Generation S – Issue #085 – Answers Amidst the Ashes – Publication 07.16.15

[18:22] <@Hector`> What we aim to do and what we actually do ain’t always the same.
[18:24] <@Chris_Gravier> …is that not what’s happening?
06[18:25] * @Chris_Gravier chews on his lower lip, wondering if he’s once again letting his stupid show.
[18:27] <@Shinjiro-kun> Anne-chan is attempting to express that she was not expecting these accolades. She wanted a quiet inspiration, not a rousing parade in the streets.
[18:28] <@Chris_Gravier> Oh right. Well. Nothing we do is ever simple. I’ve given up on THAT notion.
[18:33] <@Shinjiro-kun> Quite so. Fate won’t see it that way.
[18:34] <@Chris_Gravier> We’re a hot mess bunch of kids before the whole children of the gods thing. You throw that in with it and well….
06[18:34] * @Chris_Gravier shrugs, gesturing around him.
06[18:36] * @Anne_Montelepre straightens in her seat, about to resume translation, but feels the need to comment.
06[18:36] * @Wraxian ‘s lips part for a moment, as if she might have made some comment, and then does not do so, her head still lowered and clearly still suffering from self-imposed blindness.
[18:37] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…I’d been talking about the comic itself, Shinjiro. Though it’s true, I hadn’t expected the attack, or quite this level of exposure. Not this early — if ever.”
[18:39] <@Anne_Montelepre> “But Father was insistent that we see this. The results of something else I’ve done, intentional or not, that I’m going to have to own.”
06[18:39] * @Maddy squeezes Wraxian’s shoulder with one hand and loops the other arm around Brynn’s waist, holding him close.
06[18:40] * @Anne_Montelepre almost reflexively turns back to look at Wraxian for a moment, before turning back towards the podium and continuing to translate.
06[18:41] * @Chris_Gravier shudders deeply, his icy grey eyes darkening as he remembers the actions he’s had to own in his short life.
06[18:43] * @Damion_Cross , for his part, continues to watch the speech, the language barrier apparently not a problem, looking every part the student prodigy he was (publuically).
[18:45] <@Wraxian> `’•{{ pubicly? }}•’`
[18:46] <@Damion_Cross> ((Yeah, that too. ^_^;; ))
06[18:47] * @December withdraws from her attempts at being as good at being invisible as Wraxian is for a few moments, her eyes, too, set firmly upon the podium. “‘ere danj’rous ‘n pow’rful folks now, Manne… yeh gottsta be kar’fuls wha yeh s’tars.”
01[18:52] <@Storyteller> <Brynn rests his chin on Madison’s shoulder, closing his eyes and shivering softly.>
06[18:58] * @Shinjiro-kun remains quiet, as if he’s deciding what he wants to say, and how.
06[18:58] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s eyes drift for a moment, taking in the reactions of the crowd (and trying to focus on the mortal ones, with the towering divinities around them posing some difficulty) when her eyes, sensitive to things Legendary, lock in one direction for a moment.
[18:59] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…And what I don’t start, too. Or don’t finish.”
[19:01] <@Chris_Gravier> Whatever is happening, Anne, we will see it through to the finish.
[19:01] <@Hector`> Every revolution begins with a single step.
[19:01] <@Hector`> One voice, standin’ up and sayin’ no. It all builds from that. Gods, rulers, common folk… it don’t matter.
[19:27] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((?))
01[19:27] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ I’m debating something with myself, what are you all up to? }}•’`
[19:28] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Taking in the speech (I don’t think she’s ready to share the other bit yet) ))
[19:28] <@Chris_Gravier> ((Same. Boys are listening. What you debating? ))
01[19:29] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ How evil I’m feeling tonight. }}•’`
[19:29] <@Hector`> (Somewhere between Dr. Evil and Dr. Satan?)
01[19:31] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Did Mister Satan get his PHD? }}•’`
[19:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Well Yanluo’s been alive long enough to…))
[19:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((At least I assumed that’s who he was based on))
01[19:37] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Allright, debate over, typing. }}•’`
01[19:48] <@Storyteller> <A gently mocking but nonetheless lightly scolding voice slides up from behind them, and a man who wasn’t there before, simply is, leaning in towards the group in a conspiratorial manner, lightly resting his elbows on the backs/shoulders of the two males standing closest together (Shinjiro and Chris or Damion, perhaps), smiling in that same we’ve-got-a-secret-together manner as we winks at them all. His accent (speaking English) is murkily European, but strong, likely somewhere based in Spain or France.> “What do you do, though, when your… not unimpressive force… meets a truly immovable ob’jet? Even the Grandest of them fear…” <He gestures a little, with great bombacity, without tottering off of whomever he is resting on, and somehow managing to encompass the shimmering figures, Band, and very distinctly, Wraxian.> “Your ‘volution may lose all its re-s and come to a very.. unplesant… halt.”
01[19:48] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Working on a desc }}•’`
01[19:50] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ It isn’t anyone would be immediately familiar with. }}•’`
06[19:57] * @Damion_Cross wheels around, attemting to throw off this Invader Of His Personal Space.
[19:57] <@Damion_Cross> “If you don’t get the hell off me–”
01[20:04] <@Storyteller> <It is hard to look at this man, swarthy and jovial, and not be at least a little swayed by him, in his favor. While he is in his Sunday-funereal black best, it is pointed in all the right places (collar, cuffs, etc) in dabs of ruddy red, a shade which perfectly matches his painstakingly fluffed hair, marked snow-white bordered with black at his temples. His eyes are a bright, laughing gold, keen and sharp and very distinctly feral (and somehow familiar). Atop his head, nestled in his fine, thick hair, is a pair of ridiculously oversized Japanese-made ‘mind-controled’ red fox ears, that may just seem a little too life-like, for all that he is very clearly wearing a ridiculous plastic headband to go with them. He winks again and continues without really waiting for a response, sort of, even as he smiles widely still at Damion, the anticipatory mirth in his eyes daring him to continue.> “Bonjour, ma belle meurtrière….”
06[20:11] * @Damion_Cross eyes widen despite hiimself, before he can catch the reaction.
[20:11] <@Damion_Cross> “Oh, H-E-double hockey sticks…”
06[20:18] * @Anne_Montelepre turns in her own seat, eyeing the newcomber, one hand covering her mouth (and also edging closer to the cross about her neck, though she’d trying not to be obvious about it).
06[20:19] * @Damion_Cross ‘s eyes shift about quickly, as if reassessing their location before he acts.
[20:21] <@Damion_Cross> “Bonjour, Monsieur…?”
06[20:21] * @Shinjiro-kun raises a brow at the man in the fox ears.
[20:28] <@Chris_Gravier> I wish we didn’t have a crazy magnet…
06[20:29] * @December says something that is impossible to understand, but is clearly understandable as a soft exclamation mirroring Damion’s, in something closer to an animal’s speech than anything else.
01[20:33] <@Storyteller> <He titters softly, clearly pleased and amused by Damion’s reaction, and his glance to December doesn’t mind a few moments of lingering.> “So many names, so little time. Perhaps I could pass your message of ‘hospitality’ along, though?” <He spares another wink for Damion, seeming to measure and guess the error in the young man’s response.>
[20:34] <@Chris_Gravier> Bro, are you coming onto him? Because I’m not feeling like he’s into you.
06[20:44] * @Anne_Montelepre decided to test her guess, thinking she recognizes something. She turns to December.
[20:44] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Um…Mamou Renard? Do you recognize this wei–err, person?”
[20:49] <@Chris_Gravier> Does anyone?
06[20:50] * @Maddy seems on the verge of speaking, but he seems uneasy and instead watches the scene carefully.
[20:57] <@Hector`> Um… hi. Who the fuck’re you?
[21:00] <@Chris_Gravier> Seriously.
01[21:01] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Working on combining about five responses at once, sorry }}•’`
[21:04] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Ok))
[21:05] <@Chris_Gravier> ((I will never forgive you.))
01[21:10] <@Storyteller> <It seems like his smile is just going to wrap around his cheeks, and he puffs out his chest as he continues in his flirtatious manner with Damion (and now, Chris), reaching out and snatching his chin and turning his head as if inspecting him with curious concern for a prize show animal.> “He wishes. It is too bad you are a monkey… your tail could be so much fluffier.” <He picks briefly through the boy’s hair, monkey-style, leaving it rumpled and mussed (more so than usual) making a great show of ‘find’ing a large bar magnet (which is, granted, a decent-ish sidewalk magician’s trick, and he does it well and with light-hearted flourish) from within Chris’ dark hair, peering at it before swallowing it a moment later.> “I don’t know what your problem with the crazy is… I love it.” <He winks again, and lets forth a throaty guffaw (which no one but them seem to take note great of- along with his outlandish presence and behavior in general) before bowing, snickering to himself after Anne’s question.> “You may call me Txiki,” (he pronounces it much like ‘cheeky’)”… ma petite lame tranchante.”
06[21:10] * @December is squinching up her face, belatedly sputtering to stop Anne, her face in her hands a moment later as she mutters, “Rey-naaardd.”
01[21:11] <@Storyteller> <He grins quite delightedly.> “That, too.”
[21:14] <@Chris_Gravier> There is nothing wrong with my tail…
06[21:15] * @Chris_Gravier mutters softly.
06[21:22] * @Anne_Montelepre brightens, just for a moment, realizing that she’d guessed correctly (for once).
[21:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “‘Cheeky’?”
[21:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Well it fits, but…”
01[21:28] <@Storyteller> <He turns he head, eyes glittering, lookign at Anne in a knowing, anticipatory look, waiting for the rest.>
[21:33] <@Hector`> Txiki. Hi. I’m Hector. What’cha want?
06[21:33] * @Hector` keeps his gaze on this… thing, seeming largely okay with him in principle, but not with the practice of showing up unannounced and without warning.
[21:34] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…but why grace us with a visit? D’you have some sort of “Fraternal Order of Foxes’ thing going on?”
06[21:39] * @Damion_Cross shakes his head, sighs grudgingly, the student recognizing the master (or at least a master).
[21:40] <@Damion_Cross> “…Basque, though?”
01[21:41] <@Storyteller> <Txiki licks his lips, eyeing the hooded and cloaked woman at Hector’s side with something… strange in his dancing golden eyes, his lips peeling back from his teeth speaking volumes about the fraternization he’d like to be doing, the words never actually leaving his lips as he looks back to Anne a moment later. As overtly friendly as he seems, there is something there beneath it as he speaks that is a not too subtle warning that he is not just a weird, laughing man in goofy robotic fox ears standing with them, as he feigns (mostly) affronted shock, one hand on his chest.> “Well, if all you came to Paris for was to see the sights and hear the inspirational speeches….”
01[21:42] <@Storyteller> <He turns his apparent fliration with Damion back up a notch a moment later, flashing his teeth as he smiles. “You can come bask with me, any time.”
06[21:47] * @Hector` catches that look, thumbing toward the door to the VIP box with his stone arm. “Nice to meet you. Fuck off.”
06[21:47] * @Shinjiro-kun seems content to observe this person, feeling a surge of unsettlement. Or maybe he’s just struggling not to punch him out of his clothes.
06[21:48] * @Damion_Cross politely shakes his head, though he appears to be less shock or revulsion and more:
[21:48] <@Damion_Cross> “…Another time, perhaps.”
[21:50] <@Damion_Cross> “And Hector? I know he’s macking on your lady, but you might wanna be a little nicer.”
06[21:54] * @December swiftly reaches out and attempts to pull Hector’s arm down, with urgent and insistent (but gentle) force, her face clearly panicked. “Don’!”
01[21:55] <@Storyteller> <His fuzzy red brows reach suddenly for his robo-ears, now actually taking a step back, weighing the reactions with a serious and suddenly significantly less friendly look, cocking his head to the side.> “Oh. You’ll be making your way to the investigation on your own, then? I do zuppose your ward would know the location….”
[21:56] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Hang on a sec.”
06[21:58] * @Anne_Montelepre turns to Txiki, nodding thwards December and Hector both.
[21:59] <@Anne_Montelepre> “As Damion said: they’re kinda…close. You can understand his reaction, yes?”
[22:00] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Not using a Knack (doubt any of them would work, anyhow) but should I roll something, anyhow?))
01[22:00] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Let’s say Manip and Politics }}•’`
06[22:04] * @Anne_Montelepre continues speaking, attempting to smooth things over without recourse or outright whammy’ing either Txiki or Hector. “You have to understand, Hector: he’s not just a fox, he’s THE Fox.”
[22:04] <@Anne_Montelepre> !roll 8 11
[22:04] <+Zer0> , 3 , 8 , 5 , 4 , 4 , 8 , 7 , 9
[22:04] <+Zer0> Anne_Montelepre Successes: 15
06[22:57] * @Hector` blinks, not quite getting it. “Wouldn’t he look like Rupert Murdoch, then? Wouldn’t that be funny?” Taking a huffing breath, Hector rolls his stony shoulder and exhales. “Okay. Okay. Yes, we’d like to make our way to the investigation. Yes, we’d appreciate the help. Try anything with my wife and you die.
[18:01] <@December> <Reynard looks somewhat mollified by Anne’s recognition of him, but his attention is nevertheless quite caught by Hector’s statment. He slowly mouths ”…wife?’ in horrified curiousity, his golden eyes narrowed as they flicker back and forth between the brash young scion and the heavily cloaked woman beside him. Wicked fascination dances in his laughing eyes as they narrow, catching the tip of his tongue at the corner of his lips with sharp teeth, he reaches out, not towards either of them, but instead between them, grasping something unseen and almost forgotten, perhaps, between his thumb and fore-finger, leaping forth into shining, stark vision: the fine but unbroken silver chain connecting the pendants at their throats. He makes an almost startled, shocked little fox-sound, his eyes widening suddenly.> “Oh-hoho… now ZHAT is a dangerous lit-el detail…”
[18:06] <@Hector`> Danger is my business, mate.
06[18:07] * @Anne_Montelepre whispers urgently (but politely), “Please don’t tease them…”
01[18:12] <@Storyteller> <For a probably terrifying few seconds, the robo-fox eared mischief maker clearly contemplates what will happen if (when) he simply snapped the chain.>
06[18:14] * @Chris_Gravier begins to growl low under his breath, his eyes on robofox.
06[18:22] * @Shinjiro-kun finally chooses this very point to speak. “Are you here to antagonize us, or to assist us? Be hot or be cold, but never lukewarm. I’d hate to find you droll.”
06[18:36] * @Anne_Montelepre maintains her smile…but also stubtly starts to raise the hemline of her dress on the right side.
06[18:37] * @Damion_Cross sighs, muttering under his breath, “The World’s watching, y’know…”
01[18:41] <@Storyteller> <He releases the silvery chain with a bored roll of his eyes (and it immediately vanishes from sight), but he leers at Anne as she hikes up her skirt- as if he would overlook such a thing.> “And I thought only the cajun was happy to see me!” <He barks a yipping cadence of laughter, turning on his heel and chortling, gesturing grandly around them, no one in the adjoining boxes having taken any notice at all.> “Are they, though?” <There is something uniquely sinister about the question, but he is already making his way off through the crowds, which seem to part for him without quite realizing they are doing so, though the wake he creates seem intent to quickly close behind him.>
[18:44] <@Damion_Cross> “Pretty hard to hide a fight in the stands. Which is just what you’d’ve had on your hands.”
06[18:44] * @Damion_Cross ‘s grin suggests he wouldn’t have been entirely distressed by said occurance.
[18:45] <@Chris_Gravier> Are we wearing fucking asshole magnets or what? Why do the skeezoids keep finding us?
[18:46] <@Damion_Cross> “HEY! I resemble that remark!”
[18:46] <@Shinjiro-kun> Your reaction only cements the truth of it…
[18:47] <@Hector`> Let’s follow the fuckstick. C’mon.
06[18:48] * @Anne_Montelepre performs the dreaded Double Facepalm.*
06[18:50] * @Hector` is suddenly glad that Anne is neither balding nor speaking in a British accent.
[18:52] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Well, she does have Detail Variation… :p ))
06[18:55] * @December shudders, self-conscoiusly smoothing her hands over the sickle pendant clasp of her cloak, turning to stand shoulder to shoulder with Hector, even if she does look thoroughly cowed on some level.
06[19:00] * @Anne_Montelepre turns to Hector. “I don’t think the speech’s over yet…”
[19:01] <@Hector`> I don’t think that we have time to hear it finish. Dude’ll be lost in the crowd if we do.
[19:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> “..And, umm, Chris? The polite term is ‘united by Fate.'”
06[19:02] * @Hector` reflexively takes December by the hand, pressing his fleshy palm to hers.
[19:03] <@Anne_Montelepre> “At least it’s not two gray-skinned Elves speaking in rhyme…”
[19:04] <@Shinjiro-kun> Please, don’t mention them. They’ll show up in the third act if you do.
06[19:05] * @Shinjiro-kun seems to consider this for a moment. “On second thought, go ahead. I don’t think that they’ve been properly introduced to Yamato. Or my fists.”
06[19:12] * @December grips Hector’s hand very, very tightly.
06[19:16] * @Wraxian ‘glances’ (an odd sentiment considering that as far as any of them know, she is currently completely blind) over her shoulder at the speeching ongoing behind them, but it almost seems distant and farther away than it was before, perhaps due to whatever glamour The Fox has cast, allowing him to move and speak outrageously, freely. She turns back to the others and simply whispers. “We must follow the ancestor.”
[19:18] <@Anne_Montelepre> *speaking between her (still-)laced fingers* “I figured you’d say that.”
06[19:20] * @Anne_Montelepre looks up, at both Txiki and at her Band. “Shall we be off, then? Might help, actually, if we can beat the crowd.”
[19:31] <@Hector`> Let’s get this over with.
01[19:39] <@Storyteller> <Reynard has paused, though subtly, just long enough to allow the children to catch up with the wake of his presence.>
06[19:46] * @Shinjiro-kun begins leading the pursuit of the volpone, relying on his keen senses.
06[19:47] * @Anne_Montelepre politely excuses herself to anyone she needs to jostle on her way out of the grandstand and after Txiki/Reynard.
06[19:53] * @Damion_Cross also rises, subtly smoothing his jacket before anyone notices and following The Fox.
01[19:54] <@Storyteller> <He begins moving again the moment it is clear they finally intend to follow him, strolling casually through and out of the packed-with-bodies Place and its adjoining streets, no one seeming to take particular notice of him (save for the ghostly Chevalier backing up the mortal military, who give him a very wide and respectful berth), yet nevertheless shifting out of his way as if it was a natural movement.>
06[20:00] * @Anne_Montelepre , even as she walks, conjures a three-dimensional, translucent map of the area, trying to take advantage of the same “don’t-notice” field that surrounds Txiki. She taps each of the five glowing dots representing her Immortals, in turn, then touches her earpiece, whispering each time:
[20:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Potentially moving out of your operational area. Proceed as ordered: screen crowd through speeches and parade, report anything suspicious. Out.”
[20:02] <@Damion_Cross> (..And that would be Battle Map in action, natch))
01[20:04] <@Storyteller> <Le Immorteles respond in near perfect unison, in five very different voices. “Confirmed.”>
[20:10] <@Hector`> You’ll have to teach me that one, Annie. Looks handy.
06[20:10] * @Maddy wraps a protective arm around Wraxian, the other around Brynn, following his friends.
[20:11] <@Chris_Gravier> Don’t think I don’t know it, Damion.
06[20:11] * @Chris_Gravier smirks and winks.
[20:13] <@Chris_Gravier> What are you, Anne? Tony Stark?
[20:14] <@Hector`> Are you complaining? Or just mad that makes you Pepper Potts?
[20:16] <@Chris_Gravier> I think I’m mad I’m Pepper. At least she has a sweet ass.
06[20:16] * @Chris_Gravier shakes his tail at Hector.
06[20:25] * @Anne_Montelepre , if her tight lips and almost-full-face blush are any indication, is having yet another of her “not sure whether to smack Chris or kiss him” moments.
06[20:30] * @Chris_Gravier looks at Anne very seriously.
[20:30] <@Chris_Gravier> Do I embarrass you?
01[20:31] <@Storyteller> <With Reynard’s ‘make-room-for-me’ aura allowing them a trail for them to follow along- if somewhat quickly- they are surprisingly quickly away from the bulk of the main crowds, even on foot. Traffic throughout the rest of the city seems to be fairly non-existant, as the gathering is pretty much the only place anyone wants to be, today. They move back across the Seine, and steadily southwest, as the Old City is slowly replaced by more modern buildings and even a few skyscrapers.>
06[20:31] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s blush intensifies suddenly…
[20:31] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Yes–”
06[20:31] * @Anne_Montelepre …and grows even deeper.
[20:32] <@Anne_Montelepre> *whispers* “–and I love you for it.”
06[20:33] * @Chris_Gravier grins, clearly quite pleased with himself.
[20:34] <@Chris_Gravier> We appear to be getting somewhere. Did anyone bother to wonder if this is a trap?
[20:35] <@Damion_Cross> “…Couldn’t you have picked a publishisher close to downtown, Montelepre?”
[20:36] <@Anne_Montelepre> *snippy* “Well, excure me for not including “possibility of terrorist attack” in my selection process!”
06[20:39] * @Wraxian , strangely enough, as she is lead along by Madison, comes to Anne’s defense, sort of. “Anne Montelepre is not responsible for the inner workings of the publication itself, Damion Cross. Only its content.”
06[20:41] * @Maddy smiles at Wraxian and kisses her temple.
01[20:41] <@Storyteller> <Reynard begins singing as he strolls unperturbed through the streets. Unlike December, he has a beautiful bass tenor voice. Whatever it is he’s singing, it isn’t quite in French, or anything else they will easily recognize.>
[20:46] <@Shinjiro-kun> Of course it’s a trap. The question is, who is trapping who?
[20:47] <@Maddy> We’ll find out the hard way, as usual.
06[20:49] * @Anne_Montelepre finds herself humming along with Reynard’s tune, apparently without realizing it.
06[17:42] * @Anne_Montelepre stops whistling after awhile, turning towards the others.
[17:43] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Best we do this quickly. I suspect that Dad had us watch the ceremony not just to show off Paris’ determination, but also as a warning.”
[18:06] <@Chris_Gravier> A warning? You think he’s sending a message rather than spelling it out for us?
06[18:06] * @Chris_Gravier peers curiously at Anne, chewing on his thumbnail.
[18:08] <@Hector`> Gods don’t just speak their minds, dude. Not when they can be obtuse about it.
[18:13] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Well, that too. But what I meant is: while Paris’ collective rage presented itself very quickly in response to that attack, it still doesn’t have a specific target, a person or group of people to hold responsible for it.”
[18:15] <@Anne_Montelepre> “If we don’t track them down, and quickly… rumor may take hold, someone or something else becomes the scapegoat, and the people might lash out against that instead. It’s happened before.”
[18:16] <@Shinjiro-kun> That sounds like the act of a furious populace.
[18:18] <@Hector`> Yeah… bunch of people, mad as fuck… they’re gonna blame Somebody.
01[18:26] <@Storytellerl> <Reynard just continues strolling and singing softly to himself, as if he weren’t being tailed by a small coterie of god’s children. They have clearly arrived at a very different arrondissement of the City, the old left behind as steel and glass reaches for the crisp Parisian sky. To none of these does he seem to be leading them, however, as larger, squatter buildings seem to slowly take over from glitzy business to hard and functional working class.>
06[18:27] * @Shinjiro-kun seems comfortable in the glitz and glamour, but the hard and functional puts him on edge for some reason.
[18:31] <@Damion_Cross> “Well…if it’s a lower profile we wanted, we’ve got it. Most of the city’d either be in the heart of town, or watching it on TV.”
[18:35] <@Hector`> I’m not complaining, yo.
06[18:51] * @Anne_Montelepre muses that she should probably double-check the address of this place…
01[18:52] <@Storyteller> <It becomes clear in short order that as they move deeper into the more industrial area that they are approaching a large cordoned off area, more uniformed officers visible a few blocks away guarding an entire tract of real estate.>
[18:53] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Hmm…”
[18:54] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Relatively remote location, so fewer casualties….but probably fewer witness, too.”
[19:05] <@Damion_Cross> “Not that that’ll stop us.”
[19:05] <@Shinjiro-kun> We probably shouldn’t mow down the Gendarme. That would be bad.
[19:05] <@Hector`> Killin’ cops is never on my to-do list.
[19:05] <@Damion_Cross> “Hadn’t planned on it. This time, anyway.”
06[19:07] * @Anne_Montelepre puts on her best “(Impossibly Hot) Girl Next Door” smile, realizing that they were going to be intruding on on someone else’s “turf” and determined to do so that pissed off as few people as possible.
01[19:10] <@Storyteller> <Reynard scoffs softly, rolling his eyes, his red robotic fox ears twitching as he motions for the Band to stay put about a block from the first barricade, strutting forward without seeming to visibly change his appearance as he approaches the officers at the barricade, the first being other than them to acknowledge him since he appeared.>
06[19:11] * @Shinjiro-kun folds his arms over his chest, but seems content to remain at a distance for now. One hand rests on the dial of his watch.
06[19:17] * @Anne_Montelepre pauses, her hands behind her back, casually taking in their surroundings.
06[19:40] * Chris_Gravier looks Anne over for a long moment, then eyes the boyfox with apprehension and irritation, pushing his bangs out of his face and standing up straight. He looks like he wants to speak, but he waits to see what the Officers will do.
06[19:41] * Maddy grips Brynn’s hand tightly, offering him a small and adoring and reassuring smile.
06[19:49] * @Wraxian makes a faint sound, her knees seeming to buckle faintly as it seems like she just took some sort of invisible gut punch.
06[19:50] * @Shinjiro-kun glances over to Wraxian. “Are you all right?”
06[19:54] * @Wraxian almost makes a sound that might be pain from anyone else, struggling to keep her feet as her head sways faintly back and forth. Her eyes are still shielded from vision, but they’re probably horribly unfocused. “Nnqieqiw dkjqowie, jcngh aofbwur woqfswerg dnowirbf ghuiwlrbgdwo, Howeirbd Shinjiro.”
06[19:55] * Maddy gulps, his attention suddenly fully on Wraxian.
[19:55] <Maddy> God dammit, NO. Fuck you!
06[19:56] * @Anne_Montelepre turns in alarm at ,Wraxian’s words…but even more at Madison’s.
06[19:57] * Chris_Gravier winces and darts across the space between himself and Madison, grabbing the boy gently by an elbow.
06[19:57] * @Wraxian lifts her head up towards Madison, canted to the side, her soft voice almost uncertain at Madison’s sudden swearing and vehemence of tone. “Hqieq, ajidogfwi dfwiewg, Madison Augustien?”
01[19:58] <@Storyteller> <Reynard, who is very definitely a MANfox, glances over his shoulder with a scowl at the sound, his eyes narrowing further as the golden focus alights briefly upon its source. He turns back to the officers smoothly, obviously needing to make extra overtures to make up for the sudden outcry behind him.>
06[19:59] * Maddy shakes his head, taking a deep breath. When he speaks again, his voice is much softer.
06[20:01] * @Damion_Cross curses under his own breath, before turning to Wraxian, and removing a hand from one of his pockets. Softly whispering something that might’ve been French, but might’ve not, he snapped his fingers softly in the young woman’s direction, an almost-imperceptable puff of sand visible as he did so (1L, Unlidded Eye, please.).
[20:02] <Maddy> Wraxian… what’s wrong? Are you ok? Your voice…
01[20:05] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Refunded part for the stunt and part for the sheer brass of doing that when he knows Wraxian completely made herself blind to get away from whatever she is seeing. }}•’`
06[20:09] * @Wraxian draws her brows above her goggles, consternated a word she knows how to spell but not how to be, though she looks fairly close, though if anything, she may seem a little pale beneath her natural tan.
[20:09] <@Wraxian> “Njfowislk fjhow ncowierj fj nvoiwg, Madison Augustien.”
06[20:14] * Maddy whimpers softly, stiffling himself and shaking his head again, trying to calm down.
[20:18] <Chris_Gravier> You gonna be ok, man?
[20:18] <Maddy> Yes… yes, I’m sorry.
06[20:19] * @Anne_Montelepre is now looking all about them, almost as if she expects an attack at any second.
06[20:22] * @Damion_Cross sighs.
[20:23] <@Damion_Cross> “…Well, shit. So much for that idea.”
06[20:24] * @Hector` raises a brow, looking to Damion. “What idea?”
[20:25] <@Damion_Cross> “Way that…whatever-it-was hit Wraxian just now, I started to suspect someone might’ve cursed her. So I checked.”
[20:27] <@Damion_Cross> “All I can suss out is that someone in the 30-Xanathos-Pileup of folks Fatebound to her just yanked on their Red String. For what, I’ve no idea.”
[20:28] <@Hector`> Well, I guess that we’re gonna have to Batman our way out of this one.
[20:30] <@Damion_Cross> “On the bright side, I can understand her perfectly so long as my spell remains in effect. So guess I’m Designated Translator.”
[20:32] <@Damion_Cross> “Thattt…and apparently Fate is leading her, and us, just ahead and around the corner.”
[20:33] <Chris_Gravier> Wonderful. Fate.
06[20:34] * @Wraxian turns her head sharply to Damion, regarding him and nodding slowly, though she is clearly intentionally standing on her own, away from Madison and Brynn, closer in part to Anne and her fellow Fate-winder. She speaks with her normally sharp and frigid tone of intellectualism, analyzing the situation in complete marblemouth, except when it comes to names, for some reason, clearly with the expectation that Damion understands her, for the time being.
06[20:35] * Maddy looks miserable.
[20:36] <Chris_Gravier> Well… who the hell are we to keep Fate waiting?
01[20:41] <@Storyteller> <Brynn smoothes Madison’s hoodie lightly, but even he looks still intensely startled by his reaction to his own best friend.>
[20:46] <@Damion_Cross> “Alright, gonna give this one verbatim, in case I fail to catch something important:
[20:47] <@Damion_Cross> “‘Synapses overloaded with an unexpected influx of downloaded information from the publication’s remaining physical servers. Processing information in an attempt to normalize communication back to an acceptable level as rapidly as possible. Inadvertently linked in and downloaded multiple petabits of footage and research conducted isolated to proprietary off-line systems. Suzerain possibly collateral to something else more significant.'”
[20:48] <Maddy> Do you have an estimate of how long it’ll take you to recover your… communication level?
[20:48] <@Damion_Cross> “So basically the publishing house’s servers just dropped a deuce in her brain. The word soup is her trying to deal with the aftereffects.”
06[20:49] * Maddy speaks softly, the weary look in his eyes eased for the moment.
[20:49] <@Shinjiro-kun> Multiple petabits… that is a lot of data, even for the greatest processor known to man.
06[20:50] * @Wraxian follows along to Damion’s rendition, nodding faintly in acknowledgement (except for that last bit), before offering an unfocused one-shouldered shrug in response to Madison’s query.
06[20:53] * @Wraxian seems to be clearly trying to sort through an invisible cache of information to provide some sort of sensible explanation.
06[20:59] * @Damion_Cross forgets his translation duty for a moment, such is his desire to ask one question:
[20:59] <@Damion_Cross> “–Suzerain?”
[21:02] <@Anne_Montelepre> “My–erm, comic.”
[21:03] <@Anne_Montelepre> “But ‘something more significant’? Like what?”
06[21:03] * Chris_Gravier looks at Damion like he’s an alien.
06[21:03] * @Anne_Montelepre mutters under her breath. “Be nice to know that I wasn’t solely responsible for getting a bunch of innocent people killed…”
01[17:30] <@Storyteller> <Even as distracting as the rest of the scene is- crowded with the kids, the Police and otherwordly Chevalier, and Reynard a stone’s throw away- depending on their attentiveness, Anne, Brynn, December, Damion, and Madison may note there is an unusually dense population of shades in the cordoned off street. While Paris is and old city and this may not be tremendously unusual-seeming, the Chevalier eye them… mostly with pity. None of them seem to be about anything particularly sinister, just drifting- but they are almost entirely strong imprints on the World, even if some of them seem to be fading.>
06[17:32] * @Maddy looks nervous as he peers around him, squeezing tight to Brynn’s hand and edging away from the shades as much as he can.
06[17:33] * @Wraxian grunts faintly, barely catching herself from just completely falling to the ground. It is perhaps strange to be watching those remote, icey features try to process something overwhelmingly like pain and horror; a strangled little cry and rasping breath accompanies her struggling speech. “Damion Cross, jksf Ioronfask jnaygbwjk aldkiw fwui.”
01[17:35] <@Storyteller> <Brynn’s free fist balls tightly and unclenches over and over, his breathing low and shallow, delicate nostrils flaring. His teeth are clearly gritted; those close to him can hear the soft, keening song he is stifling to the best of his ability.>
06[17:37] * @Maddy ‘s voice is strained.
[17:38] <@Maddy> What is she saying, Damion? What does she need?
06[17:39] * @Maddy leans in and buries his face in Brynn’s neck.
06[17:40] * @Anne_Montelepre unconsciously starts to circle Chris….trying to keep her back to his (or at least the rest of the Band), apparently scanning…nothing, it would appear to most.
06[17:40] * @Damion_Cross ‘s eyes shoot left, then right.
[17:41] <@Damion_Cross> “…Yeah, I think we need to go do That Thing That Doesn’t Involve Us Being Out On The Street. Now.”
[17:43] <@Maddy> …I agree. Let’s move.
06[17:43] * @Chris_Gravier rests a hand on Anne’s shoulder, trying to comfort her.
01[17:44] <@Storyteller> <Reynard seems to pick this moment – perhaps because despite clearly looking convinced that they should give him anything he wanted, the mortal officers are growing steadily more suspicious of the band’s behavior and commotion, strolling without a care in the world back to the children.> “Good news, everyone. I’ve secured your access to the crime scene.”
06[17:47] * @Hector` pauses, glancing at his bandmates. “Why is my spine tingling?”
[17:48] <@Shinjiro-kun> I’ve often found that it’s better not to ask in these situations.
06[17:50] * @Shinjiro-kun has drawn his pen while nobody was looking at him, and gives it a twirl between his fingers as he begins moving toward Reynard and the crime scene. “I suppose that I need to offer you my thanks, volpone.”
[17:50] <@Damion_Cross> “That works. We’re attracting way too much attention out here.”
06[17:53] * @Anne_Montelepre risks a quick glance towards Txiki and nods…though she can’t quite help but take all the shades in.
[17:53] <@Anne_Montelepre> *whispering* “Why are they all here?…”
[17:54] <@Chris_Gravier> Let’s go. You’re all giving me the creeps with your spidey senses. I don’t know what you guys are seeing, but it’s obvs. not awesome.
01[17:55] <@Storyteller> <Reynard shakes his robo-eared head lightly, and there is ferocious seriousness in his golden eyes.> “You need do little but breathe and shit, shifting child. Do not offer without the want. And shortly, I do not think you will feel the same. Let us go, quickly, before It is consumed publicly. Say nothing that can be overheard until you are within.” <He turns on his heel, gesturing for them to follow quickly, leading them in silence back past the guardsmen and around the corner.>
06[17:55] * @Chris_Gravier follows quickly, keeping Anne close to him.
06[17:58] * @Anne_Montelepre starts suddenly as Chris draws her away, as if realizing something.
[17:59] <@Anne_Montelepre> *under her breath* “Oh, my God–”
01[18:00] <@Storyteller> <Reynard makes a sharp tsk at Anne.>
06[18:05] * @Hector` wraps his stone arm around December for the latter’s comfort as he walks briskly, trying to get everyone inside swiftly. If it’s an ambush, best get on with it.
06[18:07] * @December leans heavily into Hector, saying nothing but obviously appreciating him all the more.
06[18:07] * @Damion_Cross is more than happy to follow Reynard…which is probably a sign of how unsettling things are getting in his opinion.
06[18:09] * @Wraxian can barely maintain her feet, but she is doing the best she can- anyone trying to assist will find themselves roughly batted away, mostly because she clearly looks like death might be better than what she is currently experiencing.
06[18:11] * @Maddy follows close on Wraxian’s heels, but doesn’t try to assist. His face is etched with worry for both her and Brynn.
01[18:13] <@Storyteller> <Reynard swiftly leads them around the corner and midway down the block, to a somewhat nondescript door that is plastered around with flyers (someone may realize that a trail of them, growing steadily thicker, might have led them here on its own. All of the flyers espouse the existence of aliens, gods, monsters, asking for information on everything from chupacabra sightings to dryad visitations. Scattered amongst them are likely a few with familiar art and the Suzerain header, with some sort of preview of the next scheduled strip.>
01[18:13] <@Storyteller> <He uses a skeleton key (literally, there’s a tiny skull on the end) to open the door, holding it open without going in himself.>
06[18:16] * @Maddy slips through the door, looking around him once inside.
06[18:16] * @Hector` glances to the fox. “Where’d you get the key?”
06[18:16] * @Anne_Montelepre shakes her head, trying to clear the disturbing vision from outside so that she can clearly see the equally disturbing vision inside.
[18:17] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I…didn’t know they were into all of… well, this stuff, too.”
[18:18] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Not that they deserved this because of it….”
06[18:18] * @Shinjiro-kun warily slips into the room, glancing about as he pushes his glasses up. “Truly troubling.”
06[18:19] * @Anne_Montelepre pauses, almost visibly steeling herself before she proceeds through the door.
01[18:19] <@Storyteller> <Reynard smirks at Damion as he answers Hector.> “The Calf goes Ooooouu.”
[18:21] <@Shinjiro-kun> That’s a terrible thing to say about Hathor.
06[18:21] * @Hector` snerks, his own witty comeback dying on his lips as he fights to hold down his laughter.
01[18:23] <@Storyteller> <Reynard touches December’s elbow almost gently as she passes, leaning in to kiss her cheek in an almost fatherly manner, but there is nothing paternal in his eyes, only rage and bitterness, underlining the nastiness in his voice as he whispers to her.> “My duty ends here, déesse de l’abattage. never forget that we will always have an oubliette reserved somewhere, just for you.” <He pauses briefly, his narrow golden gaze trailing Brynn as he amends,> “….and your little bean sidhe savior, too.”
06[18:24] * @December looks about how you would expect someone who has been told such a thing should, hurrying into the shadow of the interior with a shudder.
06[18:26] * @Hector` glances to Reynard with a look composed of a combination of derision and snark. “Is that where you keep your politeness?”
06[18:27] * @Damion_Cross turns towards Wraxian for a moment, appearing to be weighing his options, before remembering himself and following the others, returning Reynard’s attentions with withat might best be described as a mask of studied objectivity.
[18:44] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((I believe that’s everyone?))
01[18:45] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Yah, Imma typin) }}•’`
[18:45] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((^_^))
01[18:46] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ I havent posted wraxian yet, but i will get to her with my next post after this one. }}•’`
01[18:47] <@Storyteller> <The door seems to be about all that is left intact of a surprisingly large space; the front, originally was some sort of loopy supernaturalist storefront and propoganda distributor, but within a few feet the blackened blast area is clearly defined, and tables, computers, and other things perhaps best not thought long about are twisted and melted into nothing but superheated slag and ash. It clearly gets worse the farther back into the enormous, almost hangar-sized space, though there is likely little impetus to move forward as the door smacks shut behind the last of them, the fox that led them here, apparently gone with the wind. Those with Death senses find this area, if anything, is worse than outside (expectedly) but for differing reasons- there are far, FAR too many shades to attribute to the blast alone, and every one seems… tortured, engraged, though they make no attack on the Band. Indeed, for the moment, they are being given somewhat of a berth.>
06[18:50] * @Maddy turns as pale as a ghost, now leaning heavily on Brynn.
06[18:50] * @Hector` eyes the room warily. “Blast this size, that’s gotta be one hell of a bomb… or one hell of a lot of bombs.”
01[18:51] <@Storyteller> <Brynn turns away, pressing his face into the side of Madison’s face, hiding in his hair.>
06[18:52] * @Shinjiro-kun shakes his head, gripping his pen tightly. “I hope that you find what you seek swiftly, Anne-chan.”
[18:55] <@Damion_Cross> “Holy Shit. Hell did they set off in here?…”
[18:55] * @Wraxian is inside and around the threshold (what pittiable one may be left when better than two thirds of the back portion of the building has been blasted into open air). She finds the wall, presses her back into it, and simply opens her mouth, out falling an unearthly, horrified, endless scream of compacted, agonized terror and pain from one they would all swear to a man was utterly incapable of it. For those with Death Senses, that sound is accompanied by something- someone- hurtling at Wraxian and doing its best to occupy the same space as she – its specral mouth open in mirror of that sepulchral wail.>
06[18:57] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s mouth opens and closes at first, no sound coming out–but all of it is lost, as she spies the shade moving on Wraxian…and the inhuman wail coming from her.
[18:57] <@Hector`> What the actual fuck…?!
06[18:59] * @Damion_Cross starts, startled by Wraxian’s scream…then, able to spy the shade assaulting her, acts, Fate flooding the single word he screams.
[18:59] <@Damion_Cross> “STOP!” ((Overt order))
01[19:01] <@Storyteller> <The presence enveloping and pressing against Wraxian halts, though Wraxian’s keening does not. It struggles against the command, but is still.>
06[19:02] * @Maddy looks panic stricken.
[19:02] <@Maddy> What the fuck is going on?
[19:03] <@Chris_Gravier> Nothing good can come from any of this.
[19:03] <@Shinjiro-kun> I can see nothing to make Wraxian react so!
[19:03] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Something’s trying to possess her!”
[19:06] <@Maddy> Yes but can Damion hold it off? How do we stop it?
06[19:07] * @Wraxian rocks back and forth, out of control of at least a part of herself, it would seem, as despite the ongoing, outraged agony, she fumbles with all the precision she can muster in her shoulder bag, dumping out a part of its odd collection of odds and ends, vials and flasks, computer bits and bobs, finally retrieving what looks abysmally like… a USB cable? She sweeps her hair back and- holy shit, there is some sort of port at the nape of Wraxian’s neck, when did that get there? – plugs it in, whipping the adjoining end into her PLD. With trembling free hand she excruiatingly types a few commands, and all of them see a red MUTE flash slowly across the screen, the sound abruptly cutting off, though her mouth remains open, and the horror writ large across what is visible of her face along with it; only the sound has been removed.
06[19:09] * @Anne_Montelepre curses, part of her in awe at Wraxian’s priorities…but her mind still races.
06[19:09] * @December stares. In the sudden silence, her whispered, “Holee fuk,” seems abnormally loud.
[19:09] <@Hector`> Dammit… Maddy, help her!
[19:09] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Somebody knock her out!–no wait!, put her to sleep!”
[19:10] <@Hector`> I don’t keep sorporil in my back pocket!
06[19:11] * @Wraxian shakes her head viciously, straining to breathe, holding her non-PLD hand up, rocking back and forth, back arching hard in sensation completely foreign to her, once more trying to process through the pain- and to the best solution.
06[19:11] * @Damion_Cross , swearing under his breath, undoes the bottom button of his jacket, reaches into the Dark Shadows beneath his Dark Suit…and pulls out an old, rusty, iron-and-leather bound lantern. Its light illuminates the huge, blasted, ruined space….but within that light, shadows can be seen, swirling within the circular space.
06[19:15] * @Maddy kisses Brynn firmly on the mouth before immediately closing the gap between himself and Wraxian. He scoops her into his arms, holding her close and whispering in her ear. (Bolster)
01[19:15] <@Storyteller> <So many shadows. So much darkness. So many tortured spirits.>
[19:16] <@Wraxian> `’•{{ Such shade. So Darkness. }}•’`
[19:21] <@Maddy> !roll 10 2
[19:21] <+Joshua> , 5 , 9 , 9 , 4 , 8 , 10 , 2 , 5 , 5 , 5
[19:21] <+Joshua> Maddy Successes: 7
06[19:25] * @Wraxian fights a bit with Madison, mostly struggling to keep the connection up with her brain stem, it would seem, and the PLD. She looks a bit less pale, perhaps, her eyes less sunken as Madison’s power Bolsters her (and the entire rest of the Band, pretty much). Her fingers twitch wildly over her PLD as she holds her shaking hand/arms up, a small section of the screen tilting upwards as the light from her device intensifies, and with another keystroke a brilliant (if up-side-down) projection of her current (Atlantean-texted) display screen renders on the charred and black wall opposite her.
06[19:26] * @Wraxian taps out with effort (still displaying wrong-side-up) “Must. Show. Why.”
06[19:27] * @Anne_Montelepre splutters.
[19:27] <@Anne_Montelepre> “‘Must show–!’ WRAXIAN! We can just ask them!”
06[19:28] * @Anne_Montelepre turns her attention to the ghost.
[19:31] <@Anne_Montelepre> *FR*”Mon ami… hear me, I beg you. I…none of us can imagine what you went through, what you’re going through now–ANY of you.”
06[19:32] * @Anne_Montelepre , though keeping her focus on the ghost near Wraxian, also looks about them, adressing the other victims standing about them.
06[19:33] * @Maddy holds Wraxian close, continuing to whisper to her, his voice soft and as comforting as he can make it. This is probably more for himself than her.
[19:35] * @Wraxian As Anne grabs the attention of a few, the whispers begin, in French, and English, and half a dozen other languages.> “Avenge us. Avenge Us. Avenge us. AVENGE US.
06[19:37] * @Chris_Gravier doesn’t seem to have much idea what’s going on since he can’t see the shades.
[19:41] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Know this: We — some of us at least — can see you and can hear you, and NONE OF US WILL LEAVE THIS BE until we’ve found those responsible and brought them to justice.”
[19:43] <@Anne_Montelepre> “But I ask that you release Wraxian. We need her help to investigate this…and she’s already suffered more than enough. I feel your frustration, but doing this to her won’t help. If we’re to set this right, we need to be at full srength. And we will, on my word.” ((1L, Preach On))
[19:52] <@Hector`> I’m pretty cool with vengeance. I’m down. Just let Wraxian go.
01[19:55] <@Storyteller> <The spirits within the reach of Anne’s voice turn to her, mollified, their apparent rage settling some. Slowly, a nerdy-looking young frenchwoman, likely not much older than Anne herself, steps forward a bit. Her shade isn’t as strongly stamped on the World as most of the rest, but she speaks clear, accented English.> “We didn’t know, <she whispers.> “We didn’t know what was right beneath our noses.”
[20:00] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Visible to everyone, or only those with DS?))
[20:00] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Perhaps the Willpower refresh would help with that?))
01[20:01] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ She isn’t strong enough on her own, but I think that’s a good suggestion- the willpower and the rest knowing she is there- (sorry i meant to comment on PO’s WP boost earlier) so I think everyone seeing her is fine. }}•’`
06[20:07] * @Anne_Montelepre takes a deep breath, clearly afraid she already knows the answer.
[20:07] <@Anne_Montelepre> “What do you mean?”
06[20:09] * @Shinjiro-kun furrows his brow, not liking this one bit, no sir. “Don’t tell me that you found some sort of gate to the Titans’ realm in the basement.”
06[20:16] * @Chris_Gravier eyes the strange newcomer, running a hand through his hair.
[20:17] <@Chris_Gravier> This just gets better and better.
01[20:18] <@Storyteller> <The girl nervously wrings her hands, her eyes downcast, before she just points slowly to the wobbling (Wraxian seems to be having issues keeping her arm still, and aloft) projection on the wall, and its three word message.> “I’m sorry,” <she whispers again.> “You… have to see.”
06[20:22] * @Damion_Cross ‘s eyes remain on Wraxian, still sensing her distress (even if it appears to be quite a bit less than before), and apparently torn on how to respond.
06[20:23] * @Anne_Montelepre turns towards the projection, still visibly upset at Wraxian’s condition, but supressing her reaction.
[20:24] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Alright, than? Would you please show us, Madmoiselle–?
06[20:25] * @Anne_Montelepre waits for the mousey-looking girl to give her name, trying not to think that she could easily be a classmate of hers…
01[20:28] <@Storyteller> “Victoria.” <Her head shakes. She looks over her shoulder, frowning, as if listening, a brief light filling her dead eyes.> “Let her show you. It will stop once you all know what she does.  The impact will be lessened, some, when shared.”
[20:30] <@Hector`> Well, then, I guess let’s follow Victoria.
[20:34] <@Anne_Montelepre> “All right. Wraxian…can you show us? It’ll be over soon…”
06[20:35] * @Anne_Montelepre turns to her Bandmate, her voice encouraging, thougth she couldn’t hide that the last part was more Hope than Certanty.
06[20:36] * @Wraxian ‘s arm wobbles, typing in unsteady keystrokes, “Kiyomasa <insert four screens of honorifics>, please.” She seems to realize the display is inverted, and flips the screen with a light swipe.
06[20:41] * @Maddy reaches into the deep pocket of his robes and retrieves Kiyo, setting him on his shoulder.
01[20:46] <@Storyteller> <Kiyo peers out at the mass of ghosts, does one singular holy shit blink, and bounds off of Madison’s shoulder, taking a swipe at the one shade still close to Wraxian on his way to her, nuzzling up to her arm for a moment before opening his mouth wide, planting his haunches, and taking ahold of her wavering wrist in his jaws, his teeth just gentle enough to keep from drawing blood. The image on the wall stills suddenly.>
[20:52] <@Damion_Cross> “Well, that’s one way to stabilize…”
06[20:52] * @Wraxian almost seems to relax some, no longer having to focus on trying to steady the picture herself, her fingers on the PLD screen on her wrist move quickly, but not at the speed they are used to her using… any of the more computer savy might briefly be able to follow her delving deeply into some sub-sub-sub-subsets of directories, finally loading up a set of images and scrawled documents, scanned in from what seems to be older parchment, anatomy diagrams, journals and scores of hand written text, all in older european dialects. Most of it flies by, skimmed through by Wraxian, it seems, with pauses here and there to showcase oddities; depictions of things that clearly weren’t human…>
06[20:53] * @Hector` furrows his brow, trying to puzzle it all out. “Looks like some kinds of cryptids?”
[20:57] <@Wraxian> <The display starts and stops repeatedly. Clear differences in handwriting, artistry, language indicate multiple individuals… slowly the tone of the studies darkens… the words captured and subject begin appearing, over and over, the details steadily more and more unmentionable.>
[21:03] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Wraxian…? Can you slow it down a bit?”
06[21:07] * @Hector` says something incredibly uncouth in Japanese.
[21:08] <@Wraxian> <After almost twenty minutes and at least two centuries of documentation, the written notation begins to become interspersed with snippets of grainy, ancient, soundless film. Mostly men, but a few women are shown, vivisecting some things that are clearly human- and by the fact that some of them harmlessly endure being set openly aflame, likely not wholly mortal ones- and some not, beasts of legend and yore, a manticore, a unicorn, a naiad. The gritty picture halts, Wraxian’s faint blue text of imposing upon the frozen horror underway on the screen.> “Not finished. Slow on what, Anne Montelepre?”
[21:11] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Err….disregard. Continue, please, Wraxian.”
06[21:14] * @Shinjiro-kun echoes Hector’s sentiment. “This is madness.”
[21:18] <@Maddy> What… what is all this? I can’t read it fast enough.
[21:19] <@Hector`> Dissection and vivisection of creatures of Legend. Probably trying to study their powers and extract them. Sickening.
[21:19] <@Wraxian> <If anything, with picture/video, the ongoing experimentation seems to speed, primarily because someone took the time to carefuly digitize hundreds of hundreds of thousands of hours of footage (she did say several peta-bytes, didn’t she?) off of terrible old reel-to-reels, quality steadily improving through the VHS era, on to CDs, DVDs. and BRDVDs, even as the depravity worsens, a small team gathered to desecrate beast and seemingly-mortals alike, testing abilities, ongoing vivisections, amputations, occasionally swapping limbs between beast and humanoid, sometimes even seeming to sacrifice members of their own team (who appear more than willing) in attempts to transfer whatever gives their subjects power, into themselves, generally with horrific (and nearly immediately deadly) results.>
[21:19] <@Shinjiro-kun> Perhaps those responsible are the same as those who backed Dr. Brodersgard’s “Beeject” research…
06[21:22] * @Shinjiro-kun stiffens, as an entirely different conclusion occurs to him. “I think that I am going to be sick.”
06[21:22] * @December turns and runs for a corner, ejecting whatever she ate last, violently and loudly, as Wraxian speeds through the torture and death of a woman who was clearly a fellow Kitsune sister.
06[21:24] * @Hector` holds December’s hair back, idly patting her back with his flesh hand.
[21:25] <@Damion_Cross> “Oh, son of a–”
[21:26] <@Hector`> These cunts are gonna die. Don’t even think anything different. Wraxian, give me a location for these suckas.
[21:26] <@Anne_Montelepre> “–ENOUGH! Wraxian, save the remaining footage–but STOP!””
01[21:30] <@Storyteller> <At some point, it is likely to dawn on someone that this, all of this, is the answer to so many questions. The mortal rally for peace may have been the natural response from the human populace to an otherwise inexplicable tragedy, but it does not explain the OverWorld response. This, however, these secret experiments, unfathomable and hidden atrocities, centuries of horrors undertaken by a group of mortals upon their children, walkers upon two legs and more, people and things they were meant to be guardians of, does. It explains not just the intensity of the rage inherent, but the broad swath of cultures present and impacted, not only the Francais given umbrage, respresentatives of nearly all pantheons descending upon Paris to oversee the extraction of justice for what has gone so longer overlooked.>
06[21:31] * @Anne_Montelepre , not willing to wait and see if Wraxian is willing or able to comply, decides to turn her attention from the projection to the crime scene itself, easily as much to keep herself from tossing her cookies as to further the investigation. Forcing herself to disregard the shades for now, she tries to place herself in their shoes when they were still among the living, taking in the scene, her enhansed senses reaching forth and taking in the (normally) imperceptible, attempting to mentally reconstruct the events of that terrible day. ((1L, Instant Investigator))
01[21:32] * @Wraxian’s ‘Not Yet, Anne Montelepre.’ for all that it is only text, is somehow sad, but she does seem to speed forward without stopping for some time, until she reaches a point in time, timestamped roughly two years ago. She slows down significantly.>
01[21:33] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Roll Wits+Invest  }}•’`
06[21:33] * @Anne_Montelepre , almost in spite of herself, breaks off her search…
[21:33] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Or completes it: it does say “instant” on the tin, after all ^^;; ))
[21:34] <@Anne_Montelepre> !roll 9 11
[21:34] <+Joshua> , 3 , 3 , 3 , 2 , 6 , 4 , 1 , 10 , 8
[21:34] <+Joshua> Anne_Montelepre Successes: 14
06[21:34] * @Anne_Montelepre …and turns back to the projection.
[21:41] <@Anne_Montelepre> “–It wasn’t a bomb.”
06[21:41] * @Maddy cannot stop the tears from spilling over his cheeks and he turns away from the death in disgust, clinging to Brynn as he is clung to, hiding his face and crying quietly.
[21:42] <@Chris_Gravier> This is… gods… this is abhorent. How could something like this happen?
06[21:43] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s fist chenches, her nails drawing blood from her palm.
[21:44] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Something — or someone — capable of wielding fire did this. Someone insanely powerful.
[21:46] <@Wraxian> <There is a great deal of excitement- despite the fact that there legitimately should be sound to accompany the video, it seems to have been muted along with Wraxian’s own screams, which would likely have been too in tune with certain sections of the video, anyways- as things pick up, now clearly in the back of the same warehouse they are currently standing, the experimenting space carefully kept dampered and squirelled away from any prying eyes, Sigils and wards are on every spare inch of concrete and steel, as a woman, heart-stoppingly beautiful, is dragged into a triply warded cell and chained heavily with shackles blatantly belonging to and created by the best and most powerful of divine smiths. Her bottom half seems mostly serpentine, though on occasion, she is seen with legs.
[21:46] <@Wraxian> Wraxian ‘helpfully’ over-writes “Wouive.” for a moment over the footage as she is drug, drugged, and chained. The experiments seem primarily focused, apparently fruitlessly, on horrible things that sadistic men will do with beautiful women, though whatever results are expected, they do not seem to get them.>
[21:47] <@Wraxian> <Wraxian speeds forward as much as she can, clearly barely bearing any of this, herself.>
[21:51] <@Wraxian> <A middle-aged man is brought in, timestamped a year ago. Sandy brown hair, warm dark eyes, a striking handsome face… or what might have once been. He looks like he used to smile a lot, but there is no room for it in what his life becomes to follow, as it is clearly expected he conduct the same violations upon his fellow prisoner. When he refuses- presumably so, because whatever happens, Wraxian jumps forward at a hectic speed so that only she needs to know- the man is later shown broken, bloodied, the woman heavily pregnant.>
06[21:51] * @Anne_Montelepre forgets who-or-what might’ve destroyed the facility as she, wholly unwillingly, takes this in–
06[21:52] * @Shinjiro-kun just blinks, unable to form words into sentences.
[21:54] <@Anne_Montelepre> “–No–HOW–”
[21:56] <@Wraxian> <Wraxian speeds forward again, until she reaches a timestamp of the day of the ‘bombing’- the woman giving birth, screaming in horror and pain, not to a live child but a small clutch of eggs. As they are taken from her, something within her erupts- she finds a moment of lax security- flame explodes, and the camera is instantly turned to slag, though clearly, the footage, auto-uploaded, remains for posterity, until some unsuspecting data-devouring scion happens upon it…>
[21:57] <@Hector`> This is beyond fucked up. This is so far beyond fucked up that fucked up is off on the horizon, fucking normal in the ear.
06[21:58] * @Damion_Cross freezes as well, now going past disgusted to horribly frightened by what they were seeing.
01[21:59] <@Storyteller> <As they all watch, all of the shades- almost all of whom are recognizable as ‘subjects’ of the projection, stare and watch, silent and solemn- save for a few, robed, lab-coated, agitated. Beside/near Wraxian, crouching with her, lightly caressing his translucent hand above her hair and softly whispering his apology, is the shade of the once-handsome middle-aged man, last subject of the uploaded video stream.>
06[22:01] * @Wraxian lowers her head with a soft sigh, the video going out a heartbeat later, no longer wraught with agony, Kiyo releases her arm in order to crawl into her lap, butting his head repeatedly beneath her chin.
06[22:08] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s mouth continues to open and close like a landed fish’s, as her heartbeat slowly returns to normal. The multiple trails of tears, however, do not slow in the least, as she approaches Wraxian…and her “guest.”
[22:08] <@Damion_Cross> “…’Wouive’??”
01[22:11] <@Storyteller> <Wraxian doesn’t stir, but the man’s ghost stands slowly and nods, his own tears shining like pale rivers on his translucent cheeks. He speaks slow English, and everything about him states that when he was free, he was a steady, stalwart, friendly and loving man.> “I called her, ‘Ivy.'”
06[22:12] * @Anne_Montelepre finds herself unable to speak for a moment, as she looks at the pair. Finally, she clears her throat — weakly at first, then with (slightly) more strength:
[22:13] <@Anne_Montelepre> “What was your name, sir?”
01[22:16] <@Storyteller> <Shade> “Michael. Michael Narnist.”
[22:21] <@Damion_Cross> “…Guys? I’m too new to be making requests, I know….but now I’m really concerned about Maeve not returning my texts….”
[22:22] <@Hector`> All right. All right.
06[22:22] * @Hector` washes his hands over his face, shaking his head.
[22:22] <@Hector`> First, we check on your Hellspawn. Then, we send these cunts to meet her sisters. Violently. So, so violently.
01[22:24] <@Storyteller> <A figure walks out of the shadows from the back of the building, hips swaying in a horribly disrespectful manner considering all that has likely happened there, all things considered.> “As if I’d miss the opportunity to watch you take in all of that delightful observation and experimentation.”
06[22:26] * @Anne_Montelepre ‘s hand lifts one side of her skirt, much as she did when Txiki teased December and Hector…but this time she completes the manuever, resulting an a Fairbarin-Sykes Dagger being raised beside her right ear, ready to be sent flying at their uninvited guest.
01[22:26] <@Storyteller> <Maeve offers, to the possibly unconscious Wraxian, as gauchely as possible.> “Anything you want, for a flash drive with all that on it. Especially the bits you skipped.  A soul? A dozen?”
[22:29] <@Damion_Cross> “…Maeve? You’ve got worse taste than I do….and that’s saying something.”
06[22:30] * @Shinjiro-kun manifests Yamato, shaking his head coolly to the short redhead. “This is no time for games.”
[22:33] <@Damion_Cross> “And why didn’t you answer? I don’t send texts for my health.”
[22:36] <@Damion_Cross> “And, bit of advice? You might wanna keep that ryona fetish you have to yourself.”
01[22:38] <@Storyteller> <At that very moment, Damion’s phone goes off. A long string of texts detailing her adventures and inability to reach him, complete with some inappropriately graphic content about some “side contract work”, petering off into faux-desperation and an overblown overdramatic break-up chain because he isn’t responding to her.>
[22:40] <@Damion_Cross> ((Also: For the love of God, DO NOT GOOGLE WHAT DAMION PUT IN ITALICS! ))
[22:40] <@Shinjiro-kun> (AFK, Googling esoteric fetish porn.)
01[22:41] <@Storyteller> <Maeve rolls her eyes over the bristling scions, clucking her tongue as she waggles her bottom, apparently just because it is required articulation for her speech.> “Sensitive lot you fell in with, sheesh. I got your blasted bird, hold on.” <She digs in her purse, tossing a rather dead-looking bird at Damion.>
[22:42] <@Shinjiro-kun> (You really built that up to be bigger than it was.)
[22:43] <@Damion_Cross> ((My first encounter was particularly tramautic. ))
[22:43] <@Damion_Cross> ((That or I’m a wuss.))
[22:44] <@Shinjiro-kun> (I’m not especially interested, but I don’t find it particularly horrific, either.)
06[22:47] * @Damion_Cross pulls out his phone, reads, sighs.
[22:48] <@Damion_Cross> “…For the record, I’m going to kill you. Prepare yourself.”
06[22:49] * @Damion_Cross glowers at her.
06[22:50] * @Storyteller <Maeve shrugs her shoulders and fakes a shocked response in a very Betty-Boop sort of way.> “Oh! I bet you say that to all the hot ladies you meet.”
[22:52] <@Hector`> Now that we’ve gotten the pre-requisite Laurel and Hardy act out of the way, can we get back to something important, like finding the bastards that did all that shit and showing them the other side of a ryona fetish?
06[22:53] * @Anne_Montelepre nods, and turns to Victoria.
[22:57] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Who–No. First, I want your names–everyone, all of them.”
[22:58] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I suspect a lot of you didn’t know didn’t know what was happening, as you said, and you don’t deserve to be forgotten. And we won’t let whose who DID escape.”
01[22:58] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ Holy shit o.o }}•’`
01[22:59] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ That is a hell of an end cap. }}•’`
[22:59] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((We can do that “Off camera” of course.))
[22:59] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Not done yet.))
01[22:59] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ kk }}•’`
06[23:00] * @Shinjiro-kun exhales a soft growl, snapping the katana back into a pen and stuffing it into his pocket. “Write them all down, Anne-chan. We’ll memorialize them in the blogosphere. An eternal shrine to those that wickedness would choose to obscure.”
[23:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Then? We go hunting. And, again, on my word: if we do spare anyone involved with this, who knew what they were doing?”
06[23:01] * @Anne_Montelepre glares.
06[23:01] * @Hector` cracks his neck without using his hands, because they’re busy pounding a stone fist against a flesh palm. “We won’t.”
[23:01] <@Anne_Montelepre> “It’ll only because whatever we could do? Our Parents’ll do WORSE.”


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