Masquerade 09.14.10

The world is ending and we’re going on a cruise.  Nice.

Writing this quick as Penn and Teller are on in the casino on this boat and I want to catch the show, they’re pretty damn funny, trying to disprove stuff that I could prove.

We’re chasing down this empty trail of a lead left us by Loki, hate the guy, but it’s the best we have.  After the prophecies I’m looking forward to seeing Taoka-chan, our petulant child of the sun, again.  I’ll have a few new tricks in store for him when we finally face off.

Apparently he’ll be killed by Mikaboshi, according to the prophecy anyway…  Dissappointing, but it can’t be helped I suppose, Fate enjoys Irony almost as much as it enjoys coincidence.

I have to say this Morrie character that recently signed on with the troop is an interesting sort, very gruff.  I like her style, much like I like Canard’s, which is nice, though she doesn’t talk much.

I should get out more.

I don’t think I know my comrades well at all, and that bothers me.  How can I work with them all if I only understand how Canard thinks?

Understanding how they think…that’d be nice, maybe they’d make sense then.

More people should.


Masquerade 08.11.10


Some giant challenged us to games.

I suppose his view of hospitality and competition can’t be helped, but it’s still kinda annoying that he toyed with us over an artifact that was, at that point, totally useless to him anyway.

So now we’re off to save the Scion of Loki from her terrible burning death.  I can’t say I’m too thrilled, I really don’t like that line of folk, but the rest of the group wants to save her, and I don’t feel like fighting them all over one girl.  If she ends up a threat, then I’ll personally take care of the problem.  Canard probably has my back on that one.  Though there’s a lot of tension in the group.

It’ll be interesting to watch things pan out now that Canard has been back for a while.  I don’t get the feeling that Thomas likes him at all, but I never expected the boy scout to like the “businessman”


No gain and no loss from saving this girl, and a bit of fun if she turns out as bad as I’m hoping she’s not.  Interesting…

Masquerade 07.16.10

It’s been a while since I wrote here, I guess I’ve been so busy I just haven’t found the time to record my thoughts.

Well, a lot has happened so let’s get things up to speed.  Recently, I have gained new power and respect from my father, and was gifted a rather magnificent bow, the Mikazuki no Daikyu, or Daikyu of the Crescent Moon.  I like it a lot, it’s very impressive craftsmanship, of course I could expect no less from my father.

We also have some new team members in the group, Thomas, a man of great wit with the unfortunate side-effect of being a full time boyscout.  It’s a wonder how he’ll get along with Canard, he’s already beginning to annoy me.

Then there’s the twins, Chrys and Jo, who are rather good at marksmanship and are exceedingly good at both getting on my nerves and being refreshingly active at the same time.  I still have no idea what to think of them, but whatever, life is too short to dwell on such things.

Recently, after causing a room of Trolls to become maddeningly insane and obsessed entirely by their surroundings, we saved a dwarf and a scion of Loki.  Great things from that line so far, Sly…Loki himself releasing a torrent of undead on us…I don’t trust her one bit.  The dwarf, however seems fine.

Events keep growing more intense, and the world comes closer to destruction…today’s battle is a legend of the future.  My…our…exploits as recorded by the scribes of the world and the strands of fate will be recorded for all time. 

It’s about time I become the legend I want to see.

I even have a fitting name for myself.

Mikazuki no Akuma.

Demon of the Crescent Moon.

The world needs to be challenged, changed, protected.  Order and Chaos will endlessly clash for control in a battle that neither can win without the other growing more powerful with each defeat.  I’m feeling the tides change, structure will end, societies will fall, social order will be annihilated, only to be reborn anew from the ashes of chaos and destruction.

The War between God and Titan is a necessary endeavor, as its battles determine the course and flow of time.

I will be remembered.

Friend and Foe alike will tell harrowing tales of my exploits.

I wonder, just how thin that line gets, and how easily one could cross it.

Only time will tell.

Masquerade 06.14.10

Snakes…Ugh.  Everywhere Snakes.

A giant flying snake, snake pews, snake skins, and feathered snakes at that!

Oh, and snake gods.

But we got to kill one!  That was awesome.  Canard’s bravado was also very interesting as he’s usually not so outspoken.  Of course, I’ve started to like when he smiles like that, it usually means good times are ahead.  This time it was massacreing a giant flying feathred traitorous snake.  And the poison worked perfectly.

We may have figured out Taoka-chan’s motive, but I’m not sure.  He’s a megalomaniac, I can already tell, but the Titans have pretty much declared war on everything alive…that uh, isn’t them.  I wonder if Taoka is being used.  If so, does he know?  That’d probably quite shatter his fragile little mind.

I hope I’m the one to do it.

Masquerade 05.17.10

Personal Diary

A brother?  And he works for The Oracle?  Dunno if this is good or not but it happened so I guess I have to live with it.  Though part of me wonders if our mission wasn’t to save the mirror, but to save him.  Especially since Father conveniently had a spare one made.


I’ve got a new toy.

Roger isn’t very happy with me for keeping it, but he’s never happy anyway so nyegh.

Also apparently our sith lord has appeared, that scion of amaterasu, Taoka-chan, has taken an interest in us.  Laughable.  COME TO THE DARK SIDE, WE HAVE COOKIES!

He seriously thinks I’m dumb enough to forsake my life for a life of serving his ends?  PFFT, he’s underestimating me.

Either way, I have a new toy to play with.

Masquerade 05.03.10

Personal Diary

A scion of Amataerasu.

A rogue one at that.


Talk about being a walking target.

At least the plan sounds good.

We light the man on fire, his building too, and keep him trapped inside as he slowly burns to death so we can retrieve a mirror for my annoyingly vain Aunt.

I’m concerned about the memory issues still, I didn’t sleep that night in the desert because of it.  Dad says a lot of our family has been emotionally troubled in some way or something.  I’m glad for his support and that I’m not the only one in this position, but it still worries me.

How much of my memory can I lose?

Masquerade 04.29.10

Personal Diary

I have no idea what’s going on anymore.  Sure I know I fought some frog thing, and that it was bad, and Canard actually started talking, but wow..

This hasn’t happened since the bigfoot incident, and I was hoping I’d moved past it.  And then it happens TWICE in one day!

First there was some giant, it put a nice gash in our dancing friend and everything became blurry, I remember taking a few shots and Canard killing it, but it was like a haze.

Then that frog thing.  I don’t even remember who got in the first hit, memory is broken and hazy for the whole event, I clearly remember bolting, and then I clearly remember putting an arrow through the thing’s skull, but everything between is a blur.

I don’t want to talk to Dillon about it, he’ll just lecture me about my own safety some more, I just hope I can figure it out before something really serious happens. 

I thought I was past this.