Welcome to the Pack

As the victorious band walked back to the mansion, huddled around the fallen Wraxian, Kendall was largely silent.  Lost in her own thoughts, her mind kept replaying the events of the forest, and certain words kept sticking in her mind.

“You cannot do it alone… you aren’t strong enough…”

“Whoever said she was alone?”

“She doesn’t have to be.”

“Never alone again, Wraxian.”

The more she replays the events in her mind, the more she takes those words to heart.  ::She fought for us, even after we treated her like shit.  I’ve got to do something for her, to thank her, let her know we appreciate what she did,:: she thinks to herself as she helps get Wraxian squared away into the infirmary.

Suddenly, an idea springs into her head.  With a fire in her belly, she makes her way to the kitchen and starts to work.   Within minutes, she pulls several sheets of cookies out of the ovens, and, as they cool, pipes seven little stick figure frosting people onto each cookie.   Quickly, she collects the cookies into two baskets and, after cleaning the kitchen, hurries back to the lounge, leaving one of the cookie baskets there for the rest of the gang.

Slowly, Kendall goes through her not-so-small library and pulls out a few very well read volumes, including her own personal copies of the Harry Potter series.  Placing them into a box, she quickly writes out a small note, and looks to a sleeping Anne.  “Guess I’m making myself a hypocrite tonight, girl,” she says, quietly, sneaking out of the room, hoping to not wake the Cajun girl.

In the dark, she makes her way out to the edge of the forest, hunting for the first arrow trail marker. “I’m not coming in there, animals, just leaving this stuff for a friend,” she says, half to herself, half to the forest.  Carefully laying things out, expecting Wraxian to retreat to the forest as soon as the girl wakes up, she carefully places the note so it would be the first thing that someone walking from the mansion would see.


What you did for us won’t be forgotten.  In the future, though, please don’t be afraid to ask for our help in the future, any one of us would be willing to face for you what you did for us.

It’s been shown that we have to work as a team, a pack, to make it in whatever freaky war we’re in, and I only hope the rest of us show the concern for each other that you have.


Kendall Jenkins Henry

p.s. If we’re a pack, I suppose, given the experience, this makes you the Alpha?

Smiling to herself, Kendall walks slowly back to the mansion, optimistic that things around the school will be more harmonious from now on.


Kendall Henry: From Hood to Harvard

Admin note:  there is a use of racial slurs in this story.  The admin wish it to be known that it is not in the least meant to incite or show hatred of any race or creed by the characters or the players controlling them.    If such language offends you, do not read this entry any further.


1 Week Prior

“Worthless nigger’s got to be drinking again.”  Kendall said under her breath as she looked behind her place at the stove at her brothers and Sisters. She had been cooking dinner for her brothers and sisters some 2 hours after her father was supposed to have gotten home from work, but hadn’t shown up.   It was not the first time the father McCormick had been late home on a payday night, and every other time he came staggering in the door reeking of cheap wine.

“No, girl, that’s not right, you know your momma taught you better than that.” Kendall said to herself as she put the meager meal on the table for her 5 younger brothers and sisters.  Mimicking her lost mother’s words, she said, “Now Kenny, child, the Lord didn’t make no N-words,  Brothers and Sisters made themselves into N-words, and it’s up to you to be better’n that.”

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