Carry On Wayward Sun

A beat up Ford Escort travels down the interstate, seated within is a young man, giving dictation.

Jesse Custer, voice journal date January 4, 2011.

As of today, it’s now been three months that I’ve been on my own, that is, it has been since that long and the man, and the woman I thought was my mother, gave me five minutes to pack and leave the only home I ever knew.   Regrettable as it is, I cannot blame them.  It took me a couple months to come to terms with things myself, and even now I find myself sometimes wishing I could wake up.


I as nearing the end of my third semester of seminary classes, learning more and more about the bible and preparing myself for the life of a missionary, when during a quiet moment in my room, I heard a loud flash of thunder, and saw a supernaturally handsome bearded man was standing there, a smile on his face I’d to then only seen pictured on drawings of Christ.

“No Jesse, I am not your Jesus.” The man spoke in a warm and comforting voice.  “I am Baldur, God of the Sun, Son of the All-Father

“Riiight, and I suppose I’m Thor? ” I said to him, with a very skeptical look.  He laughed heartily and shook his head.

“I suppose it must be hard to believe, but it’s the truth. I am in fact Baldur of the Aesir.”

I took a closer look at the man and responded.  “Even if you are who you say you are? Why come speak to me?  I’m a christian,  I worship the God of Abraham and his son.”

“Ah, Jesus of Nazareth.  His tale is one I respect.  In fact, my respect for that one is part of why I am in this mess that I am in, but worship is not why I’m here.   Jesse, let me tell you a story.  It was twenty years ago, I was travelling the world, incognito of course, when I found myself here, in this city.   Enjoying the company of mortals more than the rest of my kindred do, I found myself visiting the places where young people of the day spent their time.   it was there I met the most beautiful woman I had seen in a human lifetime.

I was smitten instantly and wanted her for mine, but there was a problem.   I found out she was recently married to a young man.  In a moment of.. weakness, I took the man’s form and spent the night with her while her husband was out of town on business.   The woman’s name was Christina Custer.”

I looked at the man blankly.  Here this strange person was, sitting in my room, telling me he was a god, and admitting to adultery with my mother, what madness was this?

“That isn’t the whole story.   I found out, later, that the woman was with child.   in nine months, she gave birth to a baby boy, which she and her husband named Jesse.   What I am trying to say, Jesse, is that I am your father.  you have the blood of a god running in your veins.”

As much as I -knew- the man had to be insane, or worse, some demon there to test my faith, something about the man’s words rang true to my heart.  I did not have time to react as at this moment, my parents busted through my bedroom door, Pa carrying his shotgun.

“See, I told you what I overheard, George, this man’s a Satanist and he’s corrupted our son and has him possessed with demons!” Mom shouted.  I want to stand up and speak at which point Pa leveled his gun in my face.

“Oh no, you’re not gonna get us with that evil too, you devil worshipping filth.   No boy of -mine- would ever consort with such occult nonsense.   Ya got five minutes to pack your bags and get out of my house.  As far as Momma and I are concerned, we ain’t got no son.”

(Shakily, the voice continues on)


I suppose I was lucky that I had all my campin’ gear and a few days of clothes in Little Big Horn here, so I wasn’t completely hopeless.  I bunked with my buddy Keith that night, didn’t tell him anything about was was goin’ on. other than my folks kickin me out.    Anyway,, that night, my dreams of becomin’ a missonary were over.  Seems my folks called the seminary and told them I’d gotten in with a bunch of satanists, and were witholding any more tuition money.  I was greeted at the front gate by security and told I wasn’t welcome…


But it’s funny how The Lord will open one door for you as another closes.   As I was driving through Bolivar, trying to figure out what I was gonna do. I heard someone talking.

“I’m terribly sorry things happened as they did, kid, I really am.”   I turned my head and there was that same guy from last night, sittin’ in my passenger seat.

“You’re sorry?  Sorry doesn’t give me a place to live or a future livelyhood or a full belly.” I responded to him, finding myself more than a little angry over what his intrusion into my life had caused.   As I spoke, I could see his face fill with remorse.

“Yes, I know, and I truly regret that,  let’s say you drive us to the nearest fast food place and we can talk things out over a meal, my treat.”

Against my better judgement, I did as he asked.  I must admit, with a full stomach, I was more open to hearing him out.

“I really didn’t want to turn your life upside down like this, kid.  Most Scions like yourself are never visited, left blissfully unaware of the greater world around them, and get to leave peaceful mundane lives.”

“Scion?” I said between bites of Big Mac.  “What’s a Scion?”

Baldur paused and shook his head.  “Good grief, but you’ve led a sheltered life.    You see, a Scion is one who has both the blood of mortal man and the gods running through their veins.  You know the stories of Hercules? Gilgamesh?  The irish legend of Cu Chulainn?”

I nodded.   this Ku Klux whatever he had mentioned was nothing i’d ever heard of, but I knew of Hercules from my old high school mythology classes.

“They were scions, as are you.”

I half-choked on my burger.  after a moment to regain my composure, I asked “Okay, supposing I believe you, and I must admit, it is a large bite to swallow, why me?  Why Now?”

Baldur nodded. “Smart, you get right to the point of things.   See, the gods, we’re at war, albeit a cold war at the moment.  The Titans, they’re breaking out of their prison.”
I humored him a bit.  “Titans? wait a minute, only the greek mythology i’ve ever read mentions the titans, says Zeus and them locked ’em up right square in Hades.”

“You’re partially right, it was Tatrarus.  and just because only the Greeks spoke of the war with the Titans doesn’t mean the rest of us didn’t war with them as well.  But to make a long story short, yes, we all participated in that war, and the Titans were locked away, but their prison is weakening.  Already some of their servants are out and about in the world of man, trying to speed their masters’ release, and speed Ragnarok in coming. ”

“And what’s a guy from the bible belt supposed to do to stop that?”  I said to him.  I do not know why, but the more he spoke, the more what he said seemed to make sense, even if my mind kept saying he was full of it.

“You haven’t been listening, you’re no ordinary guy.  You’re  a Scion, you’ve got my blood in your veins.” Baldur paused for a moment, thinking, then kept talking.  “Alright, you’ve done some preaching, right?”

“Indeed I have.”

“You ever notice during your sermons that, when you talk, every eye on the room is on you, listening to your every word?  Tell me, have you seen any other preacher hold a congregation like that, or were their kids in the back playing on their gameboys and old ladies gossiping about this woman or that woman from the church down the road?”

I was stunned,  I had never noticed it before, but he was right.

“That’s my blood in you, kid. ” He said, smiling warmly at me.   “You’ll find , in time, that that’s the least of what you’ll be able to do.”

“But I’m just a man, and a Christian at that.  I can’t deal with such pagan magic?”

Baldur sighed.  “Then let me speak to you in terms you understand.  Samson, he had the strength of many men, did he not?   Elijah, called down the fire when the priests of Baal couldn’t, did he not?  Aaron turned his staff into a snake.  Even Jesus of Nazareth himself performed healings and resurrections, walked on water, even came back to life after dying.   Tell me, to one from another faith, would these not also seem like “pagan magic”?    I’m not trying to consume your soul or anything, I’m trying to prepare you for what’s to come.   You see, if we lose this war with the Titans, everything dies.  Men, women, children, animals, even we gods.  I don’t care about my own life so much as I care about the race of men, so I’m asking you please, to help us keep that from happening. ”

I could tell he was very sincere in his words, and he  was making a point.   “Alright.  I may be damned for this, but if I can save others, I will do what I can.”

Baldur sighed in relief.  “Very well.  In the next week I will teach you everything you need to know about who and what you are, and how to use your abilities in our fight.  I have faith that you’ll do your best, here’s money enough to see you in gas and food for a while and one last thing for today.”
I took the money and put it away, asking “Yes?”

He responded “We Aesir are uncertainas to whether your god truly exists or not, but do your best and I promise you I’ll find out what I can, put him in contact if I’m able.  I owe him that much for you turning out how you have.”  And with that he disappeared.



It has been three months since that fateful day, and the things I have seen since then proved to me that Baldur was truthful in everything he said.   He’s seen to it that I don’t have to worry about my next meal, and has even given me a few items that seem to make my powers work.  He called them relics, but I always thought those were those ghoulish things the catholics keep dead saints bones in.
In all seriousness, I have seen the work of these titanspawn in action, and after what I’ve seen, I know that I -have- to help however I can.  I just hope they can see reason and turn from their ways like Paul did when God showed him the way.   Jesse Custer, Endin’ Log.”