Generation S – Issue #084 – Rally – Publication 06.11.15

06[18:16] * @Anne_Montelepre , having lived (briefly) in the vicinity, begins thinking about places she’s personally aware of, glancing briefly towards Wraxian as she rejects the Hotel Plaza Athenee out of hand.
[18:19] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I’d suggest a smaller place…and that we buy it out for the duration of our stay.”
06[18:21] * @Hector` smirks a bit. “No repeats of Cairo this time, hopefully… eh, Shinji?”
06[18:22] * @Shinjiro-kun remains pointedly silent.
06[18:23] * @Wraxian cants her head faintly to the side, nodding gently as Anne speaks, responding softly, “It is already taken care of, Anne Montelepre.”
06[18:23] * @Anne_Montelepre clears her throat.
[18:24] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I was suggesting a smaller place because I’m concerned that our presence might invite an attack.”
[18:25] <@Shinjiro-kun> Something defensible would be advisable.
[18:25] <@Anne_Montelepre> “If, God –or Gods forbid — it happens, the fewer people potentially in the crossfire, the better.
[18:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Can you see where we’re checked in Wraxian?”
06[18:34] * @Wraxian blinks (somewhere behind her goggles), and the over-head (literally) HUD switches briefly to shift slowly through a panoramic view of the Hotel le Notre Dame Paris Ile de France.
[18:40] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Huh. Very fitting considering the dignifigance of the place in Dumas’ work…and not far from where December picked Anne up, way back in ’11 XD ))
[18:41] <@Wraxian> `’•{{ On occasion i figure out what I’m doing. }}•’`
[18:41] <@Shinjiro-kun> That looks very extravagant. I am unsure that it will be defensible.
[18:44] <@Damion_Cross> “Single staircase, single tiny elevator? Kinky.”
06[18:45] * @Damion_Cross appears to approve, however….and for reasons unrelated to his wisecrack.
[18:46] <@Wraxian> “It is central within the city while being less opulent than our previous temporary residence, Dojima Shinjiro.” She pauses for a moment, almost seeming to hesitate while confirming something in silence. “It is also currently entirely vacant, beyond its staff, awaiting our residence as needed.”
[18:48] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Perfect. Granted, that might actually invite an attack.. but I’d rather than than getting anyone else killed.”
[18:50] <@Anne_Montelepre> “And it’s near Father’s old stomping grounds. Perhaps I can get a quick tour in? I spent much of my last trips in Paris shopping.”
06[18:50] * @Anne_Montelepre eyes drift to the floor, as she flushes slightly in embarassment.
06[18:52] * @December sputters something soft of blatantly disbelieving, glancing at the mini-HUD with the same informations the kids in the back are seeing and shaking her head as they slowly move through the city- slow primarily because though it is still only slightly before dusk in Paris, enormous crowds are already gathering along the streets, with multiple routes blockaded and very official officials in both suits, and uniforms, not to mention the previously encountered Musketeers spread at very regular intervals.
[18:56] <@Storyteller> <Brynn watches the crowds mill and gather, watching and picking up various signs and cues as he murmurs very softly to himself,> “Mon Dieu..”
[18:58] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I’m impressed, Wraxian. How’d you managhed to get such a small but prominet property so empty for our stay??”
[19:01] <@Maddy> What is this place?
06[19:06] * @Hector` shakes his head, grinning. “Well, at least it’s not a basement. I’m down with it.”
06[19:07] * @Wraxian does not just barely smile in something not unlike satisfaction. That would be entirely impossible for her. She couldn’t be smug, either. But there is a certain… acknowledgement of acomplishment, perhaps, as she responds. “Those previously pledged to reside for the amount of chronal units we are in need of residence have found themselves offered alternate accomodations in the monarchy suites as were available with the dignitaries currently within the boundaries of the city at the Le Bristol Paris, Citadines Suites Louvres Paris, Shangri-La Hotel Paris, Four Seasons Hotel George the Fifth Paris, Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris, and the Hotel Plaza Athenee, Anne Montelepre. The Hotel le Notre Dame Paris Ile de France, Madison Augustien.” Oddly enough, the plethora of french rolls off of Wraxian’s lips perfectly naturally.
06[19:10] * @Anne_Montelepre raises her brow at the last one, but says nothing.
[19:11] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Don’t worry, Madison, it’s clean…and then some.”
06[19:21] * @December pulls around in nearly a full circle before she finds an avenue to pull into the lot dedicated to the Hotel le Notre Dame.
[19:24] <@Anne_Montelepre> “We ready?”
[19:25] <@Hector`> As I’ll ever be.
[19:25] <@Shinjiro-kun> Hai.
[19:29] <@Maddy> Not really, but yes.
06[19:30] * @Chris_Gravier squeezes Anne’s hand and nods.
06[19:33] * @December depresses the button that pops the latch on the back gate, sitting still and gazing out over the Seine.
[19:33] <@Shinjiro-kun> Whose name is the reservation in, Wraxian?
06[19:35] * @Wraxian pauses briefly in her rise from her console at the back of the AWV, her voice chillier than usual, perhaps, at least to those with the senisitivty for the minutae of her typical vocal range. She responds simply, “Emily Lake.”
06[19:39] * @Anne_Montelepre unbuckles her belt and stands up, retriving her small duffle bag and motion for the others to follow as she makes her way out of the AWV.
01[19:41] <@Storyteller> <A Valet, several stewards, and half a dozen other just simply gawking employees of the Hotel de Notre Dame are already on their way towards the strange vehicle, varying degrees of awe, curiousity, and suspicion written across their various faces.>
06[19:46] * @Anne_Montelepre gives them her best smile, holding her bag in front of her with both hands. keeping her accent somewhere between Parisienne and full-blown Arcadianenne. “Bonjour. mes amis.”
06[19:47] * @Chris_Gravier opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out except a shrill monkey shriek. Looking rather embarrassed, he immediately blushes and closes his mouth.
01[19:54] <@Storyteller> <The apparently appointed head of the staff, a very fancy looking and formal valet, eyes Anne and asks, not dismissively, but somewhat hesitantly, his accent thick but not comedically so.> “Madamoiselle Lake…?”
06[19:56] * @Hector` walks up next to Anne, giving the valet a smile. “Call her Ricki for short,” clearly joking. At least, hopefully clearly. Maybe.
06[19:58] * @Anne_Montelepre shakes her head demurely, even as she half-turns towards Chris, concerned, and raises one foot, as if threatening to step on Hector’s. heel-first. “Non, M’sieu.”
06[20:01] * @Anne_Montelepre thinks for a moment, then adds, speaking into the open hatch of the vehicle. “[Though if you’d prefer I do the talking…]”
[20:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Part in brackets, in French, natch’.))
01[20:08] <@Storyteller> <The Valet’s gaze hardens a bit, a frown touching his perfectly French features.> “[Apologies, Miss, but I must ask that you depart. We have no place for additional visitors here, we must ask that you attend the fesitivites from elsewhere, if you can understand…?]”
[20:09] <@Anne_Montelepre> “[Beg pardon?]”
[20:11] <@Chris_Gravier> Uh….
01[20:12] <@Storyteller> <Valet> “[The Hotel of Notre Dame in Paris, France is completely reserved, Miss. We cannot allow loiterers with the gathering and the happening and such…]”
[20:12] <@Damion_Cross> “Long story short, ‘No room at the Inn’.”
[20:16] <@Chris_Gravier> Is that even a thing for us?
06[20:17] * @Anne_Montelepre sighs, clears her throat… “Ms. Lake? The gentleman would like to speak to you…”
[20:19] <@Damion_Cross> “For us? No, …provided we don’t want Madmoiselle Girl scout whining at us for the rest of the trip.”
[20:20] <@Damion_Cross> “Otherwise…”
06[20:20] * @Damion_Cross gives the others still in the truck an evin grin,
[20:23] <@Shinjiro-kun> Girls fawning over you isn’t so bad.
06[20:26] * @Wraxian sweeps up to the back gate of the Chariot-turned truck, reaching out for Madison’s hand for what is probably un-needed support. Mini-Kiyomasa rides on her shoulder, balancing somehow and looking like the king of the bloody world (or at least, Wraxian and/or her shoulder/Paris), his bright, very feral eyes lighting on the Valet and somehow mimicking Wraxian’s distant, royal mien, as if he clearly thinks the man is too gristly to eat. She tilts her head with that same, (to the group) clearly feigned royal air, but the rigid, frigid chill in her voice could form a glacier in the heart of Paris. “I am Emily Lake.”
01[20:32] <@Storyteller> <The Valet’s demeanor changes instantly, and he has eyes only for Wraxian, and they can all watch (in probable horror) as the Valet, and every other of the Hotel’s staff, seem overwhelmed with her presence, to a (wo)man. He shivers faintly, though if it is fear, or delight, is impossible to know. He sweeps forth with an enormous bow, his forehead aiming for his knees, as do the rest of the staff behind him.> “A thousand apologies, Madamoiselle. Please, let us see to your every need while you stay with us. This is the party for which you have made reservations…?” <He looks a little more respectfully at the rest of the kids, but it still pales in comparison to their response to the barely-clothed, cat-clad, odd young scion.>
06[20:34] * @Shinjiro-kun glances from the valet to Wraxian and lofts a brow, but says nothing.
06[20:41] * @Anne_Montelepre watches, trying not to visibly frown at the scale of their reaction. Should, she, herself, prepare for the same?…
06[20:44] * @Hector` seems kind of amused with the whole thing. “Hey, pal, does this place get ESPN 3?”
[20:48] <@Damion_Cross> “…You wanna watch magic: The Gathering games that badly?”
06[20:48] * @Wraxian nods gently in acknowledgement toward the Valet, walking past him with no further interaction, moving into the hotel proper followed by at least three young men, the sheer Presence of her pounding like a heartbeat on the air, notable to the others perhaps entirely because absolutely none of it is aimed at them; but the tidal wave force of it is hard to overlook, nevertheless, even as she disappears within.
06[20:50] * @Maddy squeezes Wraxian’s hand, unentangling himself from Brynn for the only person who could ever be the cause of such of a reaction from him, and follows her without releasing her.
01[20:50] <@Storyteller> <The Valet remains in place, trembling again, his smile taking on a vaguely obsequious edge, but it is clear that he will do absolutely anything for them now that ‘Madamoiselle Lake’ has arrived.> “Let us ‘alp you inside, non? Is zhere an’eezing you are requiring?”
[20:51] <@Hector`> What? No, that’s stupid. World Series of Poker.
[20:52] <@Anne_Montelepre> “[I do not, at present. I cannot speak for anyone else here, of course.]”
[20:54] <@Chris_Gravier> I could use a drink.
01[20:57] <@Storyteller> <The Valet continues to adamantly continue to ignore Hector, for the most part, though he does offer him a thin smile before nodding to Anne, looking almost… relieved… as the overbearing weight of Wraxian’s Presence departs the immediate vicinity, relaxing faintly but seeming no less completely devoted to her service, as he takes in the rest of the group with a raised brow. He responds to Chris.> “Our full kitchen and bar is at your Madamoiselle’s command, young sir.”
[20:58] <@Chris_Gravier> That’ll do.

06[18:19] * @Anne_Montelepre , having just come out of a too-long, too-hot shower, pauses in the middle of redressing, distracted by the view from the window: Paris, the older heart of the city where the hotel was located slowly giving way to taller, more modern buildings, then themselves yielding to the suburbs beyond, all tinted a warm red-orange by the setting sun.
06[18:52] * Chris_Gravier stirs in bed, a tablet in his hands with World of Tanks making an insane amount of noise. He looks at Anne, his expression both curious and admiring.
[18:52] <Chris_Gravier> What are you doing?
[18:55] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I was thinking…why don’t we go out for a bit tonight?”
[18:55] <@Anne_Montelepre> “While we still have the chance, I mean.”
[19:14] <@Chris_Gravier> Go out? Like… to where?
06[19:14] * @Chris_Gravier looks intrigued, setting the game down and rolling over on his side to look at her.
06[19:18] * @Anne_Montelepre blushes slightly, suggesting that she hadn’t given it all that much thought herself.
[19:19] <@Chris_Gravier> I’ve never been to Paris.
[19:20] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I…um…I dunno? Get something to eat? Catch a show or something? Just walk around for awhile? I mean, it’s been awhile since we’ve done anything halfway normal…”
06[19:20] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s expression darkens slightly.
[19:20] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…And I don’t know if it’ll still be an option afterward.”
06[19:22] * @Chris_Gravier frowns a bit, nodding.
[19:23] <@Chris_Gravier> Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m definitely hungry… so I’m down for food. Something fun and casual or should we go somewhere stupid fancy and let people wonder how I can afford it?
06[19:25] * @Anne_Montelepre grins.
[19:25] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Let’s try ‘stupid fancy’…provided you CAN afford it. I’m not trying to put you out, here.”
06[19:27] * @Anne_Montelepre belatedly realizes she has no idea how her Class/Bandmates stand, financially.
06[19:30] * @Chris_Gravier shrugs.
[19:31] <@Chris_Gravier> I can afford it. My mother has an obsession with Gucci. She keeps my credit card paid up.
06[19:38] * @Anne_Montelepre raises an eyebrow. “Credit card”? Wow…Alright, then. I should probably finish getting dressed, though…”
[19:40] <@Chris_Gravier> Well… I’m a fan of your current look.
06[19:41] * @Chris_Gravier eyes her still damp half dressed body.
[19:41] <@Chris_Gravier> But I also wouldn’t mind seeing you in something tight and slinky.
06[19:48] * @Anne_Montelepre blushes to her ears, looking as if she isn’t sure whether she wants to slap Chris or kiss him. Or both.
[19:50] <@Anne_Montelepre> “A–anyway. Give me a sec…”
06[19:55] * @Chris_Gravier simply grins and hops out of bed, rummaging through his suitcase in the closet to find something swank to wear. After a few minutes he re-immerged, wearing a soft grey suit with a pale pink silk shirt and a checkered white and grey tie. His shoes were black and shiny, and he wore a matching belt. The overall effect was quite impressive, if you could over look the messy mop of tangled black hair on top of his head.
06[20:08] * @Anne_Montelepre quickly retrives something from her luggage amd retreats to the bathroom. She emerges a few minutes later. perhaps a bit emboldened by Chris’ comments, if the simple-yet-striking black, halter-top dress was any indication, the back low enough to reveal her winged tattoo and a side-slit climbing dangerously up one thigh, the whole thing coming off as flattering as possible without crossing into “How Dare You” territory…or would be, of she weren’t still blushing, her hands clasped in front of her and her eyes trying to dodge Chris’.
06[20:21] * @Chris_Gravier breaks into his heart warming charming smile, crossing the empty space between them to wrap her in his arms and press a soft kiss to her lips.
[20:21] <@Chris_Gravier> You look… amazing, Anne.
[20:27] <@Anne_Montelepre> “..L-likewise. I mean, I like your casual look, but when you…”
06[20:28] * @Anne_Montelepre trails off, before interjecting with:
[20:29] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Anyway! We should probably get going! See Paris before we get chased out or something, right?”
06[20:29] * @Chris_Gravier chuckles softly.
[20:29] <@Chris_Gravier> Sure. Where are we going and how are we getting there?
06[20:30] * @Anne_Montelepre slips her arm into his.
[20:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Didn’t plan that far, actually…but Ma Pere did say we pretty much had the keys to the city. I’m sure a place will suggest itself…or someone’ll ask us in, which’ll probably make history as the first and last time obvious tourists were openly welcomed without some sign of displeasure.”
06[18:16] * @Anne_Montelepre starts towards the unusually-small hotel’s unusually-small elevator, arm-in-arm with Chris, looking, perhaps, a bit…apprehensive, as if waiting for the other shoe to drop.

06[18:45] * @Damion_Cross leans against one of the dormer windows of his (apparently) attic room, taking in the skyline of Paris’ historic center, in particular the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, just halfway across the Seine from them. It’s gothic architecture yields a wealth of shadows, into which he couild step through and thus leave the hotel undetected, but…
[18:45] <@Damion_Cross> “….Too easy.”
06[18:50] * @Damion_Cross Minutes later, the hotel’s single undersized elevator makes its slow, ponderous way to the Lobby, slowly clattering open to reveal the mysterious, scantily-clad but plainly welll-monied young lady to reserve the hotel for her retinue…one Miss Emily Lake. (Stolen Face + Perfect Imposter)
01[19:00] <@Storyteller> <The Faux-Lake hardly is able to manage a few steps away from the elevator before a small team of hoteliers is at his/her elbow, looking curious but eager to serve his/her every need.> “Madamoiselle Lake…?”
06[19:04] * @Damion_Cross , even in the short time that he’s had to observe the subject of his impersonation, knows not to smile, to not show haughtiness, to not show…anything, really. It’s more than a little unnerving, even for him. “My apologies, I mearly wish to–”
06[19:05] * @Damion_Cross thinks a moment.
[19:06] <@Damion_Cross> “–exercize via ambulatory movement throughout the surrounding area. Is there any location in the vicinity that you would suggest as conducive to such activity?”
01[19:15] <@Storyteller> <The man speaking blinks a little, before responding slowly.> “Zhe Rue de la Huchette runs behind zhe ‘otel, Madamoiselle. Before us, zhe Quai Saint Michel. Should you weesh to visit zhe Cathedral, we would ‘appily provide direction, as well…?”
06[19:21] * @Damion_Cross preempts him with a raise of his (her?) hand; as he (she?) makes her (his?) way to the front doors, decision apparently made. “That will do.”
01[19:28] <@Storyteller> <The hotelier nods and bows with deep, formal politeness, the group gathering closer together as he/she strides through the small lobby, possibly more to whisper in awe and curiousty than to ogle the way that skirt bounces atop her posterior, but maybe not.>
06[19:31] * @Damion_Cross , as he suggested he would, makes his way out the door and up the Seine, taking care not to heave a sigh until he’s (by his best judgement) out of mortal earshot.
[19:31] <@Damion_Cross> “The things I do for a drink…”
06[19:33] * @Damion_Cross , having gone out more for the hell of it than anything else. does. however, take in his surroundings, should they prove useful for a quick escape or thwarting an attack later.
01[19:34] <@Storyteller> <He certainly doesn’t have to go far unless he wishes to; the Pub Saint Michel is almost immediately next door, with more than a dozen other options in an easy glance down either of the suggested avenues.>
06[19:43] * @Damion_Cross nevertheless heads a few doors past his intended destination for form’s sake, before stepping into an alley, resuming his “normal” form (“borrowing” a Bandmate for his escape is one thing, having her take the heat for anything he might get up to while Three Sheets To The Wind is another), doubling back and making his entrance.
06[20:02] * @Damion_Cross makes his way in, takes a seat at the bar, orders a gin over champange, lemon juice and syrup (ignoring the long-suffering rolled eyes he gets in response)** and starts a tab (to screw his way out of later).
[20:03] <@Damion_Cross> ((And why did the barkeep roll their eyes, you ask? ))
01[20:17] <@Storyteller> <There is an impossible beauty to the man who enters the pub next, though if the sculpted perfection of his jaw were not enough to draw the eyes of everything with a pulse, the simple but affluent, tailored selection of his clothing certainly would. His hair, the blue-black hue of a raven’s wing, is casual-carefully swept back into a long horse tail, trailing well down the back of his silken silver silk blouse, tucked into supple black leather trousers that are so well tailored, they may be nearly painted on. He is tall and lithe, but bulky, and none of his garments even attempt to hide his physical, muscular nature, as if someone else took more care in the clothing than he did, and it was little to him but some quaint social nicety to keep the locals from fainting dead away (though several ladies are already- covertly and not-fanning themselves suddenly). A simple, thick ring of silver encircles his throat, rounded and polished well to pass for more- and less- than it truly is, a simple emblem of small, black circle pressed into its otherwise uncorrupted face. It is his eyes, however, that are the most striking, of all of this; their hue a smoky grey highlighted in silver, but they are keen, sharp, truly a predator’s eyes. If a wolf might wear human clothing for a day, this very much might be exactly what the result would be.>
06[20:23] * @Damion_Cross frowns.
[20:24] <@Damion_Cross> “And here I thought I made it out unmarked…”
01[16:25] <@Storyteller> <The way the man moves across the room to the bar is both a work of artful grace and of bestial horror; only feral beasts and killers should move this way, with such intentional movement and surety of step, no motion wasted or without purpose. When he stops at the bar beside Damion, his eyes do not bother with the bartender, nor anyone else, simply falling to the young man as a sudden and perfect stillness falls over him. Were the slight motion of his breath not moving his chest ever so slightly, he might appear to have been turned to stone. The rugged, gravelly and disused grating of his voice does nothing to disperse the overwhelming sense of him, as he speaks softly, yet still rattles all of the glass behind the bar itself with his timbre.> “You sneak wearing the mien of one Marked, pup.”
06[16:43] * @Damion_Cross turns to face the man, keeping his expression as distantly-amused and non-committial as ever….even as he scans the threads of Legend that would trail from him even if he’d bothered to hide them, coming up with multiple possibilities but nothing firm (yet).
[16:45] <@Damion_Cross> “Though considering it’s me we’re speaking of, who’s to say my purloined identity doesn’t count as an improvement?”
06[16:54] * @Storyteller <It is probably impossible for this enitity to not be Serious, but the soft, rough intonation of his words does not leave much room for dispute.> “The seasonal whim of your gothic patroness is a holiday with a coterie of nymphs, set beside the wills which set upon my prey.”
06[17:03] * @Damion_Cross resists the urge to “nudge” the man: he may need some of those internal organs yet. But he does ask, “And why does the Hunter Prey upon His Prey, Pray Tell?”
06[17:07] * @Storyteller <His pale, silvery eyes are cold, as cold as the full moon over the desert tundra of the arctic, his features providing no indication of his feelings regarding the words that pass his lips.> “Because His Master wills it so.”
06[17:18] * @Damion_Cross nods. “Understandable. Though I must say — and my still-limited understanding of Things Ichored might be betraying itself, I beg your pardon…Actually, what’re you drinking?” He flags over the barkeep with one hand, pulling a number or euro coins fro a hidden picket with the other.
01[17:20] <@Storyteller> <Unknown Man> “I am not.”
[17:22] <@Damion_Cross> “Have it your way. Figured that seeing through the disguise ought to be worth something. Anyhow, I’ve gotta ask…”
06[17:23] * @Damion_Cross , summoning his nerve, does go for the Nudge this time, attempting to slip in in to the conversation as causally as possible.
[17:25] <@Damion_Cross> “…Let’s face it, you can end this ‘Hunt’ at anytime, we both now it. So why all the skulking and pretext?” (Blurt It Out)
06[17:34] * @Storyteller <He tilts his head to the side, a handsome wolf regarding a hare that has just done something incredibly stupid.>
[17:46] <@Damion_Cross> “….Dearth of options I could see.”
06[17:46] * @Damion_Cross shrugs.
01[17:52] <@Storyteller> <He smiles, but it is a cold, somewhat unpleasant, fanged thing.> “For most- even many of the gods’ hot-blooded pups- the skein of the Three, and their touch, is a gentle thing, an unnoticed caress, no more than an idle nudge, here and there. When their fangs are sunk so deep into the flesh at your throat that all you may do is be still and let the beast drag you to where it intends to take you, existence becomes a struggle of what has been Woven for you, against where you think you wish or must go. The more one struggles, the more taut the threads. We believe that in the End, she will accept her role.” <He pauses, not so much to be dramatic (though it certainly is), as to simply contemplate a moment in silence.> “…and if she does not, I will be there to fufill my role in her tapestry.”
06[18:04] * @Damion_Cross nods. “Said role, I assume, doesn’t involve handing her a crown of laurels afterward.”
01[18:09] <@Storyteller> <He smiles a little more, and it doesn’t get much better. December has smiled more pleasantly. He looks up at his reflection in something behind the bar.> “I am not the hound one chooses when you wish to enjoy a bath of ticklish puppy-licks, young one.”
06[18:18] * @Damion_Cross , once again, finds himself in the uncomfortable, galling poosition of being grateful for Persephone’s intervention — this time, because he’d learned from it to supress his natural reaction to that smile, however infuriating. “Of course, this all hinges on the rest of her Bandmates — I get the impression they’re somewhat attached — accepting your read of Fate’s tapestry. To say nothing of their respective parental units.”
01[18:26] <@Storyteller> <He started frowning to himself after his (own) last words, but his gaze returns sharply to Damion a few moments later in response to his statement. His voice is chilled marble grating against coarse granite.> “The Pantheons will not interfere. They await her- or my decision.”
[18:39] <@Damion_Cross> “…Sure you won’t have a drink? However apropos, that grating in your voice can’t be healthy.”
06[18:40] * @Damion_Cross , in any case, choose now to finish off his own, “Underrated, I think.”
01[18:40] <@Storyteller> “I rarely have cause- nor need- to speak, pup.”
[18:45] <@Damion_Cross> “A pity, that.”
06[18:45] * @Damion_Cross slips off his stool, leaving a few euro coins next to his empty glass.
[18:46] <@Damion_Cross> “You’d have a better idea just what you were setting yourself up for.”
01[18:48] <@Storyteller> “…and that would be?”
06[18:53] * @Damion_Cross holds up a finger.
[18:54] <@Damion_Cross> “Tut, tut tut…that would be me saying unnecessary things. You’ve ‘Fate’s Tapestry’ for that….right??”
[19:03] <@Damion_Cross> “…Not that I’d need it to see that Crayola!Hair and The Maid (Of Fail) were going to be trouble…”
[19:07] <@Damion_Cross> “Though perhaps I’m reading too much in to your having a ready comback for Pantheon interference, but none for them,,,”
01[19:17] <@Storyteller> <There is a dangerous blaze in the pale moons of the immortal seated at the bar, and he raises up as the finger is tutted at him, untold violence rolling off of him to a degree that a few of the patrons are suddenly scrambling to get the heck away from a suddenly riled predator. When Damion continues, however, he pauses, his nostrils flaring, suddenly still, standing calm and disquieting in the center of an emotional lake that still ripples outwardly from the murderous intent that abruptly broke through its peaceful surface. He speaks, and this time his smile is almost… legitimately… touched with sadness, as he offers a solemn shake of his head.> “Pup… Do you think that… when that hollow kitten makes that choice… anyone will be able to change her mind, let alone stay her hand?”
06[19:26] * @Damion_Cross nods once more, as he takes his leave.
[19:26] <@Damion_Cross> “Let’s just say that your presence here makes that question more interesting than it was ten minutes ago.”
01[19:30] <@Storyteller> <He offers something vaguely like a shrug.> “Where she goes, so shall I.” He pauses, this time actually dramatically, with a seriously threatening scowl on his face.> “Do not wear her face again, pup. I am not the only set of eyes Watching, and counting down her every breath..”

01[17:14] <@Storyteller> <The Notre Dame Hotel is a strange oasis of quiet and serenity as the sun slowly rises behind grey, growling clouds, the central streets of the city entirely cordoned off now as crowds begin to gather along them in earnest. The hotel staff has treated all of them like royalty, with that strange reverence for Wraxian apparently always in mind.>
06[17:20] * @Shinjiro-kun seems slightly less happy in this hotel than in the one in Cairo. It’s not terribly clear why.
06[17:20] * @Anne_Montelepre stirs reluctantly beneath the covers ofg her and Chris’ shared room, both deliciously exhausted and silently angry with herself. She’d meant to stand watch against attack, seriously she did…but between finding herself back here again, and having her lover nearby–
06[17:23] * @Chris_Gravier stirs beside her, grumbling softly in his sleep.
06[17:24] * @Anne_Montelepre growled underher breath, blushing as she slowly kisses her way up his chest. “Jerk–” **kiss** “–Dummy–“*kiss**
06[17:27] * @Damion_Cross stirs reluctantly, as close to a hangover as he’s capable of, stepping out of bed to close his drapes before donning the Last Suit He’ll Ever need (TM)
[17:28] <@Damion_Cross> “Fucking evil daystar..”
06[17:29] * @Shinjiro-kun is hanging out in the lobby, waiting for something to happen. Or maybe he’s just having breakfast. All of it.
06[17:30] * @Hector` is fast asleep, his arms knotted around December’s waist… or a pillow. He can’t tell, he’s asleep.
06[17:33] * @December is most certainly awake, even if acting as Hector’s pillow. Whether at his pillow, his back, the wall, or whatever else, she simply stares blankly ahead, her mind seized and her body quietly tensed, as if she is simply… waiting.
06[17:36] * @Damion_Cross makes his way downstairs, having paused only for a very quick shave. “Bonjour, Shiniro-kun..say, quick question.”
06[17:36] * @Wraxian is in the lobby as well, much to the chagrin, heart palpitations, and general confusion of the hotel staff. First she claims what is probably the smallest room available for herself, and then barely uses it. Every quarter hour or so, one of them musters the courage to offer her anything she needs, only to be waved of with a quiet, dismissive hand, while she sits there, her goggles closed fully to block any view of her eyes, still and silent.
06[17:36] * @Shinjiro-kun apparently shaves with Yamato, and nods to Damion. “Shoot.”
06[17:38] * @Damion_Cross notes Wraxian’s presence, seems to consider what he’s about to say for a full second…then apparently decides to roll with it.
[17:41] <@Damion_Cross> “D’you — either of you-” *he turns to included Wraxian as well* “–know somebody yea tall–” *he raises one hand, indicating the height of the Hunter he’d met the day before* “–black hair, sense of humor surgically removed, expressed intent to kill certain members of our Company, by any chance?”
06[17:43] * @Shinjiro-kun raises a brow. “The only murderous guy that I know is The Hunter. And he’s like twelve feet tall and has antlers.”
06[17:43] * @Maddy pads into the lobby in pink plaid pj pants and stares at Damion.
[17:43] <@Maddy> What?
06[17:49] * @Hector` snores, loudly.
[17:50] <@Damion_Cross> “Then he has company….And they’re in the vicinity.”
06[17:56] * @Damion_Cross then turns nonchalantly to the front desk. “Anyone in the vicinity you’d recommend for breakfast?”
01[17:58] <@Storyteller> <Desk Clerk> “We ken ‘aff any’zing you wish made for you, sahr….”
06[18:03] * @Damion_Cross nods, switching to French (that accent is painful). {“Just coffee and whatever pastries are at hand, if you please.”}
[18:04] <@Maddy> Any one? What, you want to eat guests?
[18:05] <@Damion_Cross> “Hm?”
[18:05] <@Shinjiro-kun> One speaks in that manner when discussing restaurants, Madison.
01[18:06] <@Storyteller> <The desk clerk nods, and turns to his computer.> [Fr]”It will be just a few minutes, sir.
[18:16] <@Wraxian> <Anne, Chris, and Hector’s cellular devices abruptly erupt into a cacaphony of multiple alarms.>
06[18:18] * @Chris_Gravier bolts out of bed, hands over his ears.
06[18:22] * @Anne_Montelepre darts across the bed, reaching for her phone (and looking a bit embarassed, as if she’d been caught in the act of something. Which probably explains her getting tangled in the duvet and falling off the bed in a heap. She does get hold of the phone in the process, at least.)
06[18:26] * @Hector` twitches his nose.
[18:28] <@Wraxian> <There is a message from Wraxian’s SIM # (if they can recognize it as such) on each phone. ‘<Recipient name>. Sword of Damocles in close proximity. Damion Cross will provide further details in the lobby. Attendance is requested.’>
06[18:30] * @Hector` snores louder.
[18:31] <@Anne_Montelepre> “–? Sword Of DamoHSHITCHRISGET UP!”
06[18:32] * @December reaches for Hector’s phone, leaning over him to grab at it, staring at it blankly for a moment before turning back and giving Hector an insistent shake.
06[18:34] * @Anne_Montelepre all but tears her covers off, revealing her usual horizon-bleu battledress (Tailor Made), all pretense of sleepiness evaporatng like hot water off a griddle.
06[18:42] * @Wraxian has shown no outward reaction to Damion and Shinjiro’s brief conversation (unsurprising), nor any indication that she just summoned the rest of the Band. (Maybe a little more surprising)
[18:44] <@Hector`> Honestly, officer, I only kicked him in his dick a little…
06[18:46] * @Shinjiro-kun folds his arms over his chest, giving Wraxian a glance. “Do you eat escargot?”
06[18:49] * @December leans over, strageticaly positioning her own hand on Hector’s inner thigh and leaning to whisper-hiss in an oh so loving but also not a little intimidating fashion. “Ah raddur li’ yer gemsa’lah, huss’ban’, buh iffen yer don’ be geddin’ up soon, yer migh’ mayk meh be tha won doin’ tha kick’n…”
06[18:51] * @Wraxian after a brief pause that was clearly for a tornado of silent research, Wraxian responds to Shinjiro. “I would do so if need necessitated, Dojima Shinjiro. Protein and sustenance are requirements even for homo mythos sapiens.”
06[18:57] * @Chris_Gravier throws his clothes on in a hurry, staring blankly at Anne.
[18:57] <@Chris_Gravier> I’m up, I’m up! Let’s go.
06[19:01] * @Hector` blinks, finally getting somewhere with the braining. “You what, mate? What’s going on?”
06[19:01] * @Anne_Montelepre leads the way down the narrow slights of stairs, much too impatient for the elevator, looking faintly as if she was preparing to draw her sword and start filleting people at the valet stand.
06[19:03] * @December distracts him with a kiss, and hauls him vertical, gently. “Tha Wracks’e’anne t’inks tha S’word’s ‘ere fer ‘er.”
01[19:04] <@Storyteller> <The valets cower appropriately from the bristling female, seeming apparently ready to do violence.>
[19:08] <@Chris_Gravier> Anne. Behave.
[19:08] <@Chris_Gravier> You’re scaring people.
06[19:09] * @Maddy stands at Wraxian’s side, a hand on her shoulder, his face concerned.
06[19:15] * @Anne_Montelepre snarls slightly, frustrated either by the admonition or the lack of evident targets, though she does take her hand off her pendant (she hadn’t actually, drawn, yet, though her intent would’ve been clear. But it does seem to bring her to her senses, as she looks apologetically first at Chris, then at the others in the vicinity. (She does keep looking about for intruders, though.)
06[19:20] * @Shinjiro-kun glances up at Anne and Chris. “Where is the fire?”
[19:21] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Here, from the looks of it!”
06[19:21] * @Anne_Montelepre holds up her phone.
[19:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “What happened?”
06[19:48] * @Wraxian turns her head slightly to Damion as Anne (and Chris) arrive, without saying a word.
[19:51] <@Damion_Cross> *ahem* “Think that’s my cue. Are you aware of a tall gentlemen with longish black hair who woukd like to dispatch ‘Ms. Lake’ here? ‘Cause he’s lurking. Buuut, I have an idea.”
[19:52] <@Damion_Cross> “We all dress as W- Wait, first: Shinjiro, you mentioned a ‘Hunter’, though I didn’t see antlers on this one. Probably wouldn’t show plain signs of Divinity in public, though, would he?”
[19:54] <@Chris_Gravier> The fates are holding a list of things that could go wrong, laughing as they check things off.
01[19:54] <@Storyteller> <From the rear of the lobby, half a dozen uniformed valets appear wheeling out silver-cloched serving trays, arranging them around the chairs in the lobby as discretely as possible, bowing deeply to Wraxian before they begin un-lidding heaps and heaps of food, a small buffet’s worth, a final tray with juices, water, and steaming coffee, with cups and mugs, before the entire staff suddenly clears out of the lobby, effectively nearly vanishing into thin air in the best human fashion that the best service staff are capable of.>
[19:56] <@Maddy> …as weird as that was… I’m hungry.
[19:56] <@Damion_Cross> “…Huh. Disguising oneself as Wraxian has it’s benefits.”
[19:58] <@Damion_Cross> “Apart from the ‘Number of people wanting to kill you increasing by an order of magnitude’ bit.”
06[19:58] * @Wraxian freezes, turning her head to Damion at a glacial speed, the lenses of her goggles withdrawing in quick succession as she regards the young man in open, silent, as close as she can get to horror, emptiness.
[20:01] <@Damion_Cross> “Well, in the bright side, I DID manage to flush out some of your likely opposition in the bargain.”
[20:08] <@Anne_Montelepre> “You.”
[20:08] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Did.”
[20:09] <@Anne_Montelepre> “WHAT??”
06[20:11] * @Maddy stops on his way to the table and turns to gape at Anne and Damion.
[20:13] <@Chris_Gravier> …what.
[20:15] <@Damion_Cross> “….Whaaaat?? I know the risks…and I switched back before I did anything potentially incriminating.”
[20:16] <@Damion_Cross> “In fact, I was going to suggest decoying en masse to screw up surveillance.”
06[17:35] * @Chris_Gravier looks expectantly at Damion, one dark eyebrow raised.
[17:37] <@Damion_Cross> “I took a self-portrait.”
06[17:38] * @Hector` boggles at December, trying to resolve what she had said. “The Sword? Why do we care about a shitty metal band?”
06[17:38] * @Shinjiro-kun observes the situation with a raised brow, taking a more measured approach than Anne… which isn’t difficult, all things considered.
06[17:40] * @Damion_Cross reaches into a pocket of his jacket, pulling the object within just enough to reveal it as a camera: plainly a DSLR, but designed to look much older at first glance.
[17:41] <@Chris_Gravier> What?
06[17:43] * @December huffs faintly and holds the phone up directly in front of Hector’s dark eyes.
[17:46] <@Damion_Cross> “Without revealing too many union secrets: Making things, or people, appear different from what they actually are is an important part of my repetoire.”
[17:47] <@Anne_Montelepre> “But why would you use Wraxian?”
06[17:49] * @Wraxian waits, staring at Damion.
06[17:50] * @Hector` blinks, then blinks again. “I think that we need to get down there.” He reaches to the nightstand, snatching up a pad of paper and a pen and scrawling “I.O.U. 1 nookie” on it before handing the note to December.
[17:50] <@Damion_Cross> “Well…that part probably wasn’t absolutely necessary. But I thought I’d take the opportunity to get some practice in. If you’re worried about fateful entanglements, I dropped the facade once I was clear of the hotel.”
06[17:52] * @Anne_Montelepre looks furious, with even the recent arrival of food unable to mollify her…entirely.
[17:57] <@Shinjiro-kun> It only takes a moment to become fatefully entangled with someone, Damion. Tempting fate is hardly wise in our position.
[17:57] <@Maddy> I’m gonna have to agree with that.
06[18:01] * @December blinks at the piece of paper, and then blushes furiously, clearly mollified by the sweet gesture, tucking it into her cleavage as she rises to dress and primp furiously, shifting her wild,, short white and purple locks back to long, dark perfect curls, her clothes to more old-school dowdy feminine wear, with a long cloak.
[18:03] <@Damion_Cross> “And flushing out our opposition — some of it, at least — isn’t worth it?”
06[18:06] * @Wraxian speaks softly. “That particular opposition, Damion, Cross, we were already aware of.”
[18:13] <@Damion_Cross> “Including that he’s (he claims) ben shadowing you this closely for some time?”
06[18:14] * @Hector` lumbers out of bed and finds something to cover his heroically-naked body, cramming himself into a pair of torn jeans, airman’s boots, and a club shirt over a distressed Hatsune Miku T-shirt. Some of these clothes might be December’s.
06[18:15] * @December shakes her head softly at Hector with a quiet, appreciative smile.
06[18:17] * @Hector` fidgets slightly, grimacing. “Next time, I should probably wear my own underpants.” He motions for the kitsune to follow as he heads out, making for the stairs because fuck elevators.
[18:18] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((o_O;; ))
06[18:20] * @December chortles softly to herself, despite the current situation all around them, silently overflowing with her gratitude for his presence beside her.
06[18:22] * @Shinjiro-kun taps his shoulders with his fingertips as he leaves his arms folded over his chest, trying to avoid thinking of the woman in Cairo.
06[18:23] * @Wraxian glances to Anne for a few long moments. Slowly, she asks a soft question. “Are you able to reveal the marks made by those of the inclinations of bulwarks to any eyes, Anne Montelepre?”
06[18:24] * @Anne_Montelepre , still quietly seething, apparently needs a second to consider the statement.
[18:25] <@Shinjiro-kun> You wanna see if the Huntsman’s tagged you?
[18:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> (I don’t think she can, actually.))
06[18:27] * @Wraxian shakes her head lightly to Dojima, “Merely to show Damion Cross, Dojima Shinjiro, that ‘the Hunstman’… already has.”
[18:30] <@Shinjiro-kun> I don’t think that we can, short of Damion finding a way to see through our eyes.
06[18:31] * @Shinjiro-kun gives the nascent Loa a glance. “Can you do such a thing?”
[18:31] <@Damion_Cross> “I can…but that won’t be necessary. I believe you.”
[18:31] <@Maddy> The Huntsman has already tagged her?
06[18:32] * @Anne_Montelepre growls softly. beneath her breath.
[18:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Um…while we were in Takagamahara, I believe.”
[18:34] <@Damion_Cross> “Still…we have have a few options, if it comes down to dealing with him.”
[18:37] <@Damion_Cross> “Anyway, figured I should report the encounter, in any case.”
[18:38] <@Shinjiro-kun> Correct, when we met him with the other divinities. We have options? Do they involve something other than fleeing?
06[18:39] * @Anne_Montelepre seems to be debating whether to say something, before appearing to dismiss it. Instead, she sighs, reaches for a plate, and starts to fill it with breakfast.
[18:39] <@Maddy> I’m very curious about these options myself.
06[18:41] * @Hector` emerges from the stairwell with December in tow, moving toward the assembled godlings without breaking a sweat. “Sup?”
[18:42] <@Damion_Cross> “Just discussing an encounter I had with your ‘Huntsman,’ as I believe we’re calling him.”
[18:44] <@Damion_Cross> “And I’m not sure how freely I should be taking about those right at this moment.
06[18:45] * @Damion_Cross taps his ear, then points vaguely towards the walls, by way oif explaination.
[18:45] <@Damion_Cross> “Back on home ground, perhaps.”
06[18:47] * @Chris_Gravier frowns darkly.
[18:48] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Also, can we not borrow people’s identities without permission.”
[18:49] <@Chris_Gravier> Seriously.
06[18:49] * @Anne_Montelepre , it’s clear, is not merely asking.
[18:56] <@Hector`> Um… what the fuck did I walk in on?
[18:59] <@Chris_Gravier> Drama.
06[18:59] * @Damion_Cross sighs.
[18:59] <@Chris_Gravier> But you know… of epic proportions.
[19:00] <@Hector`> Can you be just slightly more specific? Because you just described Tuesday.
[19:01] <@Chris_Gravier> Exactly my point.
[19:01] <@Damion_Cross> “Yeah, I’ll take the hit for this one. I briefly ‘borrowed’ ‘Miss Lake’s’ appearence when I stepped out yesterday. I switched back as soon as I was out of sight , but it drew said ‘Huntsman’s’ attention.”
[19:02] <@Chris_Gravier> Super uncool.
06[19:04] * @Hector` covers his face with his stone palm. “Fuck’s sake… so he knows that we’re here. We should expect interference.”
06[19:05] * @December , considering she is standing there looking entirely not like her own normal self, nevertheless still turns and scowls in Damion’s direction, silently mouthing a ‘really?’ with an exasperated eyeroll.
06[19:09] * @Damion_Cross , reading the atmosphere, concentrates on looking at least somewhat chastened…but raises a hand at Hector’s statement.
[19:09] <@Damion_Cross> “…Actually, about that.”
[19:10] <@Hector`> Enough with the preamble. Out with it.
06[19:10] * @Wraxian touches her throat lightly with her fingertips, swallowing faintly as her fingers brush where Anne, Dojima, and anyone else with the Guardian’s instinct, can clearly see the silver band with its black paw and cresenct moon sigil at its fore; whether brought to their eyes by a surge of emotions, more likely theirs rather than her own, the purported proximity of the Sword of Damocles, or that it is always there and simply overlooked, she seems keenly aware of its presence currently. She lifts her eyes heavensward, as if she was looking for the reality of the hanging sword that they saw in Greece. “I…” She stops, looking to Damion and holding whatever other thoughts she was about to express.
[19:13] <@Damion_Cross> “While we will have to deal with him — and others — sooner or later, he seemed to be taking a hands-off approach. I’m not one hundred percent clear on what they mean to do…but their decision, he claimed, would be contingent on yours, Wraxian.”
06[19:16] * @Maddy rests a hand on Wraxian’s shoulder, the other am wrapped tight around Brynn’s waist.
[19:23] <@Hector`> Huh.
06[19:24] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s eyes narrow, though she remains silent. She still hasn’t touched breakfast, though.
01[19:24] <@Storyteller> <Brynn looks faintly uncomfortable, as usual looking anywhere but at the other person Madison is holding on to, looking mostly at December and trying not to make commentary on her hairstyle and clothes.>
[19:26] <@Shinjiro-kun> In that case, we have one advantage, at least. We have the element of initiative on our side.
[19:27] <@Wraxian> “My decision….?”
06[19:27] * @Damion_Cross turns to December. “Nice disguise yourself, actually.”
06[19:28] * @December does an extremely poor job at a Ladylike curtsy. Really, a half-drowned feral feline could do a better curtsy than the lopsided, wobbly effort she pulls off.
06[19:31] * @Anne_Montelepre finally lifts fork to mouth and chews, deciding on that (reluctantly) as opposed to killing anyone currently in the lobby. Like their newest addition.
06[19:33] * @Shinjiro-kun also declines to murder Damion, instead opting to exhale a soft sigh. “He’s likely waiting for you to do something that gives him an excuse to end you. Not that I would permit such an action.”
06[19:38] * @Wraxian looks over at Shinjiro, sitting back in her chair. As her eyes turn away, she mouths in silence to herself, ‘…what if…’
[19:45] <@Chris_Gravier> So… what do we do?
[19:49] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…We attend our rally. And maybe poke around town a bit beforehand, if we have time.”
[19:50] <@Chris_Gravier> And just wait?
[19:50] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Either way: after the rally, we start doing some Hunting of our own.”
[19:50] <@Chris_Gravier> That’s what I wanted to hear.
[19:51] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Hector? Is there a time and place on those tickets we got yesterday?”
06[19:58] * @Hector` nods to Anne. “Rally at 11, march at noon.”
06[19:58] * @Hector` checks his phone to see what the local time is.
01[19:58] <@Storyteller> <Local time is 0930.>
[19:59] <@Hector`> So we have an hour or so, assuming that we can find the rally in 30.
[20:00] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Hmm…”
[20:00] <@Chris_Gravier> Not much time.
[20:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> “No location??”
06[20:03] * @Hector` turns the ticket over, looking for a location.
01[20:08] <@Storyteller> <From the sounds wafting through the doors – and what is obvious through the lobby doors – a very, very large crowd is already cramming into the streets.
[20:08] <@Hector`> Uh… “Place de la Republique.” So we need to find a Republican.
[20:09] <@Hector`> … that might be difficult in France.
[20:09] <@Chris_Gravier> Sigh. Just follow the noise.
[20:10] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…I’d smack you if you were closer, Hector.”
06[20:11] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s attempted angry glower was broken by a smile tugging at her lips, however.
[20:11] <@Chris_Gravier> Smack him later.
06[20:12] * @Shinjiro-kun looks totally lost.
06[20:12] * @Maddy is wearing the same expressions
[20:12] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Anyway, that’s not far from here. Other Bank of the Seine, though. Might do better walking than driving.”
[20:14] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Give me a second, though.”
06[20:15] * @December looks not entirely thrilled at the thought of traipsing through the streets of Paris for anyone to find, but nods, as she pulls her billowy hood up around her ears.
06[20:16] * @Maddy seems completely unfazed by the fact that he’s barefoot and half naked.
06[20:19] * @Anne_Montelepre sets her plate aside (being that it’s Anne, she’d cleaned it, though it’s not clear exactly when) and she heads for the door. As she does so, she reaches for the much-abused, much revered third-of-a-flagpole at the small of her back, tucked into her belt.
06[20:20] * @Hector` gives Madison a sidelong glance. “You gonna wear some clothes, dude?”
06[20:20] * @Maddy looks down at his bare chest and pink pjs.
[20:20] <@Maddy> Yeah I’ll put on a shirt.
06[20:22] * @Maddy wanders off towards his room and returns a few minutes later in his hooded robe and a pair of boots, his bag at his side. It’s unclear whether he actually put on a shirt.
01[20:31] <@Storyteller> <Brynn looks out the lobby doors across the Seine, a sullen, sorrowful lok on his face.>
[20:32] <@Hector`> Right. Now that we have the Bathrobed Wonder with us, we’ll never be stopped by any gendarme. Of course.
06[20:32] * @Hector` shrugs and heads for the door.
06[20:32] * @Maddy wraps both arms around Brynn’s waist, softly kissing away the look on his handsome face.
06[20:33] * @Anne_Montelepre , once outside, holds the stump of a pole before her, her personal, hand-swen standard (consisting of a tall tree, being blown back and bent nearly in half by a fierce wind) fluttering before her. There is no whistling from Anne this time, only a smile and a few simple words:
[20:34] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Bon retour, mon Amis.”
[20:35] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Immortals, Mounted summon, please.))
06[20:39] * @Damion_Cross shrugs, almost inwardly, helping himself to a few pastries the staff brought in for breakfast before following Hector and Anne outside.
01[20:42] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Stunt and locale negates legend for summon. }}•’`
06[20:45] * @Anne_Montelepre Moments later, five men, very familar to the band,, appear once more,,,,but this time, mounted on huge, restless warhorses that appear to be consenting to being mounted only out of politeness on their parts, and the sixth sense that those experienced in equestrianism seem to possess on the part of the riders. That, and they look MUCH less out of sorts than they did in Cairo.
01[20:48] <@Storyteller> <The crowd seems somewhat startled to have not previously been aware of the presence of five be-warriored Warhorses, and scramble and shove to get out of their way, at least as much as the rapidly crowding streets will allow.>
06[20:51] * @Anne_Montelepre appears to be about to give orders…but swears under her breath as she sees the crowd start to panic. Hastily, she cups her hands around her mouth, shouting as soudly as her lunds will permit…and puting everything she has and is into the shout as well.
[20:55] <@Anne_Montelepre> *in french* “DO NOT BE ALARMED, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! These are merely mounted guardsmen, here for your protection! Know that the architects of this perfiderous attack, should they dare show their faces, WILL NOT have their way today!” ((Crowd Control))
[20:57] <@Hector`> (Ladies and gentlemen, please, do not panic… but scream! Scream for your lives!)
[20:58] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Heh. Where’s that from?))
[20:58] <@Shinjiro-kun> Always such dramatics…
[20:58] <@Hector`> (“The Tingler”, with Vincent Price.)
01[20:59] <@Storyteller> <The crowd, already bubbling with rebellious defiance just waiting for a spark, roars with a surge and upswell, starting to sweep along any unwary with them, many shouting ‘Je Suis Minet!’ as they shout forth their outcry and outrage at the attack on the city.>
[21:04] <@Chris_Gravier> This is… not good.
06[21:05] * @Anne_Montelepre smiles…and at the same time, shudders.
[21:05] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Umm, Chris?…”
[21:05] <@Hector`> Um, Anne… why did you start a riot?
[21:06] <@Maddy> We are really terrible at blending.
[21:08] <@Anne_Montelepre> “What!? No! I was trying to get ’em to calm down before they started to trample each other, or something!…”
06[21:09] * @Anne_Montelepre looks genuinely upset, though she seems to calm as she realizes the crowd isn’t looting businesses and such…yet.
01[21:14] <@Storyteller> <Indeed, the crowd seems more full of pride and defiance – outrage at the attacks rather than at each other- though they are likely threatening to sweep anyone not resisting the movement of the crowd towards the bridge across the Seine.>
06[21:15] * @Anne_Montelepre does her best to blink anything she might be feeling back, and instead turns to her Immortals.
[21:16] <@Shinjiro-kun> Are we mounting up, then?
[18:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> *in French* “Get used to —well, you would be anyway, wouldn’t you?…Anyway: we’re protecting these Citizens today, against whatever comes.”
[18:34] <@Anne_Montelepre> *Fr* “Split up and proceed across these bridges–”
06[18:35] * @Anne_Montelepre points first at the bridge nearest them, then at the bridge “behind” them.
[18:36] <@Anne_Montelepre> *fr* “–And continue to the Rue Réamur, then turn back towards each other. (You’ll find teh streets haven’t changed too much in layout, if not name.) Spread out and cover the fringes of the crowd located there; we will be among them. When they start to move, screen them. Report anything unusual, and every ten minutes in any case: I will be listening.”
06[18:36] * @Hector` waits for Anne to stop surrendering.
[18:37] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((BOO!! :p ))
[18:44] <@Damion_Cross> “So, riot police, circa 1805?”
[18:47] <@Hector`> Seems like we should call ’em ree-oh police, considering…
06[18:47] * @Shinjiro-kun covers his face with his palm.
[18:47] <@Chris_Gravier> ….sigh.
06[18:54] * @Damion_Cross chuckles.
[18:55] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Anyway…Chris and He–no, Shinjiro, so I can’t smack Hector into next week–can I borrow you for a minute?”
06[18:57] * @December fiddles with her dark curls and hovers in the entranceway out into the thoroughfare, her eyes thankfully mostly shrouded in shadow.
[19:03] <@Chris_Gravier> I’m always at your command, love. What do you need me to do?
06[19:04] * @Chris_Gravier smiles at Anne, eager to please her and even more eager to get into the thick of things.
[19:08] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Nothing big, I just need you to stand in front of me for a sec, so I can change.”
06[19:09] * @Anne_Montelepre smiles, a bit sheepishly, looking at her current battle dress.
[19:09] <@Anne_Montelepre> “However appropriate I think this…we were warned against attracting too much attention.”
[19:13] <@Damion_Cross> “…Somehow, I doubt anyone’ll notice us in this scrum.”
06[19:15] * @Wraxian turns her head slowly over the crowds, adjusting the lenses of her goggles several times. “… We should not continue to remain in place, unsheltered, for much longer, if that is your goal, Anne Montelepre.”
06[19:17] * @Shinjiro-kun moves to stand in front of Anne, looking down at his own attire. “I should be inconspicuous enough…”
06[19:20] * @Wraxian seems to be shuddering faintly, the almost regally confident air she has effortlessly held up before the staff of the Notre Dame slipping, all of the lenses suddenly sliding closed with an abnormally loud, perfectly syncronized SCHNICKT as her head drops in silence.
[19:20] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Point. All right…”
06[19:21] * @Chris_Gravier stands next to Shinjiro, in front of Anne as well.
06[19:25] * @Anne_Montelepre is now sufficiently screened, but even so covers herself with her hands, clearly uncomfortable as she essentially molts the horizon-bleu dress, the fabric falling away briefly in shreds before evaporationg into nothing, as a new one forms around her: black, relatively short, but overall much more conservative than the one she wore on her and Chris’ “date” the night before. (Tailor  Made, again.))
06[19:26] * @Hector` tugs his cape over his stone arm. The only way that he could be more conspicuous is if he were wearing a suit of armour made of jaguar hide… oh, wait.
[19:27] <@Wraxian> `’•{{ +1 Stunt/Legend sheerly for doing that ostensibly in public. }}•’`
[19:28] <@Chris_Gravier> Hector, you’re looking humble as usual. Way to blend.
06[19:37] * @Damion_Cross , for his part, wills himself to become the Invisible Man — not literally, of course. Rather, the sort of person that one could speak to for hours, yet recall no sognifigant details of when asked later. Other than “Il était negro”, of course. ((My Eyes are Up Here))
[19:38] <@Damion_Cross> ((Hope I got that right. ^^;; ))
06[19:45] * @Maddy wraps his arms around Brynn, peering curiously at Anne.
[19:45] <@Maddy> I kinda always tend to stick out….
01[19:46] <@Storyteller> <Brynn looks about as happy and settled as Wraxian and December do; so close to him Madison can hear Brynn stifling a need to hum, choking down the sounds deliberately in his throat and looking nervous about just standing there in place.
[19:54] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Yeah, it does feel kinda weird. Ilke willing yourself to…err, nevermind. Shall we be off?”
06[19:56] * @Wraxian ‘s voice is taut and low(er than usual). “Yes, Anne Montelepre. We really should be.”
06[20:01] * @Damion_Cross (still noticiable enough to his Bandmates) appears ready to move as well, quietly scanning the crowd.))
06[20:04] * @Hector` shrugs, adjusting his beret. “Let’s get going, then. We’ve got people to save and not-people to kill.”
[20:11] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Can we assume that the Immortals have left already?))
06[20:11] * @December growls softly under her breath. “Yer Ci’tee, Manne…”
[20:11] <@December> `’•{{ If you so wish. }}•’`
[20:14] <@Anne_Montelepre> “All right, then. Follow me.”
06[20:16] * @Anne_Montelepre , smiling, starts with a jaunty step towards the nearest bridge, ignoring (as the crowds no doubt would be) the one-way signs pointing in the opposite direction from which they were headed.
[20:22] <@Storyteller> <Le Immorteles, already well ahead, moving through the crowd like, well.. ghosts, even mounted, are easy to spot, one having stopped to discuss matters with one of the spectral chevalier, though most have moved far ahead, at least one of their company already across the bridge. The flow of the crowd, indeed, is offering no heed to normal traffic signs, and the moment the Band steps from the safety of the awning of their hotel, the heavy tide is moving them forward.>
[20:22] <@Maddy> Brynn, are you alright?
06[20:23] * @Chris_Gravier follows Anne with a little less bounce in his step.
01[20:26] <@Storyteller> <Brynn gives his head a small shake, before following after the others, dragging Madison along with him if needs be, clearly eager to be done in Paris.
06[20:26] * @Hector` isn’t used to being shoved around, and checks himself from elbowing some dude in the nose. Slowly, he follows in the wake of the chaos… for now.
06[20:26] * @Shinjiro-kun is totally used to this sort of thing and isn’t bothered whatsoever.
06[20:30] * @Damion_Cross follows, frowning slightly.
[20:30] <@Damion_Cross> “…Hate to admit it, but I’m getting a little concerned.”
06[20:32] * @Hector` responds in the most dudebro manner possible. “You, worried, bro? Are the stars falling down?”
06[20:32] * @Maddy frowns deeply but has the sense to leave it for the time being. He is only dragged for a moment before he falls into step with Brynn, squeezing his hand.
06[20:36] * @Damion_Cross shakes his head. grinning.
[20:36] <@Damion_Cross> “Meh. Don’t worry about it.”
01[20:36] <@Storyteller> <Their travel is, for the most part, uneventful. Chanting and singing breaks out in places, swells, and dies away. As they cross the bridge, security seems to suddenly become intensely tighter, and the bulk of the populace begins to be held back at heavily manned barricades, the joie de vive of the crowd seeming to surge at moments against it as new members of the crowd strive for a look beyond them, but content not to cause a fuss. The Band is left with the crowd pressing at their back, facing down a sour-faced member of the Police Nationale, lofting a brow at the… children… who end up before him.>
06[20:40] * @Hector` throws a glance to Anne, as if to say, hammer or laurel?
06[20:43] * @Anne_Montelepre smiles beatifically, hoping everyone else will catch on. “Bonjour, Monsuier Gardien.”
06[20:45] * @Chris_Gravier puts on his most charming smile, shaking his mop of curls out of his face.
06[20:47] * @Maddy pulls down his hood out of respect.
06[20:47] * @Damion_Cross smiles, fairly sure he would go unmarked by the man…but then he’s been wrong about that before, hasn’t he?
01[20:47] <@Storyteller> <The officer eyes Anne up and down, glancing over at Hector with not a small amount of suspicion, before responding to Anne.> <Fr> “Please share the boundary with others, child. Citizens must stay here to watch the parade; the speeches will be broadcast for all to hear.” <He indicates several well positioned and mostly inobtrusive speakers placed up and down the streets, mostly on light-poles.>
06[20:51] * @Anne_Montelepre nods, still standing, as she backs up, motioning for the others to do the same, before trying to work her way back through the surging crowd.
06[20:56] * @December semi-not-really-stage whispers to Anne, not exactly budging… in her absolutely worst french. “Manne… don’ wheee ‘aff… tik-eeets, naaaan?”
06[20:57] * @Anne_Montelepre pauses…then facepalms, before turning to December, speaking in a low voice (in English).
[20:58] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Oh, right. Show them , quickly.”
06[21:01] * @Chris_Gravier shakes his head a bit.
01[21:01] <@Storyteller> <The officer looks slightly more sour, clearly disbelieving such a thing from a bunch of kids and medieval cosplayers might possibly be anything but a ruse. “Moof alon’, S’il vous plait!”
06[21:02] * @December looks at Hector quickly, thinking that he had them last…?
06[21:02] * @Hector` rifles through his pockets, producing the tickets and handing them up to Anne.
06[21:06] * @Anne_Montelepre steps forward, presenting the tickets. *fr* “My pardon, sir.. I remembered that we were invited, but forgotten that we would need to present these.”
01[21:08] <@Storyteller> <The officer looks quite prepared to scoff at their fakes, and tear them to shreds, but his eyes widen as he reivews them, turning them over in his hands several times, looking back and forth between the ragtag band and the tickets over and over. He stammers, awed, probably not realizing he is speaking aloud.> <Fr> “… just whose children are you…?”
06[21:10] * @Anne_Montelepre , to her credit, doesn’t gloat. They have enemies enough.
[21:11] <@Anne_Montelepre> *Fr* “You wouldn’t believe us if we told you, sir. No hard feelings, I trust?”
06[21:13] * @Chris_Gravier snorts in laughter and tries to cover it up with a coughing fit.
01[21:14] <@Storyteller> <He doesn’t waste much time awaiting an answer to that, though Anne’s response does bolster his smile a bit, quickly waving one of his nearby officers over, confering with him quickly in whispers, before nodding and pulling back one of the barricades slightly, eyeing the crowd behind the Band with worry. <Fr> “Quickly, if you please. Inspector Lebel will show you to your places.”
06[21:14] * @Hector` gives the guard a nod, and a pat on the shoulder. Unfortunately, it’s with the stone arm. “Mercy, bucko.”
01[21:16] <@Storyteller> <The officer manages not to yell in pain, but he does stagger, rubbing furiously at his suddenly numb arm while trying to only let the proper members of the group by and keep the crowd back, at the same time.>
06[21:18] * @Damion_Cross bites his lip to keep from laughing at Hector’s show of goodwill, sidling up to Hector.
06[21:19] * @Chris_Gravier is pretty sure that was no accident on Hector’s part.
[21:20] <@Damion_Cross> *Spanish, to Hector, sotto voce* “Get any friendler, dude, and you might be up for manslaughter.”
06[21:20] * @December bares her teeth as she passes through as well, a slurred “Merrrrrcieeeeeee,” added to her credit as well.
[21:21] <@Damion_Cross> ((Double-checked to ensure that Damion does, in fact, know Spanish. ^^;; ))
[21:22] <@Hector`> (Hector doesn’t.)
[21:22] <@December> `’•{{ ahahahahahaha }}•’`
06[21:22] * @Hector` looks at Damion as if he’s grown a third head. “Excuse me?”
[21:23] <@Damion_Cross> *under breath* “…Yougottabeshittingme.”
[21:24] <@Damion_Cross> ((Moment whilst I clean off my screen. ^^;; ))
[21:26] <@Chris_Gravier> ((bahahaha omg I just snorted juice. OW.))
[21:30] <@Damion_Cross> ((That whispered bit was in English, in case there was any confusion.))
[21:31] <@December> `’•{{ <gigglesnort> }}•’`
[21:32] <@Damion_Cross> ((I mean Damion’s last, in case I just muddied the waters further.))
[21:32] <@Shinjiro-kun> (I understood.)
[21:33] <@Shinjiro-kun> I assure you, Mr. Cross, he is not.
[18:02] <@Damion_Cross> *still whispering* “O…k… Nahuatl? Quiche? Anything?”
06[18:08] * @Chris_Gravier blinks rapidly.
06[18:12] * @Anne_Montelepre appears equally nonplused.
06[18:13] * @Hector` continues watching Damion like the latter is a raving lunatic.
[18:16] <@Damion_Cross> “…Ah, nevermind.”
06[18:16] * @Damion_Cross sighs, looking somewhat…deflated?
06[18:20] * @Hector` just smiles, shrugging, as he continues into the venue.
01[18:22] <@Storyteller> <Another decorated Inspector is waiting a handful of meteres past the barricades, where the civilian populace declines sharply, replaced with a far more dignified crowd, fairly literally – all heavily surrounded by guards both human and ghostly, dignitaries of all flavors from across the entire world are visible, some faces more familiar than others, the importance of personages steadily increasing the closer they get to the Place.>
[18:23] <@Chris_Gravier> Are we under dressed? I can’t tell…
06[18:26] * @Anne_Montelepre looks at Chris, then at the others.
06[18:26] * @Shinjiro-kun looks down at his suit, softly shrugging his shoulders. “I think that I’m all right.”
[18:26] <@Hector`> It’s okay. I’ve got a cape.
[18:28] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…I’m not completely sure if what we’re wearing enters into it all that much.”
06[18:29] * @Wraxian follows along behind, the Officer athe barricade almost closing it without letting her through, but seems to notice her at the last moment, turning rather crimson at her attire, stammering and closing the barrier behind her, trying not to stare at her and the small parade of odd children from his periphery as they thankfully exit his experience.
06[18:29] * @Anne_Montelepre turns back briefly towards the officer for a moment, before continuing.
[18:30] <@Hector`> Just act like everybody else is invisible. That’s what the old bastard back home did.
[18:30] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I kinda noticed this when we were checking in, back in Cairo. Look at everyone else….then look back at us.”
[18:32] <@Chris_Gravier> We’re not on a horse, Anne.
[18:32] <@Hector`> This is sounding like an Old Spice commercial…
[18:32] <@Anne_Montelepre> “It’s as if you all — and I guess me too, though I don’t really see it in the mirror — look a little more…there, for want of a better word.”
[18:33] <@Chris_Gravier> Like everyone else is a ghost?
[18:35] <@Shinjiro-kun> Not a ghost, precisely…
[18:35] <@Anne_Montelepre> “No, they still look like they did before. They’re still ‘there’, but it’s like you all are…’more there’, if that makes any sense.”
[18:40] <@Chris_Gravier> I haven’t decided if it does or not yet.
[18:42] <@Shinjiro-kun> Perhaps the others are not truly present. Gods can be in multiple places simultaneously, can they not?
[18:44] <@Damion_Cross> “Depends on the Legend surrounding said God, but yes.””
[18:45] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Still…however ‘real’ they are or aren’t, this is quite a collection of dignitaries here. Can’t help but be a little concerned, even with the guards around.”
06[18:47] * @Wraxian seems like she might be navigating solely by sound, as the last any of them heard, she loudly shut the lenses of her goggles, and her eyes not being visible may or may not be indicative of a total shutdown of visual stimuli, as well. Her footsteps (still bare..) seem.. perhaps slightly less sure than usual, and she keeps in tighter with the Band than her normal wafting along in the wake of the Band stylings. “Your lessened mortality makes the homo sapiens what they are before homo mythos sapiens, Anne Montelepre… whispers upon the wind, flickers of brightly shining flame, quickly left behind, forgotten, snuffed out.”
06[18:48] * @December gives Wraxian a wide-eyed could you NOT? look from beneath her cowl, pulling it up farther around her face and shaking her head, her fingernails staring to leave furrows in her leather gloves.
01[18:49] <@Storyteller> <The Inspector looks them over with even greater suspicion than the last officer did, her keen eyes roving over them as she looks back and forth between them and the tickets she will hopefully be presented to inspect as she stops them and holds her hand out.>
06[18:50] * @Maddy winces slightly, placing a hand on Wraxian’s shoulder, the other wrapped around Brynn’s waist.
06[18:50] * @Hector` just keeps ambling along, doing his best not to call too much attention to the fact that his right arm is a giant piece of rock.
01[18:51] <@Storyteller> <Brynn shudders faintly, still looking sad and sour at the same time.>
06[18:52] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s face darkens a bit, as she seems to ponder Wraxian’s words for a moment…which is all she has time for before they’re in the presence of another Guardien. Pushing the thought aside for the moment, she presents the Bands’s tickets., smiling in greeting.
[18:53] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Madame la Inspecteur.”
01[19:03] <@Storyteller> <The Inspector’s eyes nearly pop out of her head as she spots Kiyomasa’s fluffy mug peering out from within Wraxian’s voluminous, tangled, dark hair.> <Fr> “My God, is that a –” <She breaks off, re-reading the text on the tickets with a troubled frown.>
[19:07] <@Damion_Cross> <Fr>”– Kitten? Why, yes it is. Don’t worry, he’s housebroken.”
06[19:07] * @Damion_Cross grins toothily.
06[19:08] * @Shinjiro-kun cuts the woman off with a quick, “Merci beaucoup,” before she can get too concerned about Kiyomasa.
[19:11] <@Hector`> That’s what I said!
[19:14] <@Maddy> He’s harmless on opposite day.
01[19:15] <@Storyteller> <The Inspector appears to want to take umbrage with this, but shakes her head a bit after studying the tickets a bit more. She seems a little dazzled, especially after trying to focus on Hector’s odd-seeming cape and arm, before shaking her head and giving them instructions to their places in the parade, and handing the tickets back over.>
[19:18] <@Chris_Gravier> We need a subtlety instructor. December, is there a god of Blending In that could meet us at the house if we don’t die today?
[19:19] <@Shinjiro-kun> Raiden looks like an orc, but no one seems to notice. He might steal your navel, though.
06[19:19] * @Anne_Montelepre smiles in return, accepting the tickets and moving forward as quickly as decorum permits.
[19:23] <@Damion_Cross> “There are ways to do so, Chris…if that’s what you really want.”
06[19:24] * @Damion_Cross appears to be hovering towards the rear of the Band, seemingly using the rest of the group to (largely) escape notice himself.
[19:28] <@Hector`> Well, if we all form a conga line, then they’ll only see the guy in the front.
[19:30] <@Chris_Gravier> Hey… I look like a degenerate rich brat. I don’t wander around with a stone arm like Hector, or dye my hair pink and wear monk robes… or wander around being impossibly hot like Anne. People who look at me just think I’m a douche.
[19:31] <@Shinjiro-kun> Indeed.
01[19:35] <@Storyteller> <Assuming they are moving again, the Inspector’s instructions are fairly clear, and they will find a vacant set of clearly marked reserved seating roped off where they were indicated to go. While they aren’t sitting elbow to elbow with big name recognizable World leaders, neither are they in the “cheap seats”, with a good view of the empty but bustling grandstand, and lesser heads of state all around them.>
[19:36] <@Hector`> Hey, it’s the Prime Minister of Djibouti. Sup, dude!
06[19:36] * @Anne_Montelepre facepalms — or rather, begins to. But–
[19:37] <@Anne_Montelepre> *whispering* “–Wait, how in the hell d’you know that?”
[19:39] <@Chris_Gravier> How do any of us know anything? Not by usual means.
[19:39] <@Hector`> I saw him on Al-Jazeera. I couldn’t sleep one night and Deccy was snoozin’ so I watched an interview with closed captioning on.
[19:39] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Quick question: where are they seated, in relation to the Place de la République?))
[19:40] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Off in the crowd on the side, not directly in front of. }}•’`
[19:41] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ “the crowd” in this case all being reserved dignitary seating }}•’`
06[19:47] * @Wraxian finds a seat and sits down heavily, her head lowered as she interjects softly, “Not the morphogenic field, Hector Leone?”
[19:48] <@Hector`> Nah, not this time. Old school style, not genetic memories.
06[19:49] * @Anne_Montelepre takes her seat, allowing herself a small smile as she looks briefly at the statue of Marianne at the center of the public square (well, oval-ish shape).
[19:50] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Wonder what she’d think about my ‘borrowing’ her form to get killed in — oh wait, we only hallucinated that.”
[19:51] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Possibly helpful:
06[19:53] * @Wraxian whispers softly, “Take care, Anne Montelepre.”
[19:54] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Come again?”
06[20:02] * @Damion_Cross quietly takes his seat, subtly scanning the gathered “lesser” heads-of-state, in search of anyone — or any conversation — that strikes him as “interesting”.
06[20:03] * @Chris_Gravier takes a seat next to Anne, taking her hand in his and squeezing.
06[20:09] * @Hector` waves to the President of Colombia.
06[20:10] * @Wraxian lifts her head a bit, indicating what seem to be somewhat random directions around the Place. “You have noticed that the homo sapiens are… less. Amidst a cacophony of disatrous events throughout the World, these ones join together, as your ancestor spoke… and they…” She stops for a moment, trying to grasp for a fitting phraseology for her next statement. “…reverberate… with their… defiance. Their… humanity. With the last inhabitant of, as legends called it, an intriguing box…” Her words drifts off again for a moment, before she speaks again, with about as much weight and stern-ness of Wraxian ever puts into anything. “The Ancestors of this section of the World are… unlikely to act with subtle intent, at this juxtaposition of chronal units. Tread- and speak- with caution.”
01[20:11] <@Storyteller> <The Colombian president waves back, an almost knee-jerk reaction, though he is clearly baffled at the action.>
06[20:14] * @Chris_Gravier seems to be taking Wraxian rather seriously, as he sits quietly and listens and watches everything around him.
06[20:17] * @Maddy pulls his hood over his head to hide his face and hair and falls gracefully into the nearest seat.
01[20:18] <@Storyteller> <Brynn taps his foot anxiously to music only he can hear, tightly holding Madison’s hand and keeping his eyes lowered.>
06[20:22] * @Anne_Montelepre almost visibly winces at Wraxian’s words, though it took her a moment, perhaps, to divine her refrences to said ‘box’. “Fair point.”
01[20:24] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ I’d like a perception check from all, please. Hector can just smile and keep waving, we know how his will turn out… }}•’`
[20:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “All right, I’ll avoid any direct anachronisms. Though, given what this is the centennial of, and how many perished as a result, a nod to their sacrifice — as I intended my current ‘combat dress’ to represent — isn’t appropriate. Alebeit not at this particular moment.”
[20:26] <@Chris_Gravier> !roll 5 2
[20:26] <+Zer0> , 2 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 3
[20:26] <+Zer0> Chris_Gravier Successes: 3
[20:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Perc + Awareness?))
01[20:27] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Yes, please }}•’`
[20:28] <@Damion_Cross> !roll 8 4
[20:28] <+Zer0> , 2 , 5 , 2 , 1 , 1 , 2 , 10 , 3
[20:28] <+Zer0> Damion_Cross Successes: 6
[20:28] <@Chris_Gravier> !roll 8 3
[20:28] <+Zer0> , 3 , 5 , 7 , 3 , 3 , 4 , 3 , 9
[20:28] <+Zer0> Chris_Gravier Successes: 5
[20:29] <@Anne_Montelepre> !roll 7 7
[20:29] <+Zer0> , 1 , 8 , 2 , 10 , 1 , 9 , 7
[20:29] <+Zer0> Anne_Montelepre Successes: 12
[20:29] <@Maddy> !roll 11 4
[20:29] <+Zer0> , 6 , 2 , 7 , 7 , 2 , 2 , 2 , 3 , 1 , 5 , 7
[20:29] <+Zer0> Maddy Successes: 7
[20:39] <@Hector`> !roll 9
[20:39] <+Zer0> , 6 , 6 , 8 , 6 , 9 , 4 , 3 , 8 , 4
[20:39] <+Zer0> Hector` Successes: 3
[20:39] <@Shinjiro-kun> !roll 10 7
[20:39] <+Zer0> , 8 , 1 , 2 , 9 , 6 , 8 , 5 , 1 , 8 , 3
[20:39] <+Zer0> Shinjiro-kun Successes: 11
01[17:22] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ everyone can roll a follow up Occult+Int. }}•’`
[17:24] <@Anne_Montelepre> !roll 5 4
[17:24] <+Zer0> , 10 , 3 , 9 , 9 , 5
[17:24] <+Zer0> Anne_Montelepre Successes: 8
[17:25] <@Damion_Cross> !roll 9 4
[17:25] <+Zer0> , 1 , 4 , 4 , 5 , 2 , 5 , 3 , 1 , 1
[17:25] <+Zer0> Damion_Cross Successes: 4
[17:27] <@Shinjiro-kun> !roll 8 2
[17:27] <+Zer0> , 1 , 5 , 5 , 5 , 7 , 9 , 5 , 9
[17:27] <+Zer0> Shinjiro-kun Successes: 5
[17:27] <@Hector`> !roll 9 7
[17:27] <+Zer0> , 8 , 8 , 2 , 7 , 4 , 8 , 3 , 5 , 2
[17:27] <+Zer0> Hector` Successes: 11
[17:35] <@Chris_Gravier> !roll 6 1
[17:35] <+Zer0> , 7 , 5 , 5 , 1 , 4 , 9
[17:35] <+Zer0> Chris_Gravier Successes: 3
[17:36] <@Maddy> !roll 8 4
[17:36] <+Zer0> , 1 , 10 , 4 , 3 , 6 , 2 , 6 , 9
[17:36] <+Zer0> Maddy Successes: 7
01[17:41] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ All right, trying to address everyone as fast as possible. }}•’`
01[17:47] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ In Order of Perception Roll: }}•’`
01[17:50] <@Storyteller> <Hector notices that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, has a spot of what looks suspiciously like blue white and red lipstick along the collar of his Bisht.>
01[17:52] <@Storyteller> <Chris notices that Anne is pretty. Also, her Francois-ness is particularly pretty in this light, and whatever she’s wearing, which could be anything, even if he prefers nothing.>
[17:53] <@Zeffie> ((oh Chris))
[17:53] <@Zeffie> ((that’s my boy.))
01[18:04] <@Storyteller> <Damion notices that there are an unsettling number of what seem too dense to be heat shimmers scattered throughout the crowds – and even distantly on rooftops. The ones closest to the Place’s center rise almost ten stories into the air, and shift faintly every once in a while, perhaps swaying with the patriotic anthems filling the area in between minor speakers on the dais where the most recognizable of the world’s leaders are gathered and slowly begin giving rousing speeches. Away from the Place, on the Bell Tower of the Notre Dame (the Cathedral, not their hotel), a thickly muscled and nearly naked being with a vaguely familiar face looks on, the handsome beauty of their previous encounter overshadowed by an enormous rack of Hind’s antlers erupting from his temples, stretching out ten feet in either direction.>
06[18:08] * @Damion_Cross clears his throat.
06[18:09] * @Hector` waits for the nice Narrator-person to finish resolving.
01[18:10] <@Storyteller> <Madison notices the same being on Notre Dame- and knows who he is in a breathless heartbeat. He sees those enormous- and smaller- heat waves towering over the mortal crowds, and even is able to find his mother, blazing with glorious purpose, taller than most of the buildings bordering the Place, herself, her eyes twin fires and her skin gleaming.>
06[18:10] * @Storyteller `’•{{ is hurrying, she promises. }}•’`
06[18:14] * @Madison immediately begins to tremble, moving to Wraxian’s side in the most imperceptible way possible, standing before her calmly and gripping her hand.
06[18:15] * @Chris_Gravier stares at Anne.
[18:18] <@Damion_Cross> *sotto voce* “So you see him too, then?…”
01[18:21] <@Storyteller> <Shinjiro takes in all of the above, but is able to make out the shapes of the largest and closest of the ten-story beings – two feminine forms, one muffled by dense robes, perhaps somewhat like a chiton; the other clearly wearing some sort of very fancy dress, with bustle, bustier, and immense hairdo. The third ought to be a great deal more recognizable, with a great wide brimmed hat with a large fluffy feather and an obvious blue and white and gold tunic draped over sensible and functional combat gear.>
06[18:24] * @Shinjiro-kun raises a brow, eyeing up D’Artagnan and his two lady companions. He’s no expert in Francais gods and goddesses, but even so… “Anne-chan. Were you expecting your progenitors to be present?”
06[18:25] * @Hector` makes a series of overly-complicated hand gestures to indicate to Sheikh bin Rashid that he’s got some lipstick on his collar.
[18:29] <@Maddy> Yes. I do
01[18:31] <@Storyteller> <Anne notices all of that- and clearly makes out her father towering high above the Parisian skyline, and likely has a good idea of who his enormous flanking companions are – one Lady of Freedom and a pastry-loving monarch, naturally. Too, hiding amongst the rest of the shimmers who are more adept at stealth than she is at perception – a tall Asian woman in the most current of business attire, her severe but beautiful features focused DIRECTLY upon Anne – or perhaps more notably, her charge…. and lastly a burly man with deep brown-black skin, bald and bare-chested, holding an enormous hammer over his shoulder, but not paying the Band any special attention.>
[18:33] <@Chris_Gravier> Wait, notice who?
01[18:34] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Also, notably for most, is that where every Major Player seems to be, Wraxian had previously indicated with her nodding. }}•’`
[18:34] <@Damion_Cross> “Mister Eighteen-Point Rack, to our eight-o’clock.”
[18:36] <@Damion_Cross> “Taking ‘Sanctuary’ on the bell tower,, not quite a mile off.”
06[18:36] * @Anne_Montelepre answers Shinjiro’s question, still scanning their surroundings.
[18:38] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Not surprising, given the occasion and who’s presen–”
06[18:38] * @Anne_Montelepre stops mid-sentence.
06[18:38] * @Wraxian lowers her head briefly as Madison takes her hand, her goggles apparently still completely closed off, standing in silence as she listens to the rest of the Band start to deal with their current situation.
01[18:41] <@Storyteller> <The Sheikh catches Hector’s gesture, and with the subtlty and ease of long practice, removes the offending stain, with a solemn grateful nod, which ends up leading to a less-subtle eyeing of the Band, especially their females.>
[18:47] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…They have some nerve, showing up here…”
06[18:48] * @Hector` makes another, even more complex signal to indicate that the ladies of the Band are not for sale and that they would beat the Sheikh into the ground.
06[18:48] * @December ‘s breathing is faint and raggedly shallow as she does everything she can to deepen her disguise and keep her face hidden.
01[18:49] <@Storyteller> <Brynn leans into Madison, not saying anything, just closing his eyes, likely seeing even more of the tableau than many of the rest of them.>
01[18:54] <@Storyteller> <Unfortunately this only seems to draw more of the Sheikh’s attention, starting to eye Anne like a stallion to be broken, before someone in his retinue distracts him and makes him focus on the personage currently speaking at the podium on the dais.>
06[18:54] * @Anne_Montelepre is now glaring balefully at BOTH of the last two two towering figures (though a part of her wonders why they elected to make themselves so conspicuous, at least to those inclinded to notice such things?…), with even the presence of a significant portion of her parent Pantheon apparently not enough to placate her, her anger seemingly edging closer to overriding her survival instinct.
06[18:56] * @Anne_Montelepre , perhaps best for all at this point, hasn’t noticed the Sheikh’s attentions, nor those of anyone in their grandstand (yet).
06[19:01] * @Hector` notes December’s shallow breathing, and opts to hide her face by snogging her. Loudly.
06[19:02] * @December makes a soft, not really protesting squeak of surprise, before welcoming the distraction.
06[19:04] * @Chris_Gravier certainly notices another man eyeing his girl, as if he knows by some predatorial instinct and he steps into the Sheikh’s line of sight, staring daggers.
01[19:05] <@Storyteller> <Thankfully, His Highness has already turned to pay attention to the speakers at the dais giving pointed, rousing ovation.>
06[19:08] * @Maddy remains mostly silent, holding tightly to Wraxian and burying his face in Brynn’s neck, whispering softly in his ear in an attempt to distract and comfort him.
[19:19] <@Damion_Cross> “Huh. We’re in Fateful company today. Suspect something’s going to happen…whether we want it to or not.”
[19:20] <@Chris_Gravier> Something is always going to happen.
01[19:24] <@Storyteller> <The Asian woman mostly blended in with the crowd catches Anne’s glower and returns it stare for stare. If the big African man notices or cares about the looks given to him, he doesn’t seem to pay it much mind, apparently also busy listening to the ongoing speechifying. As everyone contemplates the consequences of their company (and with the noted point-outs even Hector and Chris are likely to pick up the more obvious Sentinels [were Hector not rather busy…]), applause picks up as the FLOTUS takes the podium, getting startlingly little jeers as she begins speaking softly and eloquently on the nature and importance of freedom and creativity and strength in the face of terror>
06[19:38] * @Chris_Gravier stirs a bit, wrapping an arm around Anne’s waist and listening with great attention.
06[19:39] * @Shinjiro-kun eyes the First Lady, curious as to how she manages to remain so fit amid constantly jetting around the world.
06[19:45] * @Anne_Montelepre slowly, reluctantly relents, turning her attention back towards the dais (after one last look around, searching for something on the steep rooves surrounding the square that was both mortal and out-of-the-ordinary), letting her own hand fall atop, and gently squeeze, Chris’. Her other hands starts towards the Eagle tucked into her waistband (beneath her dress), thinking to check with her Immortals surrounding the crowd, but decides against it, instead waiting till the end of the First Lady’s speech.
06[19:48] * @Damion_Cross , for his part, remains uncharacteristically quiet, as if sensing the weight of the moment (and the Fateful Auras about him), confident things will proceed as they will,., with or without his “gentle prodding.” (Not that he still isn’t looking for an opportunity to do so, mind.)
01[19:49] <@Storyteller> <FLOTUS doesn’t speak TOO long, as the growing excitement, and hush (in between bursts of applause) seems to overtake the Place as she cedes the podium to the President of France. Applause and cheering erupt wildly, to such a degree that any Francois entities are obviously significantly bolstered, and even Anne feels the might of this special sort of magic, renewing and rejuvenating as little else can.>
06[19:51] * @Hector` managed to disentangle himself from December in time to start a “USA!” chant as the First Lady leaves the podium.
01[19:54] <@Storyteller> <Hector’s chant is picked up for a few brief flutters before the Not-American President takes over, at which point its drowned in a sudden rousing chorus of La Marseillaise, filling the Place with almost a physical force of French patriotism.>
06[19:56] * @Anne_Montelepre , as if remembering her father’s words the day before, settles slightly in her seat, paying closer attention, her hand unconsciously tightening on Chris’ (not painfully, she hoped). She refrained from singing for the moment, though.
06[19:57] * @December also refrains from singing. Everybody be thankful.
06[20:03] * @Chris_Gravier looks inspired.
06[20:10] * @Hector` lets his chant die, leaning back to observe.
06[20:10] * @Shinjiro-kun suddenly gets a craving for cassoulet.
01[20:16] <@Storyteller> <The singing slowly winds down as the French president stands, smiling with patience and dignity, before he begins orating (in French of course). Whatever it is that he is saying, the crowd is rapt, and even the attempts at spontaenous jubilance are quickly hushed so that the President can continue with heartfelt feeling, tears in his eyes, and occasionally a tremble in his voice. His words are stirring and potent, as at length he speaks of the bombing, the city (and nation, and world’s) response to this heinous act of terror. Anne can hardly ignore how often her ‘name’ comes up, though obviously the president has no idea who she is personally, but shrouds her in glory and praise and rebellion.>
06[20:21] * @Anne_Montelepre settles in and begins translating for her Bandmates…at first. Before long, however, she finds herself blushing fiercely. looking as if she wants to crawl under her seat and hide.
[20:47] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…A simple, inspring story. That’s all I fucking asked to accomplish with this…”


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