Generation S – Issue #083 – Orders – Publication 04.27.15

01[17:42] <@Storyteller> <Whether because it feels Anne needs a bit of space between the bombshell Fate just dropped upon her, or it simply feels ornery, those more familiar with the habits and hallways of the Terra Incognita, probably at some point, will start feeling like they’re taking the long way back to familiar territory.>
06[17:44] * @Hector` narrows his eyes, looking up at the house. “Hey, we’re in a hurry here. Cut the scenic route crap and get to the good part.”
06[17:49] * @Anne_Montelepre , it appears, might well need the aforementioned space, shaking her head and muttering to herself as she marched down the hallway. “.wasn’t supposed to happen, wasn’t supposed to happen–”
[17:49] <@Chris_Gravier> Can we land somewhere familiar, House? Like the land of sanity, if there is such a thing. Or fuck it, why not on the Wicked Witch of the East?
06[17:50] * @Damion_Cross , for his part immediately pulls his phone out as soon as it’s clear that they have reception once more, both to read the news and to blast out a text of his own.
06[17:53] * @Shinjiro-kun gives Chris a funny look. “Why are we trying to land on witches?”
[18:04] <@Chris_Gravier> At this point I have to ask myself why we haven’t already.
[18:05] <@Anne_Montelepre> “..C’n think of people I’d like to land on–
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Generation S – Issue #082 – Reconciliation, Meditation, Exploration, Invention, Proposition, Visitation, Intimidation, Emancipation, Detonation – Publication 02.26.15

06[17:33] * @Wraxian spaces out silently, becoming still as she completely zones out in the wake of Hector’s inquiry.
06[17:43] * @Damion_Cross takes a deep breath, giving the Band his best I’m In No Way Whatsoever Up To Something” smile.
[17:44] <@Damion_Cross> “–So! What’s next?”
[17:47] <@Chris_Gravier> I… don’t know. Wraxian? Are you… ok?
[17:51] <@Wraxian> “Physical parameters remain dniw dmlanuiq dliqwbf standards, Christopher Valdoma. … currently processing research, specification sadj a ew ‘radio’.”
[17:52] <@Anne_Montelepre> “Indeed. What the hell is that, Wraxian?”
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Generation S – Issue #081 – Secrets in the Storm – Publication 11.11.14

01[18:01] <@Storyteller> <The enormous truck bounces and trundles along, the Kitsune flying solo at the helm making her way gradually out of Cairo at something less than her normal (somewhat literal) light-speed clip, the grit and sand wailing at the sides and top of the vehicle unrelenting, and growing more fierce, as they approach the outskirts of the city proper.>
[18:04] <@Chris_Gravier> bouncy bouncy bouncy….
06[18:06] * @Hector` leans back against the rear tailgate, shooting a glance from Anne to Chris to Anne to Chris, like he wants to say something but isn’t sure which way to aim it.
06[18:06] * @Baelic looks around the sitting area perhaps a little too closely.
06[18:08] * @Chris_Gravier follows Hector’s eyes until his own cross, at which point he asks: “Man, what?”
01[18:09] <@Storyteller> <Kiyo butts his head intrusively beneath Anne’s chin, purring like a small jet engine and eyeing Chris in a distinctly haughty manner, while licking his chops.>
06[18:09] * @Hector` shakes his head. “Just forget it. Let’s get this shit over with.”
[18:11] <@Chris_Gravier> Either speak up or quit it.
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Generation S – Issue #080 – This is Not the Wizard You Weren’t Looking For – Publication 08.18.14

01[17:20] <@Storyteller> <In theory, a sunrise has loomed behind an increasingly raging storm. Another day has come, with no sign of the storm abating, nor any of the promised contact from whatever Emissary is meant to reach out to them. Whether this is a good sign, or bad, but there is small uncertainty that continuing to pen scions- even in one of the nicest hotels in the world- is a poor plan for moving forwards…>
06[17:24] * @Wraxian very well may not have moved since… when was the last time anyone saw her move? When they got there? Since then, perhaps. She is nearly as still as a statue, her eyes almost always kept shut, offering little but her irksome brand of syllable salad and a few minor communications via manipulation of the giant flatscreen somewhere behind her spot on the couch. Much longer, and she might start melding into it. Or to smell. Probably both.
06[17:25] * @Shinjiro-kun has somehow managed to acquire another set of ingredients to make an extravagant breakfast, this time French fare. Mostly crepes.
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Generation S PA: Combat Review

01[17:17] <@Storyteller> <Nearly five hours later, the sun has begun setting, even if no one can actually see it through the depressingly unending storm of wind, ice, and sand. Perhaps, though, this is not the most depressing thing weighing young minds currently…>
06[17:16] * Shinjiro-kun uses the deck of playing cards, throwing them into a nearby hat one by one. With his epic dexterity, he hits every single throw, and that seems to be boring him as much as Not throwing the cards.
06[17:18] * @Anne_Montelepre is nowhere in sight, not having returned to the suite. After redressing (her t-shirt and jeans now thoroughly soaked from the failed decoy attempt) and ordering her troops (who, it appeared, she had trouble looking in the eye) to bring Madison’s abandoned gear to the suite and await her return, she marched down the stairs towards the ground floor, stopping for nothing and no one.
06[17:18] * @Wraxian is likely unmoved, still sitting upon the couch, unless someone has actually made some serious effort at moving her. At this rate, her limbs will start atrophying, in a few hundred years or so.
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Generation S PA: Chris and Hector – The Great Anti-Cunt Accords of 2014

[16:41] <@Conall`Curach> A short while after the spar session ended, Hector is sitting on the couch in the shared lounge, watching TV. He’s found an old episode of Kung Fu, and it is holding his interest for the moment.
06[16:50] * Chris_Gravier had disappeared rather quickly, locking himself in his room long enough to take a hot shower and change into a pair of red tear away pants with a white stripe down the leg, and an old thin black tshirt with Alice Cooper scrolled across the back. His hair is a mess, and he runs his fingers through it once before heading out into the common area. He spots Hector on the couch and sideskirts him, sweeping into the kitchen to open the refrigerator and stare inside.
[17:09] <@Conall`Curach> Hector glances up at Chris, leaving the boy to his own devices for the moment. David Carradine had just started kicking ass.
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Generation S PA: Shinjiro, The Spendthrift, and Wraxian – A Smith & Wesson Beats Four Aces

06[19:05] * @Wraxian hasn’t moved significantly since who knows when. She probably does, but the steel-rod stiffness with which she sits on the couch in silence, eyes closed, is unlikely to incline most towards braving whatever the Hades is wrong with her, now.
06[19:08] * @Shinjiro-kun approaches Wraxian, sitting across from her. “Are you bored, Wraxian?”
06[19:11] * @The_Unknown_Immortal stands to the right of the front door of the suite, back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, both hands resting on the barrel of the black-powder carbine in front of him, butt resting on the ground. He is quite possibly putting Wraxian to shame on the “not moving significantly” part, though she has quite the head start: he only took up this position after the rest of the Class left the room.
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