Firearms 2.0

If a rule is not explicitly replaced in this document, then it is assumed to remain as-is from the rules of normal Scion. This is playtest material; use at your own risk.


Bullets travel at such high velocities that dodging them is a feat in and of itself. “Dodging bullets” has come into use as something that is nearly impossible. Mundane Dexterity offers no DV benefit against a firearm; calculate a creature’s “firearm DV” as if its Dexterity were 0. Epic Dexterity and DV bonuses from relics, knacks, etc. function normally.

Burst firing makes it more likely that at least one bullet will connect with the target. These modes grant a temporary stunt bonus, +1 for short bursts and +2 for long bursts. These stunt bonuses do not grant Legend points, and still obey the normal cap of +3 for stunts. Firing multiple rounds also grants additional threshold successes: multiply the threshold successes by 1.5 for short bursts and 3 for long bursts.

A bullet carries a great deal of impact force, shearing away normal defenses. Firearms’ Piercing quality also applies to natural soak from Stamina, including Epic Stamina.

Specialty rounds are available for Scions and mortals alike to use:

AP rounds are specially hardened and sturdy to punch through the thickest armor, and they reduce the target’s soak by half, before applying Piercing, while halving their own threshold successes. (In the case of burst-fired AP rounds, apply both calculations before rounding.)

Hollow-point rounds are made to do extra damage to flesh, doubling threshold successes. These rounds tend to flatten out as soon as they hit something hard, making armor extra effective against them. Not only do they not have the Piercing quality, but all soak from armor (NOT Stamina/Epic Stamina) is doubled. (Buckshot rounds for shotguns are considered to be hollow-points. As with AP rounds, apply both hollow-point and burst-fire modifiers before rounding.)



Epic Wits Knack


Your skill at turning defense into offense manifests with this knack. Upon successfully Parrying an attack, the Scion may spend 1L to gain a bonus to their next attack against that target equal to their Epic Wits dots, to a maximum of 3. Demigods may spend 1L more (2L total) to raise this ceiling to 7; Gods may spend a third Legend point to remove the cap all together.


You may Riposte an unlimited number of times per turn, but after your next action is concluded, the Riposte bonus is lost as the opportunity goes by.

Rodina Pantheon


Times are harder for the gods of the Rodina Pantheon than ever before. In the wake of the Second World War, the Soviet Union found itself as a new world power, and Stalin’s purge of religious iconography did not simply strike Christianity. One by one, the old gods were simply forgotten as winter fell over the Overworld of the Rodina Pantheon. One by one, they were simply… gone. Figures from Russia’s history rose to fill the gaps, but to the old Slavic gods, things would never be the same.

But Mother Russia endures. Rodina Mat still lives and breathes, and she holds the old and new elements of the Pantheon together as Russia rises from the ashes of the collapse of communism. To the people, little changes. The government’s buildings are a different color, or the men have different badges. Russia endures. Now, the secrets of the Rodina are laid bare, for use in your Cycle. Continue reading

Father and Son

~May 17, 2011~

*All text is translated from Japanese.*

The short, two-story house at the top of the hill gleams in the light of the late afternoon. The door slowly slides open and closed, a single figure exiting the house. His short brown hair and dark red glasses catch the waning sunlight, his suit a plain, midnight blue, with a red shirt beneath. He lifts a white-gloved hand to adjust his eyewear, his thumb brushing through the short beard hugging his jawline like the chinstrap of a helmet. The figure blinks, stopping short as he spots a figure waiting outside the home. The older gentleman’s hair is nearly gone, his bald head gleaming in the sun, a halo of white ringing his pale pate. “Isn’t that a little… ostentatious, my son?” The younger figure cracks a small smile, shrugging one shoulder as a dove lands on the other, preening its pinions. “Not to mention, a bit heavy-handed. Especially if he were to poke his head out his window…”

The younger man shakes his head. “He won’t. He’s too busy dealing with his new gifts. It’s his birthday, after all.” His voice lowers, taking a step toward the elder man. “What are you doing here, Dad? Aren’t you supposed to be moving rainclouds away from Mt. Fuji?” Izanagi scoffs, making a face and waving away the assignment, his words dripping with disdain. “Busywork! Speak no more of such things.” His voice lowers in return, leaning closer to his son. “I sensed the power of the items that you gifted young Shinji. Yet another reason to stop wearing that ridiculous getup.” Continue reading

Bandit Shooting

In the 1900s in China, highwaymen made use of a specialized, highly dangerous and inaccurate technique to clear groups of unarmored people. By using the muzzle sweep of their high-powered pistols, they fired off several rounds in rapid succession by turning their weapons sideways. Thanks to the efforts of a particularly reckless Scion, whose name has been withheld for security reasons, this technique is now available to the masses.

Bandit Shooting (Epic Dexterity Knack)

When the Scion is utilizing any pistol, he may attempt to use the muzzle jump to assist him with a sweeping attack. Doing so allows him to exploy a multiple attack against up to five targets, with the standard multiple attack penalty applied per target (-6 for three targets and so on). In addition, for each target beyond the third, the Scion’s Epic Dexterity is reduced by one for the purposes of making this attack. Taking such a reckless maneuver precludes aiming and is Speed 6, regardless of the speed of the pistol. Neither burst-fire nor autofire may be used with this Knack.

(Storytellers, use common sense with the word “pistol” here. An M79 “grenade pistol” is not a weapon that is sensible to bandit shoot with.)


The personification of feminine love and motherhood, the cow goddess of Egypt is often forgotten behind her more dynamic kin. Like the cows that she embodies, Hathor is patient and easygoing, and pays little mind to events around her. Even the rise of the Titans has done little to draw Hathor’s attention, and for good reason; her attention is focused on ensuring the world’s fertility, just as cows nourish the land with their excrement even as they feed on grasses.

Scions of Hathor are equally laid-back. Why worry so much about that Titanspawn right in front of you? The world is bigger than the immediate, after all. Hathor’s children are many, but the Bearer of the Sun’s Disc only spends her energies visiting a dear few, the cream of the crop. Her discerning eye and stern hand ensures that those Scions of hers that do receive a Visitation understand how to prioritize and see beyond the simple picture before them to find a larger view of the world. If only there were more of her Scions about…

Purviews: Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Animal (Cow), Earth, Fertility, Heku, Sky, Sun

Favored Abilities: Art, Awareness, Empathy, Fortitude, Medicine, Survival

Rivals: Bast; Demeter, Erzulie, Amaterasu, Frigg