Artemis and Hesperos in the Pangaeal Vale

[19:45] <^Apollo> <GM> due to supernal hunter, Hesperos can track her. her trail went down Olympus, the trail seems to go into a large swath of primeval wood,
[19:48] <^Apollo> <GM> unlike what would be normal, she’s left a large swath of track behind her, as if she’s not paying care to cover her tracks, or, indeed, to where she is going.
06[19:52] * Eos`Hes For Hesperos, the pace he takes down the mountain is… causal, slow, and unhurried, though any but Hermes or another of his ilk might be hard-pressed to track him at all. For a moment, he pauses at the edge of the wood, feeling its familiarity, drawing in its scent, remembering being the Hunted rather than the Hunter, his nostrils flaring as he follows the trail within.
[20:00] <Atropos> <GM> the trail seems to take random turns in the wood, as if the one fleeing cannot decide which direction to go, or is simply confused., after a short path, you find Artemis, a pale shadow of her normally tall powerful huntress self, huddled against a tree, crouched on the ground, looking absolutely miserable.
06[20:09] * Atropos looks up weakly.  “What.. what do you want.”
06[20:10] * Eos`Hes finds her in his time, stopping before her, standing above her, almost fully lost amongst branch and shadow, save fore the silver-white antlers rising from his brow, the shining silver crown, and the glowing, cool twin moons of his eyes. If he had pockets, he’d probably have his hands tucked casually within them.
01[20:10] <Eos`Hes> 15<14Hesperos Phaespor15> “What I have always wanted.”
06[20:13] * Atropos gets to her feet, taking effort to get at least -some- composure.  “And what is that?   I’ve pushed you all these years to be strong, and you didn’t complain. said little, but kept pushing yourself”
[20:23] <Atropos> And you’ve asked little for yourself.   So tell me, what is it that you have always wanted?
06[20:27] * Eos`Hes lowers his gaze for a moment, before the cold blaze returns to her pale face. 14″And so I have. And so, I won.” 6A hand lifts, not reaching out to her but to graze his fingertips over the crescent moon circlet resting between his horns. 14″I am yours, but I am also Male. I do not need you prostrate at my feet, I do not need regret, or an apology. I am what I am because I won. I thought you understood that.”
[20:31] <Atropos> There was never a win to be had.  Indeed, you’ve proven me wrong, but I would still have a claim on you,, not as a project, or a subject, or something stupid, but as a -son-.
[20:36] <Atropos> To give you that which was witheld from pride, something you earned a long time ago but I was too foolish to see it
06[20:42] * Eos`Hes just barely refrains from crossing his arms over his chest, not completely physically closing himself off. His tone is carefully soft, to pad the barbs in his words. 14″Is that what you were doing all along? Raising a son?” 6He rubs softly at the base of his right antler, his eyes closing for a moment. 14″You may be ready to take and cultivate that role…. in more than just an empty word…”
[20:47] <Atropos> You could say that.   I gave you the same treatment I would a favored daughter, expecting a man-child to fail.. I was proven wrong.
01[20:49] <Eos`Hes> 15<14Hesperos Phaespor15> That is the difference, though…. you expected me to fail.
[20:49] <Atropos> over time, frustration gave way to respect, and respect gave way to love, and I went from expecting you to fail to hoping you would succeed, despite my own beliefs
06[20:49] * Eos`Hes nods slowly.
[20:50] <Atropos> I’ve done you a great injustice in that little difference, and in being proven wrong, have proven mself all the more “Wrong.
[20:53] <Atropos> I do not question my methods, you turned out into a fine huntsman.. I only question my expectations
01[20:57] <Eos`Hes> 15<14Hesperos Phaespor15> 14″I was never hurt by it the way she was. I only vowed I would not allow you the pleasure of seeing me live up to those expectations.
[21:33] <Artemis> “But you did live up to my expectations.  The day I gave you Serenity was the day my mind on the matter had changed, I had stopped expecting failure and hoped for success,, I wwanted to tall you I was proud, but, I oculd never find the words, and by the time I could, it was too.   This is why I gave you the crown.  I would give lesser ones to a favored daughter.  You get my own.
[21:34] <Artemis> Consider the significance of that, why I could give you something that represents my own title as goddess of the Moon
06[21:36] * Hesperos lowers his head, looking a bit affected for a moment before his cool eyes return to her divine features. 14″Duly noted.”
[21:39] <Artemis> “I wasn’t just raising a potential weapon.  after seeing what you were capable of, I made up my mind..  I’ve been raising a potential -replacement-.      Many gods are going to die in this war, and  make no grand designs like that scheming bastard Odin to try and avoid it.   If I die, someone else needs to take my place.. and I can think of nobody better qualified.
[21:43] <Artemis> You’re just what this war needs, I just hope I didn’t burn the bridges between us in molding you as I did.
06[21:45] * Hesperos looks a bit annoyed, shaking his head ever so slightly, thought the movement ripples with greater effect through the upper reaches of his Stag’s Pride. 14″I am content in the place I have been given. Mind you keep tight hold of your own, Lady.”
[21:46] <ANthem> (dumb that down to me in less poetic english)
01[21:48] <TLemental> 15`14’1•3{{12 “I’d prefer you held onto your throne, i like the freedom of being the Hunt and Wild’s Lord. Don’t do anything stupid on my behalf. 3}}1•14’15`
[21:50] <Artemis> I am not stupid.   I do not plan to die, but I make no mistake about it not being possible.  Let the Aesir sing to their death.  our way is to lie in wait, and prey on those that would be our predators
06[21:52] * Hesperos proffers a feral, toothy grin as his only response to that.
[21:53] <Artemis> That’s my boy.   Now, I’ll never be your mom,   Lady Tamas earned that role, but I would still be a Mother if you’d have me.
[21:56] <Artemis> she must have beens omething in her prime. would you believe it, this last month, she’s had Apollo going “Yes, Ma’am” and “No, Ma’am”.  -Apollo- of all people. She actually made Zeus wipe his -feet- before entering the palace.
06[21:57] *  Hesperos watches her as his silence stretches between them, regarding her before he cannot help but chuckle, lowering and shaking his head at the mental pictures provided.
[22:03] <Artemis> “Yes, I know I acted counter to how I normally act, indeed to what I’ve taught you.   But humanity has a saying about what happens when a dam bursts.    I won’t ask you to make any decision regarding what I’ve asked, but I’ll leave you to think about it..   This forest, by the way, was to be your other gift.  A portion of my own hunting grounds.  primeval, untouched by feet except our own, hunt, track, kill as you see fit her.
06[22:03] *  Hes looks around, draws in a deep breath, savouring the scent and feel of the place.
01[22:04] <TLemental> 15<14Hesperos Phaespor15> “Thank you, Lady Artemis.”
06[22:05] * Artemis regains her composure, beginning to pad her way out, her step a more practiced one, from the trees, she says “You thanked me by getting to Olympus in the first place.”
[22:06] <Artemis> Before I go, let me explain something.   As much as I speak against emotion during the hunt, this last year I’ve found myself consumed by emotion.
[22:07] <Artemis> Jealousy, towards your sister.   Until she came along, Phoebus and I were inseperable.
[22:07] <Artemis> Then she was born and was all he could talk about.  It was.. -irritating-
[22:09] <Artemis> I am. unused to displaying emotion freely save around all but him, so forgive me for coming off as awkward.  Seeing a bond I drew strength from, a bond I needed, pulled away for her sake, hurt.   I fee, perhaps, I was harder than I could have been to you because of it.
06[22:13] *  Hesperos moves with her, easy, perhaps comfortably even, in the dark, close forest. 14″The War rages on. The Hunters cannot dwell upon the might have, or should have beens. To us is to look forward, to the present, and to act.”
06[22:14] * Artemis sneaks up behind him and gives him a tight hug before disappearing into the forest “Right you are. and tag, you’re it.”


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