Generation S – Issue #089 – In the Face of Fate – Publication 03.22.16

[18:28] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Keep talking and find out.”
[18:40] <@Shinjiro-kun> Mr. Cross, in case you were unaware, we had our greatest hour of triumph transformed into a shame known across the Worlds. We can smile when the job is done. This? This is simply a step along that path.
[18:41] <@Shinjiro-kun> Taking a gulp of air when one is still rising from the ocean floor is ill-advised.
06[18:43] * @Wraxian turns her head to Shinjiro, listening, head tilted slightly, bird-like.
[18:49] <@Shinjiro-kun> We can savor success when what was set wrong is put to rights again, and not before.
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Generation S – Issue #088 – Flames of Rage, Fires of Life, Sparks of Hope – Publication 01.20.16

01[18:40] <@Storyteller> <Gabriel, finally proudly upright and not being under immediate threat (mostly), takes a deep breath for a moment, primarily to clear his scattered thoughts, and secondarily, to appreciate the still-breathing-ness of it all. He looks around over the motley group, geared and quite ready for war, licking his lips slowly as his studies them (he’s probably parched- he’s not looking at anyone like they might make a nice meal). He glances at the back of the truck as he pauses, making a soft sound before his gaze finally returns to Anne, the querulous but cautious look in his eyes, on top of that thoughtfully inquisitive sound, combining to ask a silent question: ‘Weren’t there more of you, before?’ He wisely does not speak such, perhaps, instead, eventually getting around to answer her question.> “Targets are a trio of mortals- uh, mostly, maybe- in possession of a clutch of Wouive eggs stolen from the perpetrator of the Parisian, uh… Incident. Current location is reported to be a tomb about three klicks north-east of here. Orders are to send them forth to the collective Death Cabal gathered in Paris currently.”
01[18:40] <@Storyteller> <Gabriel> “With an extreme amount of prejudice, I might add.”
[18:41] <@Hector`> So find the egg-nappers, stomp ’em in the nuts, and give them to the Brutesquad. Sounds straightforward.
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Generation S – Issue #087 – The Long-Awaited Moments (Never Turn Out As Expected) – Publication 10.27.15

06[17:41] * @December makes her way through and out of Paris at a very nearly literal break-neck pace. The AWV seems to have a great suspension and some sort of defensive mechanisms that keep them all safely free of both mortal observation and interference. In short work she is racing the sun to the horizon, scanning the road and hills before her through the windscreen for some sign of whom- or what – they are supposed to be meeting.
06[17:45] * @Damion_Cross ‘s even taking a deep breath feels like an effort, given the heavy environment in the passenger bay.
06[17:49] * @Shinjiro-kun just watches Anne, saying nothing.
06[17:49] * @Hector` drums his stone fingers against the dashboard. “We gonna make it?”
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Generation S – Issue #086 – The Wake: Confrontation, Education, Mastication… Abduction – Publication 10.13.15

[17:12] <@Maddy> We don’t seem to have much of a choice.
06[17:13] * @Maddy looks grim, gripping Brynn tightly.
06[17:17] * @Anne_Montelepre scans the area….again.
01[17:17] <@Storyteller> `’•{{ You guys mentioned maybe running through names off camera- just as a reminder as you decide where you want to springboard to, from here. }}•’`
01[17:17] <@Storyteller> <Brynn continues shuddering faintly, his face hidden in Madison’s hair. The overwhelming amount of spirits in the area doesn’t seem to agree much with him.>
[17:18] <@Anne_Montelepre> ((Yeah))
06[17:18] * @Hector` watches the bean sidhe with a look of… not quite trepidation, but not comforting, either.
[17:19] <@Anne_Montelepre> “…Pretty sure they moved the….the eggs.”
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Generation S – Issue #085 – Answers Amidst the Ashes – Publication 07.16.15

[18:22] <@Hector`> What we aim to do and what we actually do ain’t always the same.
[18:24] <@Chris_Gravier> …is that not what’s happening?
06[18:25] * @Chris_Gravier chews on his lower lip, wondering if he’s once again letting his stupid show.
[18:27] <@Shinjiro-kun> Anne-chan is attempting to express that she was not expecting these accolades. She wanted a quiet inspiration, not a rousing parade in the streets.
[18:28] <@Chris_Gravier> Oh right. Well. Nothing we do is ever simple. I’ve given up on THAT notion.
[18:33] <@Shinjiro-kun> Quite so. Fate won’t see it that way.
[18:34] <@Chris_Gravier> We’re a hot mess bunch of kids before the whole children of the gods thing. You throw that in with it and well….
06[18:34] * @Chris_Gravier shrugs, gesturing around him.
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Generation S – Issue #084 – Rally – Publication 06.11.15

06[18:16] * @Anne_Montelepre , having lived (briefly) in the vicinity, begins thinking about places she’s personally aware of, glancing briefly towards Wraxian as she rejects the Hotel Plaza Athenee out of hand.
[18:19] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I’d suggest a smaller place…and that we buy it out for the duration of our stay.”
06[18:21] * @Hector` smirks a bit. “No repeats of Cairo this time, hopefully… eh, Shinji?”
06[18:22] * @Shinjiro-kun remains pointedly silent.
06[18:23] * @Wraxian cants her head faintly to the side, nodding gently as Anne speaks, responding softly, “It is already taken care of, Anne Montelepre.”
06[18:23] * @Anne_Montelepre clears her throat.
[18:24] <@Anne_Montelepre> “I was suggesting a smaller place because I’m concerned that our presence might invite an attack.”
[18:25] <@Shinjiro-kun> Something defensible would be advisable.
[18:25] <@Anne_Montelepre> “If, God –or Gods forbid — it happens, the fewer people potentially in the crossfire, the better.
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Generation S – Issue #083 – Orders – Publication 04.27.15

01[17:42] <@Storyteller> <Whether because it feels Anne needs a bit of space between the bombshell Fate just dropped upon her, or it simply feels ornery, those more familiar with the habits and hallways of the Terra Incognita, probably at some point, will start feeling like they’re taking the long way back to familiar territory.>
06[17:44] * @Hector` narrows his eyes, looking up at the house. “Hey, we’re in a hurry here. Cut the scenic route crap and get to the good part.”
06[17:49] * @Anne_Montelepre , it appears, might well need the aforementioned space, shaking her head and muttering to herself as she marched down the hallway. “.wasn’t supposed to happen, wasn’t supposed to happen–”
[17:49] <@Chris_Gravier> Can we land somewhere familiar, House? Like the land of sanity, if there is such a thing. Or fuck it, why not on the Wicked Witch of the East?
06[17:50] * @Damion_Cross , for his part immediately pulls his phone out as soon as it’s clear that they have reception once more, both to read the news and to blast out a text of his own.
06[17:53] * @Shinjiro-kun gives Chris a funny look. “Why are we trying to land on witches?”
[18:04] <@Chris_Gravier> At this point I have to ask myself why we haven’t already.
[18:05] <@Anne_Montelepre> “..C’n think of people I’d like to land on–
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