The Universes of #ScionRPG

The ‘Generation S’ Scion Game

~Active~     Originally the concept of Anthem with the assistance of TLemental, this game, set in the same universe as ‘Cherry’, features younger Heroes than the standard band, and has become the sole purview of TL.  Centered in a mysterious school in an unknown Terra Incognita, the children of Sun Wukong’s School for Special Kids still have many, many stories left to be told.


The ‘Cherry’ Scion Game

~On Hiatus~     Anthem’s second turn at Storytelling, this game, centered in Las Vegas, features an all new cast of characters starting as Heroes and have recently obtained Demi-godhood.  It also featured TLemental’s first attempts at Assistant Storytelling.


The Original Universe 

-Retired~     The original dream, many of Anthem’s OU’s tales remain unfortunately lost; restoration elves are hard at work to bring these stories back into the light for all to enjoy once again.  This game carried the Original Band from Heroes to Gods.


The Alternate Universe 

~Retired~     Conall`Curach’s take on Storytelling, this game featured new characters as well as a variation on familiar faces.  Its tenure was unfortunately short, but never boring!  Its characters were Heroes.




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