In the spirit of all things ghostly and monstrous, this week we pose the query:

What would your Scion wear to the most awesomest grooviest Halloween party ever?

For bonus points, dress up everybody else, too (have fun with Canard- “Agent Smith/MiB” and their ilk are off limits!; anyone who normally looks a little crazy [Amaranth, Jocasta] have to wear something else, too.).



The Sorting!

We now take a break from our regularly scheduled Serious World-Saving for… something completely Irrelevant.

What Hogwarts (Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts) House, would the Scions be sorted into?

Some of them have been discussed off-hand before…


Chrysander Tamas – Gryffindor

Jocasta Tamas – Gryffindor (…. maybe Ravenclaw?)

Thomas Oliver – Ravenclaw

Joseph Canard – Slytherin



What about Amaranth, Moira, and Thistle?