Firearms 2.0

If a rule is not explicitly replaced in this document, then it is assumed to remain as-is from the rules of normal Scion. This is playtest material; use at your own risk.


Bullets travel at such high velocities that dodging them is a feat in and of itself. “Dodging bullets” has come into use as something that is nearly impossible. Mundane Dexterity offers no DV benefit against a firearm; calculate a creature’s “firearm DV” as if its Dexterity were 0. Epic Dexterity and DV bonuses from relics, knacks, etc. function normally.

Burst firing makes it more likely that at least one bullet will connect with the target. These modes grant a temporary stunt bonus, +1 for short bursts and +2 for long bursts. These stunt bonuses do not grant Legend points, and still obey the normal cap of +3 for stunts. Firing multiple rounds also grants additional threshold successes: multiply the threshold successes by 1.5 for short bursts and 3 for long bursts.

A bullet carries a great deal of impact force, shearing away normal defenses. Firearms’ Piercing quality also applies to natural soak from Stamina, including Epic Stamina.

Specialty rounds are available for Scions and mortals alike to use:

AP rounds are specially hardened and sturdy to punch through the thickest armor, and they reduce the target’s soak by half, before applying Piercing, while halving their own threshold successes. (In the case of burst-fired AP rounds, apply both calculations before rounding.)

Hollow-point rounds are made to do extra damage to flesh, doubling threshold successes. These rounds tend to flatten out as soon as they hit something hard, making armor extra effective against them. Not only do they not have the Piercing quality, but all soak from armor (NOT Stamina/Epic Stamina) is doubled. (Buckshot rounds for shotguns are considered to be hollow-points. As with AP rounds, apply both hollow-point and burst-fire modifiers before rounding.)


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