Scion Campaign Log 03.03.2011

[16:36] <@Anth-GM> <GM> It’s the morning after your stay in the ruined Central Temple,  You find Kuros and Demosia are already awake, Kuros standing at the threshold of the Temple and gasing outside at ruined Atlantis.   Of interest is that Canard is nowhere to be seen.
[16:37] <@Anth-GM> <GM> Morning being relative at the bottom of the Ocean, of course, but watches and the fact that it’s visiually brither would indicate it as such.
[16:37] <@Anth-GM> *brighter
06[16:38] * @Thomas_Oliver blinks awake, glancing around his surroundings, still unused to the weight of the sword on his hip. He sits up, reaching for his glasses and sliding them on before he blinks twice.1 “Lord Kuros? Do you know where Mr. Canard has gone?”
06[16:38] * @Morrie sits up from her spot sleeping on the floor, stretching her arms and yawning loudly.
03[16:38] * Anth-GM is now known as Kuros
06[16:39] * @Kuros turns to Thomas and smirks just a slight  “He left, said you were no longer relevant to his goals.”
06[16:40] * @Tamas Chrys ruffles his hair, as if sleepy handsome guy bed head didn’t accomplish itself, Jo sitting up and flailing for her own glasses as she scowls blindly in the direction of the voices.
01[16:41] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Mister Quackers left?
[16:41] <@Kuros> That is not, precisely correct.   He said he needed to go to Mictlan, his pantheon’s Underworld.  I sped his journey
06[16:42] * @Kuros for effect summons his trident, wiping what looks to be fresh blood off of it.
[16:42] <@Thomas_Oliver> That…I promised him that I was going to go to Mictlan with him to straighten things out.
06[16:42] * @Morrie looks, smirking “Fookin Metal, man.”
06[16:43] * @Tamas Chrys raises his brows at the bloody trident, nostrils flaring at the scent of blood.
01[16:43] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> ‘Sped his journey’?
06[16:43] * @Thomas_Oliver blinks at the bloody trident.1 “You killed him, didn’t you?” (Whee, I get to use a boon! Judgement!)
[16:44] <@Kuros> You’re a smart lad, ask yourself what the huntress would do if someone entered her sacred glade and defecated in her favorite spring?
[16:44] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Roll is Perception + Empathy, +2 for my pin. Shall I roll it now?)
[16:44] <@Kuros> (sure)
[16:45] <@Thomas_Oliver> !roll 9 1
[16:45] <@Morrie> , 9 , 10 , 3 , 10 , 4 , 3 , 4 , 9 , 3
[16:45] <@Morrie> Successes: 6
[16:45] <@Morrie> Failures: 0
[16:45] <@Morrie> Total: 7
[16:46] <@Thomas_Oliver> Tell me exactly what happened.
06[16:47] * @Tamas Chrys offers an easy smile and a faint shrug, as he stands and stretches, gathering any rare items of the Tamas’ scattered about and crouching to pet and ruffle Delos’ doggy bed head.
[16:47] <@Kuros> I was praying at the statue of my father, asking for guidance for what was..left of my people.   He came and gruffly demanded passage tot he underworld, making it clear that he would resort to violence against myself and my dearest.
01[16:47] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Wasn’t passing judgement…. just… asking. In all likelihood after last night’s… performance… on multiple fronts… it’s for the best.
[16:48] <@Kuros> I showed him what comes to those who do not honor hospitality.
[16:49] <@Thomas_Oliver> Yet we all slept through it…did you slay him in one blow?
06[16:50] * @Tamas Chrys sighs softly, not looking particularly surprised. Jo shakes her head and scowls as she tosses something small to Chrys to pack up, mumbling something about the mallard’s idiocy under her breath.
[16:50] <@Kuros> If you must ask, he lived long enough to know regret.
03[16:50] * Kuros is now known as Demosia
06[16:52] * @Tamas Both Tamas’ blink, staring at Kuros for a moment in a bit of shock, before they shudder in unison and look away. They know better, and perhaps expected Canard’s demeanor to one day catch up to him, but the results of such are no less somewhat nauseating… a fate that could await any or all of them if they used the wrong divine salad fork at the wrong time.
06[16:52] * @Demosia walks in, carrying a scroll, and embraces Kuros from behind, looking to Jo “Of course, it was doing him a favor.    All underworlds need a lord, and as the highest being of legend the Azztlanti have associated with death.  Fate’s granted him his wish.
[16:53] <@Thomas_Oliver> Perhaps, but without him, we cannot step outside the door of this temple or we’ll be crushed to death by the pressure.
01[16:53] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 ! No more Scion Hamster Ball awesomeness…… /cry 3}}1•14’15`
06[16:54] * @Thomas_Oliver gets to his feet, arranging his posessions back into their usual spots, looking for all the world like a mad cross between a bounty hunter and a Man in Black with his duffel bag and M16 slung over one shoulder and the large bastard sword at his hip.
[16:54] <@Demosia> pfft.  With him out of the picture, we’re happy to speed you on your way
01[16:54] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 Did a god just raspberry? 3}}1•14’15`
[16:55] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Raspberry is phbbbbt. She scoffed.)
06[16:56] * @Tamas Jo looks briefly a little extra horrified as she stares at Demosia, before looking away, hunching her shoulders and turning away, taking their packs from Chrys and finding some need to re-pack them, though enivtably everything she takes out goes back in exactly the way it was before. Her voice is strained and barely audible, something in Greek that sounds a lot like, 14’I did no such thing.’
[16:56] <@Demosia> After all  *looks pointedly at Jo with a knowing smirk*  any half-blind seeres could see the threads that weave around the four of you.
[16:57] <@Demosia> *seeress
06[16:58] * @Thomas_Oliver closes his hand, shaking his head.1 “He may have been headstrong, overconfident, and impetuous, but if he wasn’t so damned short-sighted…damn him.”
06[16:59] * @Tamas Jo restrains herself from the intensely black look she wants to give the goddess, just barely. The reminder of how easily they are reminded of their own place in things is enough, for now, to limit her vitriol to her poor, undeserving equipment, which gets unpacked and repacked, again.
[16:59] <@Demosia> tut tut, son of Thoth.  His section on the scroll of fate my be penned, but yours is yet to be written.
[17:00] <@Demosia> Indeed, many are the tales of impossibly strong foes taken down by the weak, but one thing is universal to these tales
[17:00] <@Thomas_Oliver> Striking in a weak point. A spot that they can’t defend, or don’t realize is vulnerable.
06[17:01] * @Tamas Chrysander rests his hand on Thomas’ shoulder, squeezing very slightly.
[17:01] <@Thomas_Oliver> From Goliath to the Death Star.
[17:01] <@Demosia> 2 things, rather.
[17:01] <@Demosia> one, the hubris of the powerful,
[17:01] <@Demosia> two, the brotherhood of the weak,
[17:02] <@Demosia> the willingness to put aside their differences and stand united.
[17:02] <@Thomas_Oliver> Are you trying to say that Canard fell into the first, but not the second?
01[17:02] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> He walked his path the only way he knew how.
06[17:02] * @Morrie stands, bowing her head.
[17:04] <@Morrie> <Irish Gaelic> May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.    And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.
06[17:05] * @Thomas_Oliver reaches into his pocket, withdrawing his compass. He pops it open, looking down at the magnetized needle.1 “May I have a few moments?”
[17:05] <@Demosia> <Kuros> I do not see why not.
06[17:06] * @Thomas_Oliver nods, stepping off to one side to stare down at the compass’ needle.
[17:06] <@Thomas_Oliver> (To continue the vein of boons that I never use, I’m going to use Mystery!)
[17:06] <@Demosia> (alright, roll it and ask me your questions/to what intent in PM)
06[17:06] * @Tamas Chrys nods, patting the man’s shoulder once before he steps away.
[17:07] <@Thomas_Oliver> !roll 6
[17:07] <@Morrie> , 2 , 10 , 4 , 4 , 3 , 3
[17:07] <@Morrie> Successes: 2
[17:07] <@Morrie> Failures: 0
[17:07] <@Morrie> Total: 2
06[17:12] * @Demosia smiles somewhat amusedly  “Quaint. in the old days, without exception, all of our oracles were women.
06[17:13] * @Thomas_Oliver snaps the compass closed, shaking his head as he pockets the device. He turns to the rest of the Band.1 “I know I haven’t been much of a leader to anybody. If I was, maybe Canard would still be here. Or maybe he’d have tried to kill me first, I dunno. But I don’t wanna lose anyone else.”
06[17:13] * @Tamas Jo sniggers and looks away.
01[17:13] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> There was that time with the red cocktail dress…
[17:13] <@Morrie> Oi, jo, you want to smack some sense into Tommy Boy or should I?
[17:13] <@Thomas_Oliver> If you’re all with me, you’re all with me to the end. If you’re not, then we’ll get to safe harbor and then we can go our separate ways.
06[17:14] * @Morrie shrugs “Leave worryin’ about the days of our death to Fate,, when it comes ta our time, Oi’ll go down foightin.”
[17:15] <@Thomas_Oliver> I’m giving you all my trust. We’re gonna get through this, make it to the Overworld. Are you with me?
06[17:16] * @Tamas Chrys rolls his eyes and smiles at Thomas, offering forth his right hand. Jo is stock-still, suddenly sober after her impish tease, glaring at Thomas with annoyance and frustration on her features before she looks away.
06[17:16] * @Morrie nods approvingly “I’ll hold ya to that, lad. Yer heart’s in the right place, leave yer arse to me,, an’ the otherside ta jo. ” *laughs raucously*
06[17:17] * @Thomas_Oliver steps forward, taking Chrysander’s hand and shaking it, his grip taut and determined.
06[17:17] * @Morrie slaps her hand down atop both of the men’s hands
[17:19] <@Thomas_Oliver> Tous pour un et un pour tous.
06[17:19] * @Thomas_Oliver turns to Demosia.1 “I believe we’ll need to ask you a favor, Lady Demosia.”
01[17:19] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> You’re the only one with a sword, Dartanian.
01[17:20] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 …or however you spell it. 3}}1•14’15`
[17:20] <@Morrie> Oh, I don’t know about that.. I’m sure Chrys is well equipped
[17:20] <@Thomas_Oliver> (D’artagnan.)
[17:20] <@Morrie> Oh, wait, you meant.. oops.
06[17:21] * @Tamas Chrys chokes a little, a blush rising to his cheeks, coughing breathlessly. Jo doubles over, turning away to supress her gigglefit.
06[17:21] * @Demosia elbows Kuros in the gut as he snilckers  “We owe  you our existence, what service can we be?”
[17:21] <@Thomas_Oliver> We’ll need transport to Mt. Erebus, as close as you can get us to the magma tunnel down to your underworld.
[17:22] <@Thomas_Oliver> (If this was a Persona game, Tom’s Principality would have just upgraded to a Seraph.)
[17:24] <@Demosia> <Kuros> We can take you directly to the Gate if you wish, but it will take time.  When our Underworld was brought into existence, specific rules were set around it’s entry, because we wanted to ensure no other gods meddling.   Were I to used the Bridge, we would find ourselves at the Summit
[17:25] <@Thomas_Oliver> And our cold-weather gear’s been exposed to water. It’s probably about as good to us as concrete galoshes.
[17:26] <@Demosia> <GM> Kuros says an annoyed “Please..” and waves his hand, immediately all traces of water fly from any cold weather gear you had and out the front door
[17:28] <@Demosia> <Kuros> A pantheon of gods who made their home on an island and you did not expect us to have some mastery over water?  This would be like assuming that Zeus had no skill at whoring.
[17:28] <@Demosia> Brother!
[17:28] <@Thomas_Oliver> I only asked your sister for one favor, Lord Kuros. It felt petty to ask for a second.
06[17:29] * @Tamas Both Tamas’ cough softly, looking anywhere but at anyone else.
[17:30] <@Demosia> It will take me a day’s time for me to finish the spell to temporarily remove our safeguards on Mount Erebus.  You are welcome to stay, indeed, we would appreciate that.   We’ve not been part of the world for many milennia, and would like to learn more about the state of the world.
[17:31] <@Demosia> <Kuros> Indeed, I hope to see more about this “Iron” that has been discovered.
06[17:31] * @Tamas Chrys grins, shrugging easily.
[17:32] <@Demosia> <GM Note:  Atlantis was pre-minoan, ergo Bronze Age>
01[17:32] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> You won’t find much help with that here, neither of our two ladies are particularly domestic.
[17:32] <@Morrie> (Asshole, I say.. *giggle*)
06[17:33] * @Tamas jocasta rewards Chrys’ sense of humour with a scowl and a smack on his bicep.
[17:33] <@Morrie> Give ’em one fer me too. *glowers*
[17:33] <@Thomas_Oliver> I’m afraid I’m not much of a metallurgist but you’ll find that most of our gear is made from steel or plastic, or possibly aluminum.
06[17:35] * @Tamas Jocasta whacks her brother again, and feigns a rather bad english accent as she echoes Thomas with a 1″Ah loo MIN ee um.”
[17:36] <@Morrie> feckin’ yanks..
[17:36] <@Demosia> <Demosia>  Substances we are unfamiliar with, however, it is our way to learn and adapt.
[17:37] <@Demosia> Now, those of you who are familiar with the pull of Fate can aid me with this *flashes looks at Jo, Morrie, and Tom*  but  the ward will only answer fully ta me.
06[17:38] * @Tamas Chrys chuckles, rubbing his arm where he was smacked, baring his teeth at his sister in a mock gesture of threatening anger, but his cool grey eyes are full of laughter as his hand drops to Delos’ head.
[17:38] <@Thomas_Oliver> Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do my best.
06[17:39] * @Tamas Chrys shrugs, waving them on as he leans against the nearest wall, seeming to have no issue at being odd not-Fate-guy out.
06[17:40] * @Demosia waves the three along with her as she disappears down one hall way
03[17:40] * Demosia is now known as Kuros
06[17:40] * @Thomas_Oliver motions for Jocasta and Morrie to go on ahead.1 “After you.”
[17:40] <@Thomas_Oliver> (BRB)
[17:40] <@Kuros> Hey, your sister’s quite beautiful.  You’re quite lucky I think.
06[17:42] * @Tamas Jo coughs and stumbles, falling partially into Thomas as they exit the room, Chrys’ laughter echoing behind her.
01[17:42] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> She has… eyes for another, I believe.
[17:43] <@Kuros> You’re greek, son.   When has that stopped your gods?
06[17:43] * @Kuros gives a knowing smirk as the Camera shifts to the other group
03[17:43] * Kuros is now known as Demosia
06[17:48] * @Thomas_Oliver catches Jocasta with an arm around the waist as they walk into the other room.
06[17:49] * @Demosia leads the group through an impossibly long set of corridors into a room prepared with a magic circle in the middle, and many comfortable chairs and pillows, the smell of incense thick in the air, even after aeons of disuse
06[17:50] * @Tamas Jo stiffens just a little, but doesn’t shrug off Thomas’ inadvertent embrace of sorts, walking with him quietly, scowling because they is her default, but her mind a few gazillion miles away and working as fast and furiously as she can manage.
03[17:53] * procyon (Mibbit@6ca5ed9b.14055b0f.69.149.imsk) has joined #scionrpg
[17:54] <@Demosia> This.. is my sanctum.
[17:54] <@Demosia> (welcome to the party)
06[17:54] * @Thomas_Oliver glances around the room, sniffing the incense in the air.1 “A very well-kept sanctum, at that.”
[17:54] <procyon> ((yo))
[17:55] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Hi.)
06[17:57] * @Demosia smiles a bit “Something you will learn if you live long enough,  all Gods have their own personal space, their Sanctum.  Be it Odin’s mead hall, or Thoth’s Barge, or Aphrodite’s palace on Olympus. a place that is undeniably -yours-, that bends itself to your will.
[17:57] <@Demosia> This is mine, where I worked my secrets, where I taught my daughters, where we saw what ws to become of our proud people *face falls*
[17:59] <@Thomas_Oliver> You did everything that you could, Lady Demosia. Despite the best intelligence and planning, you can’t win every battle. Knowing when to fall back is part of sound strategy.
[18:00] <@Demosia> One does not simply fall back from their home.  *grave*  Surely there are somet hings you are willing to simply not exist if you could not protect
[18:01] <@Thomas_Oliver> Yes, but imagine what would have happened if you had fallen with your kingdom.
[18:02] <@Thomas_Oliver> I know how it feels to want to throw your life away for another entity, but what good does it do if they are lost anyway? If you could have saved Atlantis through your sacrifice, you would have done so.
06[18:03] * @Demosia turns her gaze sharply at Thomas, giving him a severe look “When you see your children, your flesh and blood offered up in sacrifice to the titans, then we can talk about strategy, until then you can keep your damn mouth shut about things you have no part in.
[18:04] <@Demosia> One would think that Thoth would instill more sense into his children as to when -not- to say something,, but then he is a god of Knowledge, and not -wisdom-
[18:04] <@Thomas_Oliver> You know I mean no disrespect, Lady Demosia. And I am not my father, with all due respect.
[18:05] <@Demosia> Understood, now please let us speak no further of it.
[18:05] <@Thomas_Oliver> As you desire.
06[18:06] * @Demosia waves a hand, and the floor of the circle slides away, revealing a large mirrored basin filled with an unaturally clear water, sitting  her spot in the circle,  an Image of Mt. Erebus fills the water
[18:07] <@Demosia> <GM> It’s obvious to anybody that this is a scrying pool.
[18:07] <@Morrie> Oi, does this get picture in picture?
06[18:09] * @Thomas_Oliver gently slips his arm from Jocasta’s waist as he approaches the pool.
06[18:10] * @Tamas Jo stares down at the mirrored basin, still for a moment as Thomas moves away, before pacing the circle in silence, a tigress aware of her own fate and staring it down in sullen silence.
06[18:12] * @Demosia focuses on the image of Mt. Erebus, which seems to rise up, becoming a three dimensional proection of the Volcano.   The image zooms in to a point a few hundred feed directly below ground level at the base of the Volcano, into a large chamber, showing a large gate in the carved volcanic rock wall.
[18:12] <@Demosia> (everybody roll perc+awareness)
[18:12] <@Demosia> (Morrie’s roll)
[18:12] <@Demosia> !roll 6
[18:12] <@Morrie> , 9 , 4 , 3 , 9 , 9 , 9
[18:12] <@Morrie> Successes: 4
[18:12] <@Morrie> Failures: 0
[18:12] <@Morrie> Total: 4
01[18:13] <@Tamas> !roll 8
[18:13] <@Morrie> , 1 , 4 , 6 , 2 , 8 , 9 , 2 , 7
[18:13] <@Morrie> Successes: 3
[18:13] <@Morrie> Failures: 1
[18:13] <@Morrie> Total: 2
[18:13] <@Thomas_Oliver> !roll 8 1
[18:13] <@Morrie> , 8 , 10 , 8 , 8 , 7 , 6 , 6 , 9
[18:13] <@Morrie> Successes: 7
[18:13] <@Morrie> Failures: 0
[18:13] <@Morrie> Total: 8
06[18:16] * @Tamas Jo scowls at the image, looking around distracted and rubbing one of her forearms, the hackles at the back of her neck standing on end.
[18:17] <@Morrie> Summat ain’t right ‘ere..
[18:17] <@Demosia> Oh no…
06[18:17] * @Thomas_Oliver extends a finger, pointing to the ash before the gate.1 “Footprints. Designer shoes, at that.”
[18:18] <@Thomas_Oliver> Someone with expensive taste beat us to the punch. My bet’s either Taoka or Guiler.
01[18:19] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> <very softly> 14Never thought I’d wish one of the others back… none of us know our enemy like they did.
[18:19] <@Demosia> I know those names not, but I can -feel- the taint of the titans on our sacred ground.   Damn!
[18:20] <@Demosia> they had to have spent the whole time since when you freed us to get there,  it’s a long dangerous journey on foot.
01[18:20] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> 14The ritual needs the time it needs… rushing such things is usually… a bad idea.
[18:20] <@Thomas_Oliver> Titans…then it must be Taoka. The rest of them wanted to take a piece of his hide when they figured out what he was doing.
[18:20] <@Thomas_Oliver> He vanished into a shadow…it stands to reason that he could emerge from one near the gate.
[18:21] <@Demosia> (I don’t really have a ritual planned out here, or rather I dind’t prep one,, figured it’d happen off camera)
[18:22] <@Demosia> Yes, that is true, young oracle, but you, and the rest here, should know full well that rules can be bent when the need arises.
[18:24] <@Demosia> You should know, if -you- can bypass the block and go directly to the overworld,   have you ever stopped to think that the same rules would hold for a titan?    naturally after the.. cleansing of our  Underworld, your divine parents would not have watched it’s exits.   if they are not stopped, the titans could have an unguarded gate directly into the Overworld.
[18:24] <@Demosia> Olympus, Iteru, Asgard *makes a motion as if wiping a table clear*
[18:26] <@Thomas_Oliver> If this evidence is correct, then they may already be moving to find it. I would guess that the road to the Overworld from your Underworld isn’t exactly direct or well-marked, so we’ll have to find whoever made those footprints.
[18:32] <@Demosia> indeed.. I shall give you some base directions, but beyond that it is your own path that you must find.
06[18:33] * @Tamas Jo runs her thumbs over her forehead and rubs her temples as she stares at the image of the gate.
01[18:33] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> 14….more pressure.
[18:33] <@Demosia> you think your job is difficult?   Apotheosis is only going to bring you -more- stress *scoffs*
01[18:33] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> 14…and we just keep getting smaller.
[18:34] <@Thomas_Oliver> We’re not going to hemorrhage any more people.
[18:35] <@Demosia> You want pressure?  How about this.. if you succeed, there won’t be a single god from any pantheon who does not owe their lives to you., however, if you fail, we all die.     *dark smile*
[18:35] <@Morrie> Makes you fookin’ wonder which is worse, aye?
[18:37] <@Demosia> Alright, time’s wasitn,g take a seat and grab hands
06[18:37] * @Thomas_Oliver lowers himself to sit, extending his hands to his Bandmates.
06[18:38] * @Morrie sits opposite tom, taking hands as she sits
06[18:39] * @Tamas Jo wraps her arms around herself, scowling darkly at the gate, the response to Thomas’ comment buried for the moment as she unwraps a few moments later, sitting belatedly after the other two, without much in the way of grace, the burden of too many Fates settling heavily upon her shoulders.
[18:44] <@Demosia> <GM> As the circuit is completed, the three of you feel great power coursing through the circle, and sense Fate has a -powerful- hold over her.  Clearly you can see that her living and not gong down with the rest of Atlantis was -not- expected and that Fate as an entity is impressed at being bucked so heavily.  Furthermore, flashes fill your eyes of the days of atlantis at it’s height. of a pantheon closely involved with it’s people and a
[18:45] <@Demosia> <GM> The images shift to the future and you see Mt Erebus, , you feel a great energy that recognizes the presence of the  assembled 4 and steps aside.  The vision of the giant Underworld gate closing and fading out of existence is the last image you see before the surge of power fades away
01[18:46] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 cut off at “involved with it’s people and a” <first post> 3}}1•14’15`
[18:46] <@Demosia> losely involved with it’s people and a people who served their gods with love and gratitude.   The images progress and you see Atlantis’s eventual decline and fall , including each of your own parent’s specific roles in aiding in wiping atlantis from history and the World,
[18:48] <@Demosia> <GM> Specifically, Morrigan took part in releasing all the dead souls in the underworld into the great nothing, to be fed upon by the titans,  Thoth used his magic to help hunt down those that made it off the island, and Apollo spread plague to those lands that the atlanteans fled to, ensuring no atlanteans and none who ever -knew- an atlantean survived
06[18:49] * @Thomas_Oliver shivers faintly.
06[18:50] * @Tamas Jo shudders, her grip on the hands in hers tightening almost painfully, only the need of the ritual keeping her in contact with anyone else.
06[18:53] * @Demosia slowly opens her eyes, reclining somewhat heavily on her cushions   “All of what you saw was true, but do not think we bear you any wrath for the actions of your parents.”
[18:54] <@Thomas_Oliver> Heku was not intended to be used that way.
[18:55] <@Morrie> Makes you wonder why they covered it up.  To hide atlantis from the masses, or to hide the weight of their sins?
[18:56] <@Morrie> The Dead had nothin’ to feckin’ do with what was goin’ on.  They were at peace.. why the unholy  blackened -fuck- with th’morrigan DO this?
[18:58] <@Demosia> Do not blame them, the did what they felt was necessary to keep titanic corruption from speading to the rest of the world..  were the titan worshippers on Atlantis to spread their beliefs to the world, Reality would have bent itself around them,    It is belief that molds Fate, children.
[18:58] <@Thomas_Oliver> As cold as it sounds…they likely felt that any scrap of evidence left, any iota of Atlantis, that could somehow interact with something non-Atlantean could reignite the conditions that caused Atlantis to be purged. They threw the baby out with the bathwater, then pitched the tub out the damn window as well.
[19:01] <@Demosia>  My brother will be coming in shortly, with Your twin, young daughter of the Sun.   he’ll be able to take you directly to the gate now.    I must admit.  I did not expect to see this.  Gods rise and fall as the sun and moon, but always, the Three were constant.
06[19:02] * @Tamas Jo shakes, or perhaps trembles, faintly, her gaze fixed on dead space, her thoughts both obvious and hidden, internalizing fury that multiplies expotentially with each passed moment.
06[19:04] * @Thomas_Oliver thinks back to the end of the vision.1 “When we passed through the gate, it vanished, faded out of existance.”
[19:05] <@Demosia> Right you are.. entry into our Underworld is a one way affair.
[19:05] <@Demosia> you either ascend to the Overworld, or enjoy your eternity of peaceful rest.
[19:06] <@Thomas_Oliver> But if the gate is gone after we go through, then we don’t have to worry about the Titans chasing after us…we just have to worry about what’s inside.
03[19:07] * Demosia is now known as Kuros
06[19:07] * @Kuros strides into the room, having apparently overheard much of the conversation
[19:07] <@Kuros> indeed, and you can rest assured nothing else will come after you.   it’s unknown just who or what you’ll face inside the underworld
[19:10] <@Thomas_Oliver> Can you share any information on the Underworld with us?
[19:12] <@Kuros> In the atlantean belief,   Death was not something to be feared or avoided, but part of the cycle.  death is seen as a peaceful rest after a long life.  much like a night’s sleep after a long day of work.
[19:13] <@Thomas_Oliver> Would a righteous man and a convicted criminal end up in the same afterlife?
[19:16] <@Kuros> you ask if souls have to stand in judgement akin to that which your Lord Anubis imposes?   It is not like that, no.   there are different areas of the afterlife for different people.  Those who are truly dead will be taken to where they belong by a Ferryman.      it seems Hades took the services of Charon from us some time during the razing, as I cannot contact him.
03[19:17] * procyon (Mibbit@6ca5ed9b.14055b0f.69.149.imsk) has left #scionrpg
06[19:18] * @Tamas Chrys moves into the room after Kuros, stalking towards Jo immediately and standing behind her, giving Thomas an uncharacteristically dark look, as if to ask why the seething kettle beside him is going what appears to be completely ignored, he leans down and whispers softly to her in Greek, whatever he has to saying having small effect but to halt the further escalation of the steam all but pouring out of his sister’s ears.
[19:19] <@Kuros> ((aaaand bent’s giving me guilt trips because he doesn’t liek what I did with Canard))
06[19:19] * @Thomas_Oliver nods softly.1 “I see.”6 He gently tightens his grasp on Jocasta’s hand, offering a hint of reassurance before he turns to Demosia.1 “Thank you for your aid, milady.”
03[19:22] * Kuros is now known as Demosia
[19:22] <@Demosia> I should explain something.. *looks sadly at the twins*
[19:23] <@Demosia> Things are.. “different” here.. My brother and I are bonded, deeply so, and my sanctum reflects that.
[19:27] <@Demosia> <Kuros> So you mean they’re not… *looks uncomfortably between Tom, Chrys, and Jo
06[19:27] * @Morrie bites hard on her lip
06[19:27] * @Thomas_Oliver shakes his head to Kuros.
[19:28] <@Thomas_Oliver> Chrysander is not Jocasta’s mate, no.
06[19:29] * @Morrie gives up and just lets out a full belly laugh
06[19:31] * @Tamas Chrys snarls quietly, his hands tight in Jo’s shoulders, giving Morrie a look that Jo could sue him for intellectual property rights infringements on.
[19:33] <@Thomas_Oliver> Mocking other cultures is rarely a good idea, Moira, especially when we are relying on them for assistance.
[19:36] <@Morrie> Not so much mockin’.. Brothers and Sisters is common in he Tuatha just as well, y’know
[19:39] <@Demosia> Misconceptions regardless,  Are all of you ready to leave?  bear in mind that this will be the last we see of you until everything is settled
[19:41] <@Thomas_Oliver> We should put our gear on before we go, even if we will have to end up taking it off in the magma vent.
06[19:44] * @Tamas Chrys nods.
06[19:45] * @Morrie slowly and deliberately wraps the Talons of Heshon around her fists, shouldering her duffle, she bashes her fists together
[19:45] <@Morrie> Let’s bust some fuckin’ heads
06[19:47] * @Thomas_Oliver sets his duffel bag down, pulling out his cold-weather gear and suiting up, making sure he can still reach his M16 and Freyr’s sword.
[19:47] <@Morrie> (for refrence, morrie, as ever, eschews any cold weather gear, wearing simply her Leathers
01[19:50] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 I’m confused and cannot recall properly… are we going to cold weather, magma, or the underworld?? 3}}1•14’15`
[19:50] <@Thomas_Oliver> (All of them, in that order.)
[19:50] <@Demosia> (we’re going to an underworld gate, which is inside a volcano, in the antarctice, so the answer is “yes”,, except that Kuros has Rainbow Bridge)
03[19:52] * Demosia is now known as Kuros
06[19:52] * @Tamas Chrys and Jo don’t suit up just yet, though as they gather their things and their hound, they are somewhat drastically closer to each other than the distance they would normally maintain.
[19:52] <@Kuros> I can take all of you as far as the Gate itself,   once inside you will not have to worry about any environmental hazards except… *cuts himself off as Demosia looks at him sharply*
[19:53] <@Kuros> <Demosia> Part of the path they must take is learning that for themselves brother, just like we had to.
01[19:53] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Except what?
[19:53] <@Kuros> Alright, alright *throws up his hands*
06[19:53] * @Thomas_Oliver nods, removing the cold-weather gear as carefully as he put it on, stowing it back into the duffel for later.
[19:53] <@Kuros> Part of the ritual of Ascending to godhood for the atlanteans required traveling, alone, into the underworld and finding one’s own way out.
[19:53] <@Kuros> no guidance was allowed
[19:54] <@Thomas_Oliver> A trial by fire. I understand.
[19:54] <@Kuros> we are a people of journeys, of discovering the undiscovered, so this is something that is sacred to us.
[19:55] <@Kuros> even if you are saving the three worlds, this is something we cannot tell you, as, in essence, you are about to undertake the Ritual..   All I can say is, Trust yourselves, trust each other.
06[19:56] * @Thomas_Oliver glances to each Bandmate in turn.1 “Everybody ready?”
06[19:58] * @Tamas Jo still stands in silence, looking like she’ll explode at the first loud noise, whatever bond exists in the place between the divine siblings carrying over with enough strength that Chrys looks particiularly more ragged and haggard than normal, and certainly worse for wear, his smile to Thomas less easy and more forced.
06[20:01] * @Thomas_Oliver moves to Jocasta, reaching to place a hand on her arm.1 “I know. I really do. But we have to get through this first. If we don’t, it won’t just be them that pays the price, it’ll be everyone. The people in Greece, America, everywhere. We need you, Jocasta.”
06[20:02] * @Morrie cracks her knuckles and neck dramatically, her eyes set grimly “Buaidh air bas”
[20:03] <@Kuros> (Victory or death)
[20:03] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Lok
[20:03] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Lok’tar ogar!)
[20:05] <@Kuros> (( ))
06[20:07] * @Tamas Jo looks up at Thomas, looking like she only hears the whispers of his words echoing to her from a very far off place. After staring at him from behind wire-rimmed spectacles that do little to provide a barrier to the wildfire raging within normally cold gold-flecked eyes, for what might be an uncomfortable period of time, she seems to process enough of his words to respond, in a whisper meant for no ears but his. (though she knows how well that always goes)
[20:07] <@Morrie> Aye, Jo.  Thom’s go’ a point.  where’s the fire in yer belly that ye show to th’rest of us?    Where’s the tough bitch who took a fockin’ giant’s heart out with one arrow?
01[20:08] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> 15″We.” …..Do you?
06[20:09] * @Thomas_Oliver simply nods, responding via telepathy. “Of course I do.”
01[20:10] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 Oh right. telepathy. 3}}1•14’15`
[20:10] <@Morrie> Aye, c’mon *claps Jo on the back*  “Oi got yer front, you go’ me back.”
06[20:12] * @Kuros looks to Demosia and says, with a smirk “Can you feel the love?” and gets in response a glower that shows she’s been in the bitch business far longer than Jo could imagine.
01[20:13] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 Jocasta out-bitched.. world over. 3}}1•14’15`
06[20:13] * @Tamas Jo seems to accept that for a moment… Chrys grabs Morrie’s hand before the woman can touch Jo, squeezing her hand in both of his gloved ones with a little more strength than is reasonably needed, but he offsets the pain as he bows over her caught hand and brushes his lips across her knuckles, looking up into her eyes with a hint of his normal soft sincerity tempered with the rage rolling steadily off of his sibling. He whispers quietly to her by way of explanation.
01[20:14] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> 15Bad idea, sweetheart.
06[20:16] * @Morrie nods, giving the faintest of blushes, which of course shows like a beacon on her pale features, before recovering with a sneer/smirk “Feckin’ shame you turned me down,, I like it a wee bit rough, I do.”
06[20:16] * @Thomas_Oliver offers Jocasta his hand.1 “C’mon, let’s go save the world, one step at a time.”
[20:16] <@Kuros> (sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains won’t get past my Bashing soak)
01[20:18] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 If they hadn’t been incommunicado for so long, Chrys would entirely start humming Rihanna’s S&M right about now. 3}}1•14’15`
[20:19] <@Kuros> (damn you guys,, I have to change my drawers, I just laughed so hard I peed a little)
[20:19] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Who?)
06[20:20] * @Tamas Chrys winks at Morrie, letting her hand go as he faces the portal/image/whichever proper direction, one hand on Jo’s shoulder, the woman herself gripping Thomas’ offered hand for dear life.
01[20:20] <@Tamas> 15`14’1•3{{12 3}}1•14’15`
06[20:23] * @Thomas_Oliver squeezes her hand in return, though he cannot possibly match her divine strength. He turns to Kuros.1 “I think we’re ready.”
06[20:25] * @Kuros nods, taking his sister’s hand, playing the other on Thomas’s back , the room fills with etherial rainbow color and the sound of tinkling bells as the view of Demosia’s Sanctum is slowly replaced by heat and volcanic Rock
[20:27] <@Morrie> (Sailor TELEPORT!)
06[20:27] * @Thomas_Oliver takes a moment to acclimate to his surroundings before he begins to sweat from the extreme shift in temperature.
06[20:34] * @Thomas_Oliver turns to Kuros, giving him a respectful nod.1 “Thank you for bringing us here.”
06[20:34] * @Kuros steps foward towards the gate, he addresses it formally  “Four have come to take the trial as one.  It is the will of the Atlanteans that this be so”     after a few moments, the gate slowly opens of it’s own accord, inky blackness being all you see at it’s threshold
[20:38] <@Kuros> <Demosia> This is as far as we can do.   Our best wishes be with you.
01[20:40] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Four as one? It isn’t individual?
[20:41] <@Thomas_Oliver> Lord Kuros likely took my speech about not losing anyone to heart.
[20:41] <@Kuros> The gate has opened for all of you, this is unusual, but not unexpected.
06[20:42] * @Tamas Chrys scowls a little, shaking his head as if trying to clear it of the sibling emotional carryover.
[20:44] <@Thomas_Oliver> I’ll take it as a blessing. At least I won’t have to worry about losing someone outside of my watch.
01[20:44] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> 14Famous Last Words.
[20:46] <@Thomas_Oliver> Let’s keep it positive. A victorious general finds victory, then goes to battle. A defeated general goes to battle, then tries to find victory.
[20:46] <@Kuros> <GM> At this time, a disembodied voice, coming from all directions at once, sounding like the grinding of stone against stone intones, to each of you, in your own Pantheon’s language  “Succeed together, or fail alone”
06[20:47] * @Kuros seems entirely unsettled by this voice,  Demosia, on the other hand, seems to be smiling to herself,
[20:48] <@Thomas_Oliver> Time’s not on our side. Let’s get moving.
[20:50] <@Morrie> Oh stand aside
06[20:51] * @Morrie rushes forward and walks into the door, fading completely from view as she passes the threshold
06[20:52] * @Thomas_Oliver glances to the Tamases.1 “C’mon.”6 He starts toward the door, the right side of his body rattling with all of the weapons there.
[20:53] <@Kuros> <GM> As Thomas gets to the threshold of the door, he disappears from view
06[20:56] * @Tamas Chrys glances at Jo, knowing, even if no longer feeling so strongly as she does, that there is still an out of control blaze just beneath her flesh. He nods forward with his chin, and they and Delos move forward into the unknown.
[20:57] <@Kuros> <GM> Jo, Delos, and Chrys all come into being in a desolate grey landscape, in a copse of trees.   the first thing all of you notice is the land has a complete and total lack of color
[20:57] <@Kuros> <GM> The trees themselves seem sickly , and there is stone path leading out of the wooded area
[20:59] <@Kuros> <GM> Moira and Tom would see the Terrible Trio pop into being
[21:00] <@Thomas_Oliver> Reminds me of the Abyss…or that plane in AD&D that drains color from anything passing through it. We should hurry just in case this is like that.
[21:01] <@Morrie> Summat’s wrong about this place,  too quiet, Tir na Marbh’s  supposed to be a lot more.. active’n this
[21:02] <@Thomas_Oliver> This is the Atlantean underworld, not Tir na Marbh.
[21:02] <@Thomas_Oliver> As for the inactivity…well, we already know where all the souls went.
[21:03] <@Kuros> (Okay, pause,  how much longer do you folks want to play tonight)
06[21:04] * @Tamas Chrys looks around, scuffing his feet a little on the ground, not looking perfectly comfitted by the scenario either.
[21:05] <@Thomas_Oliver> (I could go another hour, at least.)
06[21:05] * @Tamas 15`14’1•3{{6 shrugs. 3}}1•14’15`
[21:09] <@Kuros> <GM> around you, the ground is flat and fairly featureless, the same dirt stretching as far as you can see in alll directions, the only thing standing out being the stone path out of the wooded area
03[21:10] * Kuros is now known as Anth_GM
[21:10] <@Thomas_Oliver> I guess we should follow this path.
01[21:11] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> That would probably be the intent of it.
06[21:11] * @Tamas Chrys grins at Thomas.
[21:12] <@Morrie> A Path in the middle of death? aye, Atlanteans probably have a stupid tax fer those that dinnae follow it.
[21:13] <@Thomas_Oliver> Sometimes we have to go outside the box, but I doubt this is one of them. Let’s get moving. Morrie, take the lead, you’re the best melee fighter. I’ll be right behind you.
06[21:13] * @Morrie smirks, clenching her fists as she goes ahead
06[21:14] * @Thomas_Oliver keeps his right hand on the hilt of Freyr’s sword as he walks behind Morrie, motioning for the Tamases to follow.
[21:15] <@Anth_GM> <GM> the path is a long one, but after several minutes of following it, you come to a fork in the road, the two splits each demarcated by a sign.  the path to the left sign is a single “Down” arrow and in the distance it looks to lead to a riverbank. , the path to the right’s sign being a single “Up” arrow, and in the distance you see a mountain
06[21:16] * @Tamas the Tamas clan follows, peering around, Chrys seeming aware of his footsteps upon the path to an unusual degree.
[21:18] <@Morrie> Isn’t this where Th’devil’s supposed to show up and offer us a deal in exchange for our souls? or does that only count if we want ta learn to play the guitar?
[21:18] <@Thomas_Oliver> Satan loves crossroads…and fiddle-players, if Charlie Daniels is to be believed. Let’s head for the river, Kuros mentioned Charon.
01[21:19] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> It’s never that easy.
[21:21] <@Thomas_Oliver> Maybe not, but we have to make a choice somehow. We don’t have any reason to head for the mountain except the vague idea that the Overworld is up.
[21:22] <@Morrie> This is nae my underworld,  I’m of no help to ye other than smashin’ stuff
[21:22] <@Thomas_Oliver> “To find the northward road, travel south. To ascend, one must descend.”
[21:22] <@Morrie> “Aye, that’s as good a reason as any.
01[21:22] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Good point.
06[21:23] * @Thomas_Oliver nods, adjusting the strap on his M16 just in case as he starts toward the river.
06[21:24] * @Tamas Jo nods faintly, looking around and focusing upon the landmarks in the distance.
06[21:24] * @Morrie heads down the “Down” path
[21:24] <@Morrie> on th’bright side, if we’re wrong we can just as well turn around.
01[21:24] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Not an option I’d take for granted.
[21:25] <@Thomas_Oliver> Jocasta’s right. We could turn around and find ourselves in a completely different place, or loop back to where we are.
[21:26] <@Morrie> You got any breadcrumbs?
[21:26] <@Morrie> No, then we pick a path and go, and deal with the consequences.
[21:26] <@Thomas_Oliver> If the road is distorting, breadcrumbs are about as good to us as a tac-nuke.
01[21:27] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> I don’t think we disagree, sweetheart, but once we make our choice… not being able to turn back may well be one of those consequences.
[21:28] <@Morrie> THen we best make up our minds given what we know o’ death.
[21:28] <@Thomas_Oliver> The big question on my mind is whether or not we’re coming up on the river Styx… or one just like it, anyway.
01[21:29] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Could just as easily be the Lethe.
01[21:30] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Or.. the Atlantean equivalent of either.
[21:30] <@Thomas_Oliver> Exactly, and mixing up the two is not fortuitous.
[21:30] <@Morrie> Fer us Irish, Tir na Marbh’s nae much different from Tir na Nog… All th’souls of the irish dead end up with their own, and live out eternal lives with clans o’ the dead
[21:34] <@Morrie> sin ging, drinkin’, fightin’, screwin’.  Like the Aesir, but with less Nazis.
[21:35] <@Thomas_Oliver> I doubt that the Aesir are happy to be associated with the Third Reich. Hitler’s probably getting a pineapple shoved up his ass by Lady Hel right now.
[21:35] <@Anth_GM> (bonus points for the Little Nicky reference)
06[21:36] * @Tamas Jo and Chrys cough, the almost-laughter breaking up some of Jo’s lingering miasma of rage.
[21:36] <@Morrie> Unfortunately, since this is nae a movie,  a basket of fried chicken won’t save the world, aye?
[21:36] <@Thomas_Oliver> Popeye’s chicken is pretty damn good.
06[21:38] * @Thomas_Oliver glances up and down the river as they walk toward it, looking for anything out of the ordinary.
[21:40] <@Anth_GM> <GM> As you approach the river, you see, on the riverbank, a simple wooden ferry, , a cloaked figure holding a tiller lifts it’s head , it’s features obscured by it’s garment
[21:41] <@Thomas_Oliver> I don’t suppose anyone has eight golden coins?
03[21:42] * Anth_GM is now known as Ferryman
01[21:42] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> We might still have some Drachmas from our Grecian pit-stop…
[21:43] <@Ferryman> <GM> two glowing orbs look out at you from under the cowl, he holds his tiller in front of him, blocking your entry onto the ferry
[21:43] <@Ferryman> What is thisss…  You are not dead, and neither are you human…  what is your businesssss.
06[21:44] * @Thomas_Oliver lifts his hand from Freyr’s sword, waving it as if to say, “No need for that.”1 “We are seeking the way to the places of the Gods. We are also seeking another who may have come through here, a man wearing expensive, fancy footwear.”
01[21:45] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Possibly Minolo Blahniks.
[21:45] <@Thomas_Oliver> If you could help us, we would be eternally grateful.
[21:45] <@Ferryman> None have came this way in a hundred lifetimesssss.  Those who travel to the lands of the dead do not come back..
06[21:46] * @Tamas Jo snerks, her shoulders jerking softly, as she smacks Chrys on the arm and hisses under her breath at him.
[21:46] <@Thomas_Oliver> He must have gone mountain-climbing…do you happen to know the way to the palaces of the gods?
[21:47] <@Ferryman> “The godsss dwell among the living”
[21:48] <@Thomas_Oliver> Then let me ask this: where does your ferry lead?
[21:48] <@Ferryman> Across the river Acheron to the final resting places of the dead.    Gods do not go there..
[21:49] <@Thomas_Oliver> Is there anything of interest on the other side of the river?
[21:49] <@Ferryman> Are the dead souls of a dead people interessting…..
[21:50] <@Thomas_Oliver> I suppose it depends on who they are.
06[21:50] * @Morrie nudges Thomas “Ask him about the feckin Trial, what don’t ye?”
01[21:51] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Doubt if he knew, he would, or could, tell us.
[21:51] <@Thomas_Oliver> I suppose it cannot hurt…do you know anything of the Trial of Apotheosis?
[21:52] <@Ferryman> “None have came thisss way since the outlanders force themselvs across agesssss ago.  All the souls.. gone.  Left to guard a ferry to nowhere, that nobody will take..
[21:53] <@Thomas_Oliver> Outlanders? Do you remember what they looked like?
06[21:54] * @Tamas Jocasta snarls softly, looking away.
[21:54] <@Ferryman> One wasss tall, with the face of a raven.. onessss face was half scarred.  the third as witherd and rotting..
06[21:54] * @Thomas_Oliver turns back to the others.1 “The Morrigan, Hel, and Mictlan.”
01[21:55] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Probably like us.
06[21:55] * @Tamas Jo shakes her head a bit.
[21:55] <@Ferryman> Yessss like you.. but different, not bound to flesh..
01[21:55] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Not Mictlantechiluly.
01[21:56] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Izanami.
[21:56] <@Morrie> (*hums* Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)
[21:56] <@Thomas_Oliver> Possibly. Leads to the same end either way.
[21:57] <@Ferryman> “I ssssseee.. You are not godssss  but sseek to become godsss..  This way leads to an end.. but not the end you ssseeeek..
06[21:57] * @Thomas_Oliver turns back to the Ferryman.1 “I see. Is our path the opposite direction, with the mountain?”
[21:58] <@Ferryman> That is for you to find out…   I only know what it is my business to know.     My ferry iss my business..
[21:58] <@Ferryman> and not the path you ssseeek
06[21:59] * @Thomas_Oliver nods softly.1 “Thank you for your time.”6 He turns back to the others.1 “Let’s go see if we can get at that mountain.”
[22:01] <@Morrie> alright.
06[22:01] * @Morrie nods respectfully at the Ferryman and turns around, the group finds themselves back at the crossroad in a lot less time than it took to get to the Ferry
[22:01] <@Ferryman> (GM that part about the group..  got my mental wires crossed)
01[22:01] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Hm.
06[22:05] * @Thomas_Oliver starts back down the road, motioning for the others to follow.
06[22:07] * @Tamas Chrys, Jo, and Delos follow, both twins still watching the river and the ferryman if still in sight with some concern that they are overlooking the proper choice.
[22:08] <@Ferryman> (Okay, so your’e going down the “Up” path now?)
[22:09] <@Thomas_Oliver> (Correct.)
06[22:10] * @Thomas_Oliver waits to be out of earshot of the ferryman before he glances back to Jocasta.1 “I’m not overlooking the possibility that the Ferryman is lying.”
[22:10] <@Morrie> Knights and Knaves without a Knight, is it?
01[22:10] <@Tamas> 8<7Jocasta Tamas8> Didn’t think you were.
[22:12] <@Thomas_Oliver> Maybe, maybe. Can’t ever assume the “village of truth and village of liars” scenario. No guarantee that they’re not both liars.
[22:13] <@Ferryman> <GM> as you travel down the “Up” path, you notice that the previously flat ground becomes a gentle upward grade, and you pass over a few small foothills..    as the Mountain comes into clearer view, you notice that it seems to be an exact replica of Mount Erebus in the world, only that the path you’re traveling spirals up around the mountain however, you cannot see the top of the mountain clearly
06[22:13] * @Thomas_Oliver glances around for any signs of anyone else coming through lately.
06[22:16] * @Tamas Chrysander does as well, activating Predatory Focus in search of the trail of the fashionable villain guy.
01[22:17] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Whether this is the right path for us or not… this is where Taoka went.
[22:17] <@Ferryman> <GM> as the path is well beaten stone and there is no “dust” to speak of, you wouldn’t be able to tell.   as you get to the foot of the mountain, , the stone path becomes chiseled stone stairs, as you look up the mountain, you can see lights at periodic spots ont he path, with more and more as the mountaind isappears into the darkness fo the sky
[22:18] <@Thomas_Oliver> Then it’s where we’re going too.
[22:18] <@Thomas_Oliver> Anybody got a problem with that?
[22:18] <@Morrie> Bloody fine with me.
01[22:19] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Let’s move.
[22:20] <@Ferryman> <GM> at the foot of the mountain, you are met by a cloak hanging in mid-air in your path,, it begins to flap and rustle as you approach, some bits of the fabric breaking off and swirling around you, despite the total lack of wind  in the region,   after a few moments, the rustling stops and the cloak moves to the side, one of the “arms” pointing the way up the mountain
06[22:21] * @Thomas_Oliver gives the cloak a baleful glance before he moves past it, drawing Freyr’s sword in his left hand and reaching for his M16 with his right.1 “Let’s go. Chrysander, lead.”
[22:23] <@Morrie> I’ll be right behind ya, Chrys.. *moves up to take a bit too-close-to-be-professional position behind chrys*
01[22:23] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Storm’s gathering up top.
06[22:24] * @Tamas Chrysand gives Thomas a wry smile, trotting to the fore of the group and chuckling as he moves.
01[22:24] <@Tamas> 15<14Chrysander Tamas15> Roo Retcha, Rhaggy!


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