Scion Campaign Log 03.16.11

[15:20] <@Anth_GM> <GM> The night previous, you were all escorted to private guest rooms in Apollo’s Palace, vs. the luxurious group room you were in, inevitably a drowsy sleep came over all of you,   All was not so peaceful in the morning, however, as you are all awoke by the following sound, seeming to come from the very walls
[15:20] <@Anth_GM>
06[15:22] * @Raxhep sits up, blinking away sleep as he fumbles to get dressed, his chainmail sliding over his undershirt before he puts on his suit and Gucci shoes.
[15:23] <Badb_Catha> All right, I’ll feckin’ murder the wiseass who pulled this one.  *puts on nothing but a scowl as she stomps out of her chamber, looking for the source of the noise
06[15:28] * @Raxhep steps out of his chamber after 3 minutes and 22 seconds, fully dressed and prepared, though he feels naked with his GLOCK’s clip still missing. He glances down the hallway, giving Badb Catha a soft nod of acknowledgement.1 “It seems that someone wants us awake.”
[15:29] <Badb_Catha> It’s not funny.. that god drink from last night gave me a bloody hangover.
06[15:29] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos rolls his pale, faintly illuminated silver eyes, uncoiling from wherever he and Delos slept, stretching and greeting the morning with a game smile. Eosphora does not seem similarly inclined for pleasantries, the poor nymphs outside of her guest room greeted with a growl of old school petulance, though the light in her eyes probably means she may have already been awake.
[15:29] <@Raxhep> Gave YOU a hangover? We’re doomed.
06[15:30] * Badb_Catha rubs her head with a bit of a chuckle
[15:31] <@Anth_GM> <GM> as the Band leaves their respective frooms, the bugle call seems to have increatced in intensity, and is coming from a side door to the outside of the palace
[15:32] <@Anth_GM> (it increased too.. I took Arete 6 (Bad Spelling) )
06[15:35] * Badb_Catha cracks her knuckles and starts stomping her way towards that side door “Some bastard’s just aimin’ for us ta play rugby with their skull, they are..”
06[15:37] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos stalks towards the sound, getting the feeling its not going to go away if ignored. Eosphora stretches like a divine feline as she wanders down the corridors, appearing suitably aggravated but less openly irate than Babd.
06[15:39] * @Raxhep moves toward the door with the group, shaking his head.14 “I doubt that it’s hostile.”
01[15:39] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 “Ahhh… but we are…”
[15:40] <@Raxhep> Then whatever it is should brace itself for a rude awakening.
06[15:40] * @Raxhep grins at his own pun as he opens the door.
[15:41] <@Anth_GM> <GM> the sound gets louder as you walk to the door, as if the source of the playing is right outside.     when you get close enough, the door swings open, and outside you see a large field set aside for practice of various physical endeavors. At once side of the field there are several tables with boxes of various size, as well as a large object covered in a tarpaulin at the end of the tables.   standing in front of the tables are your pa
03[15:42] * Anth_GM is now known as Artemis
06[15:42] * @Artemis pulls the bugle from her lips and sets it down, with a feral smirk  “Kind of you to join us.”
06[15:43] * @Eos`Hes Eos snorts incredulously at his pun, but grins crookedly, a malevolent mischief twinkling in her eyes as she enters the room, which is never a good sign.
01[15:43] <@Eos`Hes> 15`14’1•3{{12 Cut: “are your pa” 3}}1•14’15`
[15:44] <@Artemis> ( are your parents.)
06[15:47] * Badb_Catha glowers, her face sobering up instantly as she sees The Morrigan amongst the gathered deities.
[15:50] <@Artemis> So, here we are, on Olympus, and here you are, newborn gods, veins flowing with Ichor.  You thought everything from here was to be luxury?  That eternity would be spent guzzling nectar and making company with willing nymphs?
06[15:50] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora gives Apollo a dark look marred by the fact that, minus her gothic makeup, she is a little less frightening (as if an Elder Olympian would ever be scared of his petulant child) than she might have intended, but clearly states that she hasn’t forgotten how the previous evening ‘ended’, and that were she a bit more inclined towards the Tuatha’s general manner of conflict resolution via punching parents in the face, she might seriously have contemplated doing so. Hesperos and Delos simply look relaxed and at ease, his eyes wandering over the area with curious intensity. Eos gives him a glance for his joviality that indicates she wouldn’t be beyond actually punching -him-, after all.
01[15:51] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 “Not particularly.”
06[15:51] * @Raxhep gives the gods a smirk.14 “Nothing is that easy.”
[15:52] <Badb_Catha> save perhaps Aphrodite.
06[15:52] * @Eos`Hes Eos and Hes try very, very hard not to giggle.
06[15:54] * @Artemis rolls her eyes  “Yes, yes, the excesses of our sister are indeed legendary.  On to business.   As is custom when one attains godhood, their parent bestows on them several gifts.  We’ve decided to make this a group effort, as well as a training session.   ‘
01[15:55] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 “oh. Joy.”
03[15:55] * Artemis is now known as Djhuty
[15:57] <@Djhuty> <GM> Impeccably dressed, with an aqualine nose and deep olive skin, Djehuty steps forward.
[15:57] <@Djhuty> First, a few points on the nature of godhood.
06[15:57] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora grumbles darkly, scowling at Apollo and Djheuty before she glances askance at Raxhep. 7″And here I thought we were done giving out gifts.”
[15:59] <@Djhuty> Firstly, your bodies now, are pure ichor constructs, you can change your physical appearance at will, though how you look now could be considered a “rest state”.  That is to say, how your mind’s eye sees itself.
06[16:01] * @Eos`Hes Eos gives Hesperos a ‘-that- is how you view yourself?’ eyebrow, to which he simply grins toothily in response.
[16:02] <@Djhuty> <GM> as he talks, Djehuty’s figures shift to the classic loincloth and Ibis-head figure seen of him in heiroglyphics.  “This lends itself to blending in with mortal humans, as you can tell.  This leads to my second point.    As gods, Fate’s pull on you is stronger than it has been before.  something you could do without risk in the past could generate everybody around you being bound to you by fate.
06[16:03] * @Eos`Hes Eos wrinkles her nose distastefully.
[16:03] <@Raxhep> So we can pull mortals into our flow. Sounds like something to avoid, got it.
06[16:04] * @Djhuty slowly shifts back into his previous impeccably dressed form   “As such, one of the powers inherent to your new state is the ability to form a body that is less.. divine if you will.
[16:06] <Badb_Catha> YOu mean, purposefully limit ourselves? why the feck would we want to do that?”
[16:06] <@Djhuty> …Charming.
[16:07] <@Raxhep> Presumably, to avoid binding ourselves to every mortal we walk past, Badb.
[16:07] <@Djhuty> Quite true, son.
[16:10] <@Djhuty> <GM> from the front of the building, escorted by a couple of nymphs, an elderly looking figure of regal bearing, clad in a kimono approaches the proceedings, The figure bows to the assembled gods slightly   “I wished to pay my respects to the children who put an end to Mikaboshi’s plans, and, if you would allow, watch the proceeedings.”
[16:10] <@Djhuty> <Apollo> Certainly, Izanagi-sama. My Home is yours.
06[16:14] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora regards the elderly japanese man with curiousity.
06[16:14] * @Raxhep gives Izanagi a respectful bow.1 “Your presence honors us, Izanagi-san.”
03[16:14] * Djhuty is now known as Izangai
03[16:14] * Izangai is now known as Izanagi
06[16:16] * @Izanagi nods slightly at Raxhep  “I have a son, he’s about your age.  after everything I would introduce him to you,   I have used your group as an example of why teamwork is better than working alone.”
[16:17] <@Raxhep> I look forward to making his acquaintance, sir.
06[16:17] * Badb_Catha wisely keeps her words to herself, knowing better than to say anything about relic sticks up bums around someone of Izanagi’s stature.
06[16:18] * @Izanagi nods at Djehuty
03[16:18] * Izanagi is now known as Djehuty
[16:20] <@Djehuty> Thank you, Izanagi-san.     Secondly, All gods have some form of residence, a Sanctum if you will, that is -their- place.  Molds itself to your will and is your home.  For example, we’re now standing in part of Apollo and Artemis’s shared Sanctum.
06[16:21] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora and Hesperos blink, subtly straightening, looking around with a little more interest.
[16:21] <@Djehuty> Such a place can take any form you wish it.  I have heard of a young time god recently who made his sanctum look like an british police box.  Strange, that one.
[16:22] <@Raxhep> Are they all bigger on the outside than they are on the inside?
06[16:23] * @Eos`Hes Eos chokes and coughs a little, trying not to laugh in the Ibis god’s face.
[16:26] <@Djehuty> Good question.  To answer it, yes, they can be.  Naturally sanctums come staffed, the servants are indeed, tied to the place, and will defend if if assaulted and the owner is away.  Do remember, we are in a war.     Now, son, regarding your Sanctum, I have already secured you a barge on Iteru, near my own.
06[16:28] * @Raxhep nods gently.1 “Thank you, father. I am sure that it will be marvelous.”
[16:30] <@Djehuty> Just do me a favor and try to keep it down for the first couple months *gives a bit of a wink to Eosphora*  Sanctums are only soundproof if yu wish them to be.
06[16:33] * @Raxhep gives Thoth an “I don’t know what you’re talking about” look as he nods in understanding.
06[16:33] * @Eos`Hes Eos opens her mouth for something suitably snarky, before snapping it closed, glancing at Raxhep for a moment before she just full-force scowls at Djehuty.
[16:33] <@Djehuty> now, to your relics, first. *walks to the table and picks up a jewelry box and hands it to Raxhep*  This is your first gift, I call it the Barrier of shifting Sands.,  You will see why.
06[16:35] * @Raxhep opens the box, blinking as he looks at the item inside.1 “A bracelet?”6 He picks it up out of the box for everyone to see, the silver piece of jewelry crafted to appear as an asp and viper coiled around the arm, their heads together and open as if they are ready to strike.
06[16:36] * @Djehuty nods “And that is all people will think of it to see it.  Now put it on your wrist, and concentrate on it.”
06[16:38] * @Raxhep nods, sliding the bracelet onto his wrist, arranging his jacket so the snakes’ heads are peeking out from the end of his sleeve. He concentrates, focusing on the bracelet as the snakes start to expel a cloud of sand, the raw silicate flowing into the air and coalescing into a steel kite shield emblazoned with a cartouche.
[16:38] <Badb_Catha> Oi, now -that- is a neat trick.
[16:39] <@Djehuty> Splendid.   You’ll notice, in addition to the obvious benefits of having something sturdy between yourself and harm, the bracelet will allow you control over earth and in matters of guarding.
[16:40] <@Raxhep> A barrier in the literal and figurative. Impressive. Thank you, father, I will make good use of it.
[16:40] <@Djehuty> I am sure you will, now, here are your second and third gifts
06[16:41] * @Djehuty opens a box, holding out an empty black shoulder holster
06[16:42] * @Raxhep takes the holster, looking down at it, the black leather of the garment soft and slightly spongy, its surface flawless and featureless. He removes his jacket, slipping off his old shoulder holster and slipping the new one into place.
[16:42] <@Djehuty> <The Morrigan>  Guns? For a god?  *snorts derisively*  Bloody cowards fight from where they cannae see their foe’s lifeblood fade from ’em.
[16:44] <@Djehuty> And barbarians refuse to use what advantages are given them, can I continue uninterrupted?
[16:45] <@Djehuty> <GM> as Raxhep puts the holster on, he notices additional weight, as if the holster is full, however, nothing is seen.
06[16:45] * @Raxhep shakes his head, looking to the Morrigan as he puts his jacket back on.1 “Not all of us are suited to being toe-to-toe with our enemies. It is not cowardice, but prudence.”
[16:46] <Badb_Catha> Aye mother, at least -he- had th’balls to lead us into the jaws o’ the underworld.  I didnae see -you- there.
06[16:48] * @Eos`Hes cough, two pairs of eyes wide at Babd’s abruptness.
[16:48] <@Raxhep> I took no offense at your mother’s words, Badb. I respect her point of view, even if I disagree.
06[16:49] * @Raxhep reaches into his jacket, feeling around for the source of the weight.
06[16:49] * @Djehuty shoots Badb_Catha a disapproving look  “It’s called the Empty holster.   it allows you controll over darkness. but it has another ability, which I’m sure you should have figured out by now.
[16:51] <@Raxhep> It’s a concealment holster.
06[16:51] * @Raxhep grabs hold of the handle he can feel, giving it a pull and withdrawing the item inside for all to see.
[16:53] <@Djehuty> <GM> from it is pulled a Desert Eagle pistol with the glyphs for “Justice” inscribed into the handle.
[16:54] <@Raxhep> IMI Desert Eagle…chambered for .50 AE?
06[16:55] * @Raxhep looks over the gun, running his fingers along the slide, taking in the workmanship of the piece.
[16:55] <@Djehuty> That is the Justice of the Peace.   I’ve made a few enhancements to the bolt mechanism for you, so the action is faster and there’s less kick to throw off your aim.
06[16:55] * @Eos`Hes Eos raises her brows, eyeing the hefty weapon with somewhat detached interest.
[16:56] <@Djehuty> it has.. another function as well, when you find yourself acting on justice’s behalf, the workings will last for twice as long.
06[16:58] * @Raxhep nods gently, holstering the giant pistol as he gives his father a respectful bow.1 “Thank you very much, father. I will use them to the best of my abilities.
06[17:01] * @Djehuty shakes his head. “No need for that.  you’ve earned your laurels, son.   Prove to us by doing.  Now, that was everything I had for you.   Who is next.  Miss Artemis?”
06[17:02] * @Eos`Hes Eos chuckles softly, murmuring more to herself than anyone else, 7″Would have sworn laurels were a Greek thing…”
06[17:03] * @Djehuty chuckles with a bit of mischief in his eye  “What do you think I was talking about when I said he’d earned his laurels?”
06[17:04] * Badb_Catha snickers
03[17:04] * Djehuty is now known as Artemis
06[17:04] * @Eos`Hes Eos sputters, looking like if she had something in her hand to throw, she would be very seriously considering doing so.
[17:05] <@Artemis> This is foolish.  joking at their expense only serves to annoy the girl.   *snorts*   Anger a prized hunting dog and you get your hand bit.
[17:06] <Badb_Catha> (wait.. is Artemis defending Eosphora or calling her a bitch?)
[17:06] <@Artemis> (yes)
01[17:07] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 6*grumbling under her breath* 7″At least she said ‘dog’ and not ‘bitch’…”
[17:07] <@Artemis> Hesperos.
06[17:08] * @Raxhep shakes his head, giving Thoth one of those “please don’t antagonize my girlfriend” looks.
06[17:11] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos grins with amusement, rolling his head on his shoulders lashing the air with his ivory horns, his faintly glowly eyes settling finally upon his adoptive mother. He does not reveal much beyond his smile, the silver light of his eyes as cold and merciless as the moon’s own.
[17:15] <@Artemis> My distaste of men is legendary, of all males, only Phoebus had any worth in my eyes.  That is, until you  were born.    YOu have proven me to be.. in error.
06[17:17] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos lifts his dark brows towards that grand rack, but remains silent, watching the goddess and listening.
06[17:18] * @Artemis reaches to her own brow, a half circle of wrought, braided silver wire there that until now, nobody had noticed, she lifts it from her brow.   walking over to Hesperos, she slowly rests it on his own, the silver wire reshaping to accomodate his larger frame and horns.  forming at the front of the circlet is a single silver crescent moon, held there by single chain.
[17:18] <@Artemis> I am.. proud of you, son.
06[17:21] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos lowers his head, still and silent, eyes closing as the cool silver settles upon his brow. He does not respond, or perhaps cannot, his eyes remaining closed for a long time as he keeps his thoughts and feelings to himself, while his head remains bowed to the Goddess.
[17:21] <@Artemis> No, you bow to nobody
06[17:22] * @Artemis takes her bow and rests it over her knee as she -kneels- in front of Hesperos
06[17:22] * @Eos`Hes Hes opens his eyes, blinking at her in more than a bit of shock and wonder.
06[17:22] * @Raxhep joins Hesperos in looking on with shock and surprise.
[17:25] <@Artemis> Originally I sought to show your failure as proof to Phoebus that men were useless.  Time and again you proved me wrong.  I allowed prejudice to cloud my judgement.  This what prey does, not the hunter..  In this, you have proved yourself my better
06[17:27] * @Eos`Hes shakes his head in silent denial, unable to bring himself to speaking directly against the goddess, but not about to simply accept this statement either.. unwilling to argue it further.
[17:29] <@Artemis> And now I realize my failure has been complete.. even a wolf is treated with tenderness by its mother before it joins the pack.   I have failed you and ask for your forgiveness, and hope that you can see fit to see me as the mother I could have been.
06[17:30] * @Artemis keeps her head bowed, her voice quavering as she talks.
[17:32] <@Artemis> <GM> Apollo watches, stuck between his need to comfort his sister and his knowledge that she needs to get this out
06[17:33] * @Eos`Hes clears his throat with a bit of trouble, bidding her with one hand to rise back to her feet, deeply incomfortable not only with her defered reverence but with the fact that it seems nearly every other entity gathered, including his sibling and companions, are staring at the two of them in stunned … something or the other.
01[17:34] <@Eos`Hes> 15<14Hesperos Phaespor15> “There is no need.”
06[17:35] * @Artemis slowly gets to her feet, the very avatar of broken women, her eyes still gazing down.
06[17:35] * Badb_Catha inches towards raxhep and whispers in his ear “Olympus gets the Jerry Springer show?”
06[17:36] * @Raxhep shakes his head.
[17:37] <@Artemis> <Izanagi> indeed, rare is the parent that does not wish they could have done better for their child.  Divine or Mortal
06[17:46] * @Eos`Hes Hesperos takes a single step backwards, watching the Moon Goddess with passive studiousness, betraying nothing of his reaction to this turn, though his normally easy smile is missing, and his moonlit eyes seem permanently emotionless. He does not offer acceptance nor refusal, merely the cold, merciless gaze of her own reflection brought to masculine fruition, all she ever wanted, and perhaps did not want, for him to be.
06[17:49] * @Artemis looks up at him with tear streaked eyes, not seeing happiness or anger, but, simply, nothing. without another word she turns on one foot and starts running, openly sobbing, disappearing with supernatural speed down the streets of Olympus.
03[17:49] * Artemis is now known as Apollo
03[17:49] * Apollo is now known as ^Apollo
[17:49] <@^Apollo> (yeah, fuck you too, Nickserv)
[17:49] <Badb_Catha> …bloody hell.
06[17:49] * @Raxhep watches Artemis go, shaking his head.
06[17:52] * @^Apollo steps forward, crossing his arms, his normal sunny demeanor replaced with a barely restrained glare similar to Jo’s on theatrics..   “I will take much in my home.  Open hostility to me *Flashes a look at Eosphora*  Brutish manners. *Flashes a glower at Badb Catha* but you just broke the heart of my twin sister.
06[17:55] * @Raxhep turns to look at the stag-helmed god.14 “Hesperos, go find Artemis and speak with her.”
06[17:56] * @^Apollo advances on Hesperos, anger evident in his face.  “Had you attacked her, she’d have accepted it, had you embraced her, shed’ have accepted that, but nooo, you had to pull the same blank emotionless -bullshit- she does when she doesnt’ want her emotions known. *Walks as he talks, eventually getting right in Hesperos’ face.*      I’m only going to say this once, -boy-.  You will go find her, you will bring her back, and you will mak
[17:56] <@^Apollo> (   You will go find her, you will bring her back, and you will make this right, or there won’t be enough of yu left to send to hades when I’m done with you.  Are we clear? )
01[17:57] <@Eos`Hes> 15`14’1•3{{12 omp 3}}1•14’15`
[17:57] <@^Apollo> (once more, in english?)
01[17:57] <@Eos`Hes> 15`14’1•3{{12 gimme a sec to type 3}}1•14’15`
06[18:04] * Badb_Catha swallows, keeping her opinions to herself while watching the Dysfunctional Family Circus
06[18:11] * @Eos`Hes watches her go, tracking her perhaps farther than the other can, his chill gaze following her into the distance. Eosphora’s brows are drawn, fixed upon her twin, concern and uncertainty touching her sunrise-brushed eyes before they flicker to Apollo, and Olympus finds that the male twin’s fire may burn like ice, but there is still an inferno waiting beneath Eosphora’s skin. What had been simple worry boils over as she steps forward to face him, moving in between her silent but no less slightly startled brother and her father, perhaps for the first time standing up for her-them-selves to her divine parent. 7″No. This was your experiment. She said herself, all she ever expected of him- did you expect no more of me…?- was failure. But you both succeeded. Ice burns all the same as fire. You do not get to be angry now because we are what you shaped us to be in your images. He and she are not you and I. Our fire and our wrath do not befit them. We earned our places here because of what you both made us. We saved everything because -what you made us- provided us the tools to do -everything- we had to do. To continue on when others fell behind. The hardness to go on despite loss and fear and pain. To strike forward when there was no hope. Stop treating us like we’re toddlers and treat us like the gods who we have become, because of you, for you, and in your names. If there is sorting to be done, they will do it on their own time. Forcing words that are untrue for your own pain will harm more than it heals. See your own twin in mine and recognize no amount of force will move either of us against our wills.”
06[18:13] * @Eos`Hes grumbles under her breath with a more heated snarl, her wild golden eyes touched briefly with a deeper anger. 4″And while you’re at it, stop treating me like an object to be given away and traded like a possesion, as a reward. I will make my own choices, too.”
06[18:14] * @^Apollo stands back, crossing his arms.  “Ask yourself this, sunshine.  if you saw your brother, completely emotionally broken, on his knees, -begging- for some response from someone, and getting nothing.   Ask yourself, what would you do, what would you want? would you want vengeance on the one who hurt them, regardless of the why?
[18:17] <@Raxhep> We are in a bad enough way as it is. Fighting the Titans doesn’t get any easier when we are breaking ourselves down. Go find Artemis, tell her how you feel. I believe that is all she wants, to have an open dialogue with you.
06[19:27] * @^Apollo stands back, crossing his arms.  “Daughter you.. have a point.   I was merely trying to get into the jokes with your mother and Thoth, you’ve always been your own woman.  Can you blame a father for a little humor?     Hesperos.   i would neither harm you either.. you’re my blood.. merely, as a man, understand what it means to see your twin in pain, .   She needs you right now  in a way I can’t help.”
[19:30] <@^Apollo> This isn’t a side of her I normally see, she’s as prideful and stubborn as Eosphora, and equally as reluctant to admit fault.
[19:31] <@Raxhep> This is not a side of her that ANYONE normally sees. That hammers home the importance of the matter. I would not have recognized her as Artemis if I did not know it beforehand. This is how I know how crucial it is for her to speak with you.
06[19:34] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora’s fires only bank themselves by a few degrees, giving Raxhep a look that doesn’t huite confer anything at all, frustrated by not disproving, she turns her face away from the heat of Sol and turns to face Hesperos, one hand reaching to stroke his cheek, her mind touching his silently. His eyes reveal nothing as he looks down at her, but whatever cold-prick-dom that has reared its ugly head in him doesn’t seem to surprise her, only making her a little sad. She stands on her tip-toes, as he is nearly a head and a half taller than she in this guise, and kisses his cheek softly. Hesperos looks over at Raxhep, his gaze softening, if at all, by scant degrees, before he turns to Apollo, offering the slightest nods before he is just… gone, with a little sonic boom in the process, probably, Eosphora’s hair blown back in the rush of wind as she sways a little in the wake of his sudden absence.
06[19:35] * @^Apollo looks after them, sadly, before turning bakc. “Thank you.. daughter.”
06[19:38] * @Raxhep moves to Eosphora, reaching for her hand and giving it a soft, reassuring squeeze.
06[19:44] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora turns back to Apollo, rubbing her temples as if, for a moment, she felt the wake of that great mantle her brother bears upon his, for just a moment. 7″It was maybe a little funny before I felt less like.. someone who might be a wife….. some day…. In the Far Future, a mother… and more like… a prize… watched by everyone waiting for me to….” 6She shakes her head a little, accepting Raxhep’s comfort without any pause, her hand settled easily in his. 7″When I… thought.. of this… perhaps I was too caught up in mortal terms… of.. vows… and.. an aisle… and… you giving me away…” 6She trails off again, her eyes far off for a moment, and there’s a good chance she’s forgotten she’s talking aloud, her voice soft and aching. 14″Not… ding ding ding… congratulations Raxhep… you saved the world… here’s your prize….!”
[19:47] <@^Apollo> Alright, you’ve made a good point.   I didn’t see it that way.  You have my apologies.  as far your gifts,, I have nothing for you, having already given you my own harp, but I have made arrangements with another
06[19:49] * @Eos`Hes Eos nods automatically in response, before she seems to go back and mentally replay what he just said, brows drawing together as she lifts her gaze to the Sun God. 7″…huh?”
[19:50] <@^Apollo> <Morrigan> Indeed he has, or should I say. *The Triple goddess proves true to her name, diminishing somewhat and becoming Maiden, Mother, and Crone, before taking on their Moirae versoion of the Aspect”
[19:51] <@^Apollo> The Liar, it is, or rather, was my own personal harp..  Diana called me stupid gifting it to you, but I told her the best deserved the best tools.
06[19:54] * @Eos`Hes Eosphroa looks embarassed, and mumbles something in Greek about her complete lack of musical skill.
01[19:56] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 You could have given me… some random mouth harp, and it’d still sound as decent as I do on that Stratocaster…
[19:56] <@^Apollo> I admit, perhaps it was unfair of us to leave you to grow up and assume which of us would take you, but we wanted to develop for yourselves, a guided path is a path one may not have taken on their own.   *Atropos coughs, which turns into a hack, and a spit of nasty glop on the ground*   I believe someone else wishes to speak.
03[19:58] * ^Apollo is now known as Atropos
06[20:03] * @Atropos walks ove,r heavily leaning on her walking stick, she looks up at Eosphora with an old woman’s smile.  “You have done well, little Oracle. You have succeeded where Fate was sure you would, and have became a goddess in your own right.  I made this agreement with Apollo before your mother bore you both from her womb, that I would give one of his a gift, and he would stand back and not interfere.
[20:04] <@Atropos> <GM> Out of nowhere, Circe of all people walks out into the clearing .  “I hope of have not missed anything.”
06[20:04] * @Eos`Hes Eos looks after Apollo, leaning her head towards Raxhep’s shoulder. 6″What was to be, became so, no matter how we might have once wished and dreamed otherwise. Because we don’t think we want our path… doesn’t mean it isn’t the right one.” 6Her sunrise gaze turns to Atropos, namesake, and are both fierce and sad as the woman approaches her.
[20:05] <Badb_Catha> Bloody ‘ell, I wish I could get that kinda treatment.. favorite o’ an elder god, The three comin’ ta gift me personally..  a handsome man ta lean on.. *sad*
[20:06] <@Atropos> Be quiet, dear girl, we’re getting to you after this, and you are part of this as well, in your way.
[20:08] <@Atropos> We’ve seen our coming death when the gods themselves were young, Morning Star.  We know the three of you will survive  where we will not. so I give you two things.    First.. you’ve seen it, haven’t you.   Ruined Delphi.  The Seat of the Oracle itself in all it’s splendor, lying dead, forgotten.
06[20:08] * @Raxhep refrains from remarking on how ordinary he looks, as it is not his time, but Eosphora’s.
06[20:12] * @Eos`Hes Eosphora stills, her gaze on Atropos, the mention of Ruined Delphi obviously having no small affect upon her.
06[20:12] * @Raxhep looks confused at this sudden stilling.
06[20:15] * @Atropos looks to Apollo, who nods,   and the power of fate descends on the assembled gods, everybody finds themselves standing amidsts a ruined temple, sections of column and tile lay shattered here and there, the pillar Eos remembers from her dreams as Jo stands right in the center of the assembled group.  “Perhaps this will make the memory a bit clearer.”
06[20:18] * @Eos`Hes Eos shakes softly, looking around her as if in slow motion, her eyes wide as they turn slowly over the place, never before known but still so very, very familiar, her gaze turning slowly up the pillar, before returning to Atropos. 14″You bring me my prison….?”
[20:19] <@Raxhep> Prison…? Where are we? What is this place?
[20:19] <@Atropos> Prison, child?   it is only as much of a prison as you make it.
06[20:20] * @Atropos rests her hand on Eos’s shoulder.  “Delphi, is your place now.  The Moirae give it to you.  Draw comfort, or draw fear from this long forgotten place, it is for you to decide.
06[20:22] * @Eos`Hes Eos clenches her jaw slightly, her eyes dwelling on Atropos, as if her fear of the place itself is greater than that of the Goddess. 14″….Mine…? …Delphi…?”
06[20:22] * Badb_Catha drops the bitchy irish act, bowing her head
[20:23] <@Atropos> <Lachesis> We may be in the business of not telling all of the truth, but we never lie.   This place is yours. YOu have but to focus deeply on Fate itself and you will find yourself here
[20:24] <@Atropos> I have something else to give you, but some day you may regret the gift.
06[20:25] * @Eos`Hes Eos tilts her head a little, watching the Crone after her eyes flicker to the Mother, curious but hesitant at her words.
06[20:26] * @Atropos reaches into her wrinkled bodice, between two even -more- wrinkled… tracts of land, and produces a pair of very ancient scissors, hanging from her neck by a cord.  with a single pull, the cord snaps.  “You know what this is, young Oracle?
01[20:28] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 “<Insert the Greek equivalent of “Oh, fuck, I’m so screwed.” here.>
06[20:32] * @Atropos smirks “That one is for Raxhep to decide I think, but not me.   These are the shears I use to cut the threads after Lachesis has spun them..
[20:33] <@Raxhep> Those jokes really need to stop. Eosphora is not an object for me to take or a hole for me to do with. She is a person and should be respected as such.
[20:34] <@Atropos> “I’m over 8000 years old and have spent the whole time as an old woman.. allow me a joke or two when I can get them..  I”d not have picked her for my replacement was she submissive and compliant.  Fate’s a harsh bitch indeed, and she needs harsh bitches to heed her call
06[20:35] * @Eos`Hes Eos nods shakily, already having drawn that conclusion, her hand on Raxhep’s arm, apparently in this case the joke falling far short of the rest of the statement as she continues to listen in mute semi-horror.
[20:38] <@Atropos> These are yours, if you want them, but be aware of what that means you are also accepting.
01[20:39] <@Eos`Hes> 8<4Eosphora Atropos8>7 And what you are accepting?
[20:41] <@Atropos> I have accepted my death milennia ago, now I seek to make sure that the weave keeps being woven.
06[20:42] * @Raxhep glances from Eosphora to Badb Catha.14 “I think you get to be Clotho.”
06[20:44] * @Eos`Hes Eos reaches forward, her eyes upon the old woman’s, flickering around the Ruins weighing impossibly heavily upon her for a moment, before returning back to her namesake, as her bare flesh touches the Shears.
[20:46] <Badb_Catha> I go’ nae problem puttin’ up with all yer arses for another few thousand years if it means I still get to fight
[20:51] <@Atropos> So mote it be then, Eosphora -Atropos- *She says, accenting the Atropos*, the Shears of the Morning Star are yours, use them well
[20:55] <@Atropos> <GM> IN a flash, the entire assembly is back in the clearing outside Apollo’s palace, save for Artemis and Hesperos


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