3/14/11 Campaign Log

01[19:04] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <Morning breaks over stately Wayne Manor. Each of you is awakened at 9 AM by an alarm clock if you’re not already up.>
06[19:05] * @Jesse_Custer would -still- be in the study, putting away the various books he still had out, and heading up to get a shower
06[19:05] * Claire_ ‘s arm creeps out from under the covers, searching for the errant producer of noise.
01[19:06] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <The alarm clock is out of reach from the bed, its bells ringing supernaturally loud. Clever, those Atlanteans.>
06[19:08] * Claire_ ‘s hand retracts back into haven of the blankets, a lump forms near the head of the bed, where a pillow is being used as a muffler around her head but restless rolling seems to make it clear that it’s not working.
01[19:11] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <Jesse and Claire can hear movement in the upper hallway. From the sound of it, it’s just a single figure, presumably Mr. Oliver. Apparently Kuros and Demosia remained awake all night as well.>
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Combat Redux: The Tamas’ Secrets

Even ensconced in heavy, steel-toed combat-style boots, the young woman floated down the carpeted corridors of the Manor in near silence.  Her snowy trench billowed behind her as she made her way through the halls with measured purpose, an ethereal ghost moving luminous amidst the still, somber shadows.

What felt like hours passed before she found the right door and drew to a halt, staring at the brass placard for a long heartbeat.  One gloved fist uncurled from its place at her side and ran shakily through her platinum locks while a long-held breath slowly escaped her crimson-painted lips.   She reached for the door handle and steeled herself for a moment before she twisted and pressed the door inwards.  Deep violet lids slid momentarily down over blank golden orbs as she stepped at last into the gymnasium.

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Jesse and Claire in the Study (with Kuros and Demosia in the Living Room)

06[22:57] * @Jesse_Custer has seemingly spent even more hours in the study,, the number of books open around his seat growing ever larger
06[22:59] * Claire_ navigates through the darkened manor by the light of her new device, having washed her clothes in the tub and hung them up around her room to dry she found a red bathrobe in the closet and is wearing that.
01[23:00] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <Kuros and Demosia are both working late, sitting up in the living room and going over information. Tholosian, however, seems to have gone to bed.>
06[23:00] * @Jesse_Custer flips a few pages
06[23:01] * Claire_ sights the two in the living room and pockets her phone and pops out one of her IEM’s before waving to them.
[23:01] <Claire_> Hey!
[23:01] <@Jesse_Custer> Let’s see here “Hurdy flurdy Bork Bork Bork: How are you, may I throw cooking utensils?”
[23:01] <@Jesse_Custer> Who even needs to know that phrase?
01[23:01] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <Kuros gives Claire a glance.>1 “Yes, Miss Sykes?”
[23:02] <Claire_> I got a question. In your library do you have a copy of Bulfinch’s Mythology?
01[23:03] <@Conall`Curach> “Yes, Mr. Custer is looking through it right now.”

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Double-God Visitation master list

These are the Gods who are specifically noted as having relationships in the Scion manuals, either through marriage or enough of a tryst to produce another God of the pantheon. Any combinations not on this list are invalid for play, sorry.

Zeus + Hera, Hades + Persephone, Odin + Frigg, Thor + Sif, Damballa + Erzulie, Ogoun + Erzulie, Agwe + Erzulie, Badarus + Amnis, Kuros + Demosia, Skaft + Heshon, The Dagda + The Morrigan, The Dagda + Danu, Chang’e + Houyi, Brahma + Sarasvati, Shiva + Parvati, Vishnu + Lakshmi.

To generate associated powers for a double-God visitation, choose half of one God’s powers and half of the other’s. Anything that both gods share MUST be chosen; split the burden as evenly as possible (so if God A and God B share Psychopomp, Fire, and Guardian, God A could contribute Psychopomp and Guardian and God B could contribute Fire, but God B could not contribute all three). Remember that beings of Legend always round in ways that are most favorable to them, so a God with 5 powers and a God with 7 will spawn a child with 7 powers, 3 from the first parent and 4 from the second. The pantheon Purview for the gods’ pantheon is added automatically; do NOT count it when determining what half of the total is! It need not be assigned to a particular God. The same applies to favored Abilities, but since all Gods have six, there’s no rounding involved.

Also note that a character may be a spawn of two Gods WITHOUT being a double-God Visitation if so desired. The Scion will have the full suite of the God who executes the Visitation.

Thomas and Jesse in the Study

[23:30] * @Jesse_Custer sits in the study, several books lay open around him, he appears to read for a moment from one, shake his head, flip a few pages in another, mutter to himself, and continue the process
[23:32] * @Jesse_Custer would also happen to be dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a loose muscle shirt
[23:33] <@Conall`Curach> <The study door opens and Mr. Oliver steps inside, a pair of half-moon glasses perched on his nose. He looks at the controlled chaos and the figure at its center.> “Oh, hello, Mr. Custer. Doing some late-night studying?”
[23:34] * @Jesse_Custer looks up and speaks with a remarkably more even tone than his normal thick drawl. “I miss it, really. Haven’t gotten to spend any quality time with any books outside of what I own for the last few months. Hard to get a library card without a permanent residence.”
[23:37] <@Conall`Curach> “That looks like quite a mix there. Planning on encountering Hitler out there allied with the ancient Roman legions and the Macabees?”
[23:38] * @Jesse_Custer gives a funny look and motions to the books he has in front of him.. amongst them include Hammurabi’s Code, the Prose and Poetic Eddas, Hamlet, Descarte, His own very well read bible, Bullfinch’s Mythology, and Tobin’s Spirit Guide
[23:40] * @Conall`Curach motions to three more books in the cluster, a treatise on Nazi strategy in World War 2, one of Julius Caesar’s war journals, and a history of the Israelite tribes in the Middle East. “I suppose you haven’t gotten to those yet.”
[23:41] <@Jesse_Custer> I was studying the strategy a bit too. I’m thinking, all of our group are pretty good at what we do. but in that last fight, we were like a bunch of headless chickens.
[23:41] <@Jesse_Custer> to use a racist term, a “chinese fire drill” you might say.

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Jocasta and Thomas in the Study

[00:02] <Conall`Curach> <Mr. Oliver motions for Jocasta to come sit with him.>
[00:05] * TLemental Jocasta looks around, perhaps belatedly noting she has been left alone (?) with their rescuer, hesitating at the threshold of the chairs, she nods in polite silence and sinks into one of them.
[00:07] <Conall`Curach> “Jo, I need to tell you something.”
[00:08] * TLemental Jocasta nods faintly to indicate she heard him.
[00:08] <Conall`Curach> “I…I was not completely honest with you. My actual name is not Thomas Oliver.”
[00:11] * TLemental Jocasta’s gloved fingers curl into tight fists, maintained politely still within her lap, her voice a carefully restrained monotone, tainted only faintly with the slightest of trembles.
[00:11] <TLemental> <Jocasta Tamas> No shit.
[00:12] <Conall`Curach> “My name is Tholosian.”

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2/28/11 Campaign Log

01[19:27] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <Thomas’ Acura does not drive particularly fast, but it accelerates faster than an ordinary car should, going from 0 to the speed limit before the Scions can blink. Three hours of driving pass uneventfully unless the Band desires to make them eventful.>
06[19:28] * @Claire_ sleeps
06[19:29] * @Jesse_Custer subtly turns down his music so Claire can get some rest
01[19:39] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <At the stroke of 4 PM, Jesse and Jocasta’s cell phones both begin to ring.>
06[19:40] * @Jesse_Custer picks up, speaking “This is JC,”
06[19:42] * @Tamas Jocasta yawns and digs for her cell phone out of whatever pocket it was residing, glancing at the display before answering.
06[19:44] * @Claire_ slowly sits up at the sound of Jesse’s cell phone, rubbing her eyes and looking around.
01[19:44] <@Conall`Curach> 3 <The incoming display reads 555-8472. Both of you know that the 555 exchange does not exist and the number is, therefore, fake.>12 “This is Oliver. We’re coming up on it now. Follow my lead.”

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