Original Universe Characters

Original Universe Characters



Moira “Morrie” O’Corbin –  Arrogant Tough  –  Scion of The Morrigan  Babd Catha  –  Goddess of Battle; Dying Well



Thomas Oliver –  Puzzle Solver  –  Scion of Thoth  Raxhep  –  God of Judgement



Chrysander “Chrys” Tamas –  Ranger  –  Scion of Artemis  Hesperos Phaesphor  –  God of the Dusk; the Hunt; the Wild

Iocasta “Jo” Tamas –  Forensic Pathologist  –  Scion of Apollo  |  Eosphora Atropos  –  Goddess of the Dawn; Prophecy; the End that Brings New Beginnings




Joseph Canard –  Businessman  –  Scion of Mictlantecuhtli  Lord of the Six Crimson Macahuitls; The Administrator  –  God of Death




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