Generation S PA: Hector and Wraxian – Lone Gunmen

06[17:19] * Hector` approaches the suite that Wraxian had been assigned to, knocking on the door with his fleshy hand. He was stuck “in costume,” so to speak, which worked with their cover marvelously.
06[17:31] * @Wraxian would probably get more than a few looks for her traditional outfit from the few and scattered patrons hunkered down and out of the storm, many waylaid travelers sheltering in the extravagance of the three star hotel due to its dual convenience to the airport should it ever re-open, and the perhaps somewhat curious lack of destruction upon its architecture all throughout. Such things are irrelevant, however, as the wobbly word-salad spouting scion seems to have little inclination to actually leave her assigned quarters. Or move. The little green light flickers on with a soft buzz a moment after Hector knocks.
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Cherry Scion PA: Noelle, Sylvia, and Yi – Chinese Scions Can’t Jump

06[17:26] * @Sylvia`Brodersgard is in a gym facility that their parents bought out for the Scions’ use, utilizing the boxing ring, minus the ropes, as a spur-of-the-moment swordsmanship practice ring. Einherjar’s Call waves through the air, weaving next to her head on both sides, her eyes steely focused.
06[17:30] * @Lt_Gravier sits on the lightly padded ground out of the ring to Sylvia’s right, well out of the way in case that sword goes flying. She’s dressed in short gym shorts and layered sports bras, her frizzy mane loose and hanging down her back, a single barrette making a half assed effort at keeping it out of her face. In front of her is a Motorola tablet, on which she appears to be playing some
06[17:30] * @Lt_Gravier first person shooter game.
06[17:31] * @Yi_Nei_Xin stands quiely at the door, watching Sylvia move, comparing notes between the Valkyrie’s combat style and her own.
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Cherry Scion PA: Avery and Tenjouno Go To A Restaurant and Don’t Eat a Damn Thing

[17:05] <@Avery_Shippe> After a few minutes to shower and change (he’d only just finished welding and setting up the sculpture, and was likely a bit ripe as a result), Avery steps out of his room, taking another baby step upwards with his appearance, with a blazer over his dress shirt and skinny jeans. Even with his omnipresent “bat-belt” and goggles, the result is still fairly attractive.
[17:06] <@Anthem> (does he have the bat-shark repllent spray on that belt?)
[17:06] <@Avery_Shippe> ((Yes :P))
06[17:30] * @Tenjouno`Chigatana emerges from her room, after both of them retreated inward to prepare for this dinner of which Avery spoke. Tenjouno apparently isn’t entirely aware of any variation in levels of dinner appropriateness, and as she steps out, there is perhaps a moment of uncertainty that a stranger has not again entered their suite. For all her standard appearances can and have been particularly breathtaking, she doesn’t normally look like an all out, if.. eccentric… movie star. Her long, lithe, and suddenly obviously voluptuous form is lovingly wrapped in a subtly dazzling forest green evening gown, shimmering in the gathering area’s lighting. Deeply V cut in the front, scalloped to just brush the top curves of her bottom, and slit up her left leg to her hip, the design is simple but intricate, airy chiffon sleves covering from her shoulders, though the silken sleeves that cover her from each hand to elbow take away slightly from the look, as do the short stockings of her tabi, somehow manuevered into three inch stilletos to match the gown, and the loose black bandana that seems to be serving as a sort of necklace/choker at the moment. In a long case that could perhaps be written off as the tool of some trade or another is likely Kusanagi, its long strap, as usual, crossing from shoulder to hip. Her makeup is subtle and gently natural, serving well, at least, to hide the dark circles under her eyes, even if it can do little for the far away, haunted look permanently etched into her faded jade eyes. Her long ginger hair has been painstakingly coifed and curled, ringlets framing her face, some swepted up into an intricate pattern at the crown of her head, but a good length still falling freely in long, loose waves more than halfway down her exposed back.
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Cherry Scion PA: Hope Blossoms

06[17:29] * +Avery_Shippe looks down one last time at his handiwork (and H.A.P.I.S.’; while unexpected, his assistance had been invaluable). “Not sure how it’ll get any better than it looks now.” He carefully closes the box, looking up at H.A.P.I.S., his face betraying a bit of his anxiety. “Not sure how things’ll go, but I think she’ll like this, at least.”
06[17:30] * +Avery_Shippe hesitats for a second, then starts to open the box again. “But maybe–”
[17:31] <+Avery_Shippe> <H.A.P.I.S.> “Sir, stop stalling and bring her the damned thing.”
06[17:36] * +Avery_Shippe sighs, taking the box under the crook of his arm. “Right then. Wish me luck.” And with that, he leaves his room and tales a very long walk (all of eight steps, even) to the door he’d slunk out of in defeat a little over a week before, knocking twice before bringing the package out in front of him, holding it with both hands.
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Where Reality Ends

She couldn’t breathe.

A hand at her throat, unforgiving, merciless.  Her hair spread about her head, a bloody halo upon silk.

Her body arched hard beneath his, bowing, losing track of whether it was pain- or pleasure- that she was meant to be experiencing.

No.  Even with her breath trapped and her will faltering while her life fled, the whimper of her own thoughts, echoing aloud, made her shudder.  Don’t.  I don’t want…

“No?” His laughter mocked her openly, and as he relaxed his grip upon her and the world wove drunkenly back into focus, handsome oriental features melted and shifted to a younger face, welding goggles pulled down around his neck. They bumped against his chin as he leaned forward to her, cruelty on his lips and violence in vicious brown eyes, the face no more than a mask to be worn and discarded.  “You may not say ‘no’ to me, little stone.  You belong to me.”

A second hand joined the first around her neck, and he smiled to her as he bore down upon her once more.

“There is no place you can run… not from me.  Not even death, will keep me from you.”

“Your life… belongs to me.”

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Cherry Scion PA: Professor Avery’s Adventures in Electronics

06[17:06] * @Yi_Nei_Xin sits studiously in a chair in the common room of the Band’s suite at the Luxor, a pair of reading glasses perched on her nose as she pours over the Yi Jing.
06[17:14] * @Yi_Nei_Xin closes the book and puts it aside as roughly as she dare something of its age “I cannot make sense of this. How can the random chance of coins or sticks show the future?” she says, thinking out loud as she moves towards the door to Avery’s room.
06[17:16] * +Avery_Shippe steps out of his room as Yi approaches, his glasses shading his eyes, wearing a old, much-abused t-shirt and pair of jeans, carefully closing the door behind him. He looks a bit exhausted, a light sheen of sweat visible on his face and arms, and has a slight…burning scent clinging to him?
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Cherry Scion PA: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

06[21:17] * +Avery_Shippe feels more than a little silly at this point. Given the events of the day–Astrid’s acquittal (sort of), Tenjouno’s metamorphosis, the gifts from their parents–tonight should’ve been a night of drunken revelry followed by epic hangovers for all of them.nd what does -he- do? Run straight back to his room to unroll The Book of Gates, reveling in the fact that he can actually decipher the thing now. He only meant to take a brief peek….but by the time he looked up, hours had passed, the sky outside his window was pitch black, and judging from the silence in the suite, everyone else had long since cleared out. And he was feelign ravenous: Idun’s apple was all he’d had to eat since that morning. He heads into the common room, considering his options.
06[21:32] * @Tenjouno`Chigatana The door to Tenjouno’s room is slightly ajar, and, oddly, perhaps, there is an obvious bit of light peeking around the cracks, and a soft hum of something electrical whirring softly behind the door. Upon returning to their suite, perhaps the realization, if it occurred to any of them, that the Amatsukami scion was the only member of the band offered nothing but one of those apples,
06[21:32] * @Tenjouno`Chigatana though the enormity of the parcels and such Himiko had been carrying might have indicated that she did not go entirely without, though perhaps comparing relics to mundane fabric may as well be apples and kumquats.
06[21:45] * +Avery_Shippe brightens at the realization that he’s not alone, but quirks an eyebrow at the noise. About the closest he’s even seen Tenjouno come to using electronics was chatting with Uatu-tan….which was hardly typical. One thought -does- comes to mind, unbidden….but he forcefully banishes it, thankful no one (read: Noelle) was there to spot his blush and divine where his mind just went.
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