Late night, sitting alone in her room in the Wynn, staring at an old photograph, showing several people in police uniforms, a communist star on their shoulder, a younger version of herself in the front row, Agent Yi finds herself considering her new compatriots.  Thinking over the betrayals of the past, and how this new group had already stood with her, she finds herself f pulling open a notebook, in which she begins to write. (in english)

To my new comrades,

Should you find this, it likely means I have fallen in service to the gods.  Hopefully fate finds you in better sorts.   There is much I would like to discuss with you about myself, my past, and I hope that I get the opportunity in the days to come.

Everybody has something that defines them, some inner truth, some deeper purpose that drives them to do what it is they do.  Be it faith in a higher power, or hunger for glory, or profit or, as I believe Mister Avery might put it. “For the lulz

For myself, I have always been dedicated to what I would call the common good.   Having grown up in China, everybody has service to the people, to the country, but this was something more.   Most just went through the motions of singing the anthem, of saying this oath or that, or serving in this committee or that.
I was different, however, and took service to the people to heart.   Even growing up in the stigma of being born a girl in a nation where all families wanted sons, I put everything I could into service.

As a youth, this meant competing in wushu.   My “father” as I thought him to be at the time, forbade me from direct fighting competitions, as “proper girls are meant to look pretty to attract husbands., much to my chagrin, but it it still to my pride that my talents with the staff bear out to this day.  While I did achieve some personal glory for this, my pride was more in bringing honor to my family and those that gave me life.

Later, in seeing those that would prey on society, and seeing the injustice of those with much taking from those with little so they would have more, I joined the People’s Armed Police, Narcotics division, stationed in Beijing.

For many years I served with distinction.  The job was hard, yes, but deeply rewarding.    While it frustrated me that many criminals got much lighter, if any sentencing,  setting them back as I could was a reward to itself.

All good things must come to an end however.  What I did not know were that the very officers I had served with for years were on the payroll of the triads, who paid them to look the other way to their actions.   Unlike my fellow agents, I refused to compromise, as it went against everything we stood for.    I kept my integrity, and paid for it with my life.

Or rather, nearly so, as this was when Lord Guan Yu deigned to pay me my Visitation.   I will spare you the details from there, and simply say that my life is unchanged.  I still stand against those that would pray on mankind. Now, however, I am far more equipped to do so..


Interpol Report – Ed’s 24 Hour Diner


April 12, 2011

As per orders, met rest of VIP Security Detail at appointed time.  One was law enforcement, unsure as to what jurisdiction as criminals entered the premises shortly after initial meeting.

The security detail neutralized the thugs in short order, unfortunately, a civilian was injured in the crossfire (note: clock more time on a firing range). Proper forms have been filed to cover the cost of any potential medical care for civilian.

Interpol reinforcements arrived on scene shortly, and the 3 attackers who did not flee or were neutralized were taken into custody.

However, an unknown Agent arrived on scene shortly, who was -not- part of local operations.    Claimed to have a message from the VIP’s, to meet them at the Wynn, and advised us of a Japanese animation-based fan convention in progress.  Will use the cover of this to openly bear restricted armament in attempt to blend in.

Of further concern is this unknown operative.   Request immediate and full intelligence on one Louis Cyphre,  who is employing him, et cetera.

Of note: one of the detail was dressed as Japanese “Geisha” style escort, but showed extreme weapons proficiency. Furthermore, had caucasian skin and red hair, so not native Japanese.   While she said little, her appearance and subtle actions spoke volumes compared to the more boisterous members of the detail, with all their speaking.   Must remember to express approval.

addendum – Suite booked, in advance, in the detail’s names at the expense of the VIP’s.   Estimated cost assumed to be more than my own annual salary.   Strange action by VIP’s attempting to maintain low profile.